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Defense and Requests

Posted on 01 Nov 2020 @ 10:58am by Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson & Lieutenant Orson Beckett, Ph.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Bernard, Ph.D. & Lieutenant T'Mar

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Holo-deck 3
Timeline: To be determined

- Holo-deck 3 -

Iria walked around the room, pacing if she was being honest. Most meetings took place in the briefing room but for this she wanted to be certain everyone had the information they needed and she wanted to be certain that they would be able to point out or make requests of the engineering department as well. She had gotten one of each new torpedo completely assembled and set aside safely until the day to test them was confirmed.

Yeoman Grayson had been kind enough to help her setting up the table with refreshments and snacks. There were several ice coffees, some spiced tea, different hot chocolates, and other choices too. The spread of muffins and fruit was just as varied.

Iria was sipping a French vanilla cappuccino as she waited for the others to arrive, her hair was pulled back in a twisted bun on the back of her head.

Halona sat at the table glancing at the screens that circled the room. It was set up to let folks walk up to see the details of the in progress Designs of new torpedoes and the projected effects and uses for each. It wasn't her area at all but she was there to mostly help organize PaDDs and see to the refreshments since there wasn't anything currently needing her attention in the Diplomatic department. There were drawbacks to being a translation specialist. Like when there was nothing to translate. So she busied herself with some origami orchids.

Having previously looked through the designs thanks to Yeoman Grayson Orson was using the time before everyone else arrived to pick at all the confectionery and sip at his iced coffee which as per usual the yeoman had made just right. Weapons and defense wasn't exactly Orsons background but none the less he wasn't going to ignore the invite.

Iria gave the new Science Chief her signature cheeky grin of greetings as she walked over, "Good morning, Lieutenant Beckett, I'm guessing there's been no further problems from the environmental system in lab one lately?" She asked as she looked up at him.

Taking a seat opposite the Chief Engineer he smiled "Its all working fine, other than the now 6-foot tall carnivorous plant but the children love it." he was about to ask her a question when the next person to arrive entered.

T'Mar walked in to the room and looked around calmly. Lieutenant Taltos had saved no expense for this presentation. She then walked to the table with food stalled out. She raised an eyebrow. Lieutenant Taltos seemed eager to please people here. She slipped some grapes in her mouth before taking one of the teas and the sat down at the table.

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Bernard was in the holodeck already seeing as he had delivered the treats with Halona. He found that as he scanned the room, his eyes would stick on Halona Grayson. We need to focus on work the voice said. Bernard complied and studied the schematics on the wall. The types of torpedoes were fantastic. He wanted to know if he could modify the octopus torpedoes to not only grab oncoming projectiles, but redirect them back at the enemy.

“Taltos,” he said, “do you know who designed these torpedoes? They are wonderfully imaginative.”

"Patent pending successful launch, these new designs are mine, the Hammerheads were designed by Deeli Kosu, but she let me help in building them so I know those as well as theses I am preparing to add to our defense but there's still testing to plan." Iria replied as she looked up at Steven Bernard.

"I can get them loaded into torpedo tubes 4 through 8 tomorrow, if you wish." Bernard said. He was excited about the designs. "And I can set up targeting cubes to release from the shuttle bays once we're cleared for tests. Just say the word."

Iria smiled softly, "They aren't ready yet but I will definitely keep you and Lt. T'Mar appraised of my progress."

"Any Interests into creating a new science probe? We're always looking to increase and better our arsenal but our current probes always seem to be limited by range, radiation and a whole proliférer of issues. It would be nice to be able to have a design that would actually make it back to the ship" Orson suggested dunking a cookie into his coffee.

Iria looked at Orson her expression amused, "I am always willing to try new designs but I wasn't aware before now they needed upgrading. Give me some things you want to improve and I will see what I can come up with."

Finishing the bite of dunked cookie before he spoke, "Well, I will give you the specifications once I've done a bit more research but how many times have probes been sent out and destroyed, crushed or unrecovered. All the time." He said with a shrug, "Thank you for looking at it though."

"Busy hands and mischief and no problem we can talk about it more later perhaps?" Iria said as she gave him a cheeky grin. Before she took a sip of her french vanilla cappuccino and headed for the other side of the table the scent of the various muffins little cakes, brownies and cookies besides the fruit was starting to make her stomach growl, she picked up a plate picking a brownie and some blueberries, and a fork. She took a careful bite and the face she made was pure joy, delight. "Best brownies ever!" She said after she finished chewing.

Bernard almost cried. He was sure people would bite into his brownies and throw them into the trash. He beamed like gold pressed latinum. At least he knew he could bake for Taltos once in a while.

Halona smiled as she sipped her own drink hot chocolate with vanilla bean shipping cream.
She had gotten a brownie herself and a fork after watching Iria enjoying the treat, Halona took a careful bite. They were delicious, rich and just the right amount of gooey to be great.

Sitting back with a biscuit in hand Orson nodded with a smile. "They certainly are good, what made you come up with the new designs anyway? They're certainly inventive" Asked the Science Officer it seemed the technical questions had mostly been answered and now it was onto the design and real purpose as well as prospect into gaining the green light to be put into service.

Iria grinned cheekily as she spoke her eyes sparkling brightly, "Well as I said the original design was Deeli Kosu, but she let me help in construction of them, after they were used in battle I saw there were some weaknesses that could be helped with additional measures. So I did some designs of my own, after the simulation of the holo-deck proved it should be doable I asked the Captain for permission to start making the improvement I kept with Kosu's theme because I figured it fit best since they're meant to be used together."

Bernard nodded. "At present, I'm unaware of any other equipment security needs. Unless we're set upon by the Borg or some interdemensional threats, I think these new torpedoes will be more than enough. As a department, I'm sure we are behind you in supporting your new endeavors."

T'Mar was just quietly observing anyone, she had already seen the new design. "Mister Bernard is correct. I suggest we shouldn't delay the tests.

Iria nodded as she looked at them, "I should have them ready in two days give or take barring any surprises taking presidence."

Bernard smiled and addressed Taltos and T'Mar together, "Then ladies, with your permissions, I will go and start the preparations."

"Not yet, Lieutenant," T'Mar said in a monotone voice to Bernard. She turned to Taltos. "This is the commander's show. She will get the preparations done. I will assist with this, if that is alright with you, Commander?"

Iria grinned cheekily, "Sounds fine with me T'Mar don't worry Lt.j.g. Bernard if these work out as well as they're supposed to I am certain that you'll get to be familiar with them."

Bernard nodded. "Great. Lt. T'Mar, would it be appropriate for me to reserve a shuttle bay and mark it for Taltos's use?"

Orson also stood, "Thank you for the brief Commander, I'll send you over some specifications later today" He smiled to Iria and then to the remainder of the staff that had assembled before following those out of the room.

Iria nodded as she watched everyone file out of the room. She was pleased it had gone well and the treats brought by Yeoman Grayson had been a pleasant surprise. She picked up another of the brownies and gathered her PaDD's together.

Halona helped with the clean up taking the leftover treats to the lounge to allow the crew to enjoy at their leisure.


Halona Grayson
YN1 Yeoman, Translation specialist


Lieutenant Orson Beckett
Chief science Officer


Steven Bernard, Lt.j.g. TO


Iria Taltos
LtCmdr CEO


T'Mar, ACSec/Tac (T'Lara's NPC)


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