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Lieutenant T'Mar

Name T'Mar

Position Chief Tactical & Security Officer (TACSEC)

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 147 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description T’Mar has shoulder length hair, the typical Vulcan ears, and has an average height and build.


Spouse Sedak
Children V'Lil (Daughter)
Saral (Son)
Father Saral (Deceased)
Mother T'San (Deceased)
Brother(s) Turok (MIA)
Other Family (T’Mar was adopted when she was really young)
Mother: T’Ren
Father: Saval
Brother: Sedak
Sisters: T'Pos, V'Lar

Personality & Traits

General Overview T’Mar is quiet and usually keeps to herself. She tries very hard not to let her emotions get in the way, yet sometimes she let's them come through in her work. After being put straight on her previous assignment she has been trying her best to change, but as a Vulcan it proves difficult. Her attempts fail, but her reaction has been quite amusing to her colleagues, which causes a yet more amusing reaction sometimes.
Strengths & Weaknesses Being a Vulcan is a good argument for T’Mar, but it is sometimes her downfall. She sometimes lets her Vulcan training get the best of her and sometimes tries to enforce it on to the ones under her. But she quickly learned to adapt. She is a good speaker and a good leader.
Hobbies & Interests In her free time, T’Mar is often alone. She is either meditating or training her skills. Other than that she reads a lot.

Personal History T'Mar was born on Vulcan. On a trip to Earth her shuttle crashed. Her parents died instantly. She survived the crash. When she was found she was brought back to Vulcan and adopted by a Vulcan couple. They raised her as if she was their own. But being traumatized at a young age, it was hard for T'Mar to control her emotions. That's why she keeps to herself a lot.

When T'Mar grew up, she was trained at the Vulcan Academy. She studied the sciences: Archaeology and Alien Anthropology. She taught a while at the Academy before she joined the Starfleet Marines. She made it up to 1st Lieutenant before she left to return back to Vulcan to get married. Having not known who she was going to get married, till she got back. It turned out she was betrothed to her adopted brother Sedak. Her adoptive parents took her in, after her parents died, to take care of their future daughter-in-law, and she wasn’t told until the days leading up to her marriage.

Having to grow up with Sedak, she accepted him. They had a daughter. It was then Sedak told her to return to Starfleet, as he could tell she would do better there than at home taking care of the children. Sedak was connected to the Vulcan Academy and therefore could remain on Vulcan.

T’Mar rejoined Starfleet, but this time cross-trained to the fleet. The Colonel commanding her unit in the past put in a good word for her. She opted the security department and soon became a weapon’s specialist.

She first joined the USS Pelican as a Security Officer. She served one year there, when she asked to join the USS T’Pau, an all Vulcan manned ship. She was assigned Tactical Actions Officer.

The T’Pau was the longest she served on. She moved up to Assistant Chief Tactical Officer and was the Acting Chief Tactical Officer for several months before the T’Pau came back, half limping. They had an incursion with an unknown enemy and took on heavy damage. They lost their Chief Tactical Officer the moment they reached Starbase 172. The T’Pau was going to be decommissioned for a while and the crew was reassigned.

Before she was going to her new assignment, she took an extended leave of absence on Vulcan, which also coincided with her pon farr and the pregnancy of her son. After spending some time with her family, she returned to active duty.

She served a short time as a Tactical Officer, pending her reassignment. She is currently assigned to the USS Hawaii.
Service Record 2348-2353 Vulcan Science Academy (Archaeology & Alien Anthropology)
2353-2360 Archaeology & Alien Anthropology Professor, Vulcan Science Academy
2360-2380 Joined Starfleet Marines (Last recorded rank: 1st Lieutenant)
2380-2382 Stayed on Vulcan with her new Husband
2382-2384 Security/Tactical Cross-Training, Starfleet Academy
2384-2385 USS Pelican-Security Officer (Ensign)
2385-2387 USS T’Pau-Tactical Actions Officer (Lieutenant Junior)
2387-2388 USS T’Pau-Assistant Chief Security Officer/Acting Chief Security (Lieutenant Junior)
2388-2389 Extended Leave of Absence
2389 Returned to Active duty
2389-2389 Starbase 172- Tactical Officer (Lieutenant Junior)
2389-Present USS Hawaii - Chief Tactical/Security (Lieutenant)