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Lieutenant Orson Beckett,

Name Orson James Beckett, Ph.D.

Position Chief Science Officer (CSO)

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 84 kgs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description To stand in the presence of Orson can be unnerving. At the best of times he is a tall, robust and muscular man much the opposite you'd expect a kind-hearted scientist to appear. He has brown copper hair which crests his matching brows and piercing azure eyes set upon a soft but weathered rectangular face the only features that really give away his soft heart.

Orson's shoulders are set back in a gentle disposition, inviting warmth but radiating authority waiting to snap into action. He holds his back straight and upright, proudly sticking out his chest only adding to his air of authority and male prowess. His stomach is a solid carving of muscle, hidden behind a small bugle which is his gut.

The support of this body his glutes and legs are strong, muscular, and large filling out the remainder of his body disposition.


Father James Beckett
Mother Nicola Beckett
Brother(s) Henry Becket (18)
Sister(s) Sigma Beckett (22)
Lillian Water (28)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Orson also goes by 'James', his middle name, and is a natural-born teacher and scientist. He is well informed and loves nothing more than to teach, to learn, and always strives to be the smartest person in the room which is why he became a scientist in the first place. With a gentle and kind heart, James is always easy to find the best in someone especially if they don't see it in themselves and prides himself on his ability to accept others for who they are and whatever walk of life they come from. The only time this can change is when faced with liars and cheats, he has a very strong moral code and believes in what is right and what is wrong and will always express his opinion but in a fair and just way.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Quick Thinker - James has always had the unique ability to enable him to see an event unfold and quickly come up with an answer or response to something, this usually was the simplest response or in the form of something out of the box.

+ Loyal - Fiercely Loyal to Starfleet and in his friends, James is willing to help in any way to better the reputation of Starfleet and help his friends.

+ Natural Teacher - James has always been able to help others find understanding in something even if it's not something he is especially diverse in making him a fantastic teacher.

= Kind Hearted - Being kind-hearted can at times be a two-sided blade, one side James can very much interact with anyone from all walks of lives on the other he can sometimes be taken for granted and misused.

- Inexperienced in the field - Though having been a Starfleet officer, James hasn't actually spent much time in the field spending most of his time either on a starbase or at the Academy.

- Stubborn - His pursuit of knowledge and superior intellect has made James stubborn, he just doesn't know when to quit.
Ambitions James is already fulfilling one of his main ambitions of being a teacher at Starfleet Academy, he would also like to return to the University of Tartu to teach in Botany and Ecology. Personally, James is looking to settle down on Earth but after he has had one ship bound tour. A little unknown and bizarre hobby and interest of Orsons is her is an Avid Mixologist, and enjoys making cocktails. He hopes to open's a bar of his own.
Hobbies & Interests James is an avid botanist and his job his interest, he loves plants and anything about them further he loves teaching. Away from botany James enjoys photography, camping, and anything on the water he would at times spend weeks away camping and exploring the local flora and fauna.

Personal History James was born to his English parents in Tartu Estonia in 2355. At a young age, James was considered smart and ahead to do his time and found getting along with our children easy, he also had a fond interest in the ecological surroundings in the Baltic states. James attended one Junior School, One High school and one College where he studied in Botany and Applied Science before going onto the University of Tartu where he spent four years studying for a PhD in Botany and Ecology and graduated in 2377 before he then moved to America where he found himself applying to Starfleet.

James' four years at the academy, like most of his education, went well and while not the top student in his graduating class, he did graduate in the top third with merits where it was highlighted he had a knack for teaching; however, couldn't teach immediately at the Academy without doing at least one tour beforehand.

Having the need to spend at least 3 years on tour James found himself at a deep space research station, where he and what was considered a small federation crew watched the development of a locally primitive civilization which had been discovered on the edges of Federation space. The tour was considered uneventful, though James did find it enlightening.

Finally, upon a promotion, James returned to the Academy as a tutor where he really began to thrive. Being a tutor and a lecturer meant James could shape the next generation of cadets and scientists which something he found the utmost pride for. At the start of 2389 and at the end of the most recent class' graduation, decided it was time for a new challenge. En route to his next assignment, Beckett stopped at Bre'el IV as part of his journey from the fringe outpost where what became his next assignment, Hawaii, actually met him by chance.
Service Record 2355 - Born (Tartu, Estonia)
2372 to 2377 - University of Tartu
2377 to 2381 - Starfleet Academy Cadet
2381 to 2384 - Deep Space Research Station Sigma-12
2384 to 2389 - Starfleet Academy Instructor
2389 to Present - USS Hawaii.