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Posted on 31 Oct 2020 @ 12:12am by Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Almir Cyrus

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Various
Timeline: After Bre'el posts

- Jefferies tubes section 28-G -

Iria had been taking a shift on damage control because she didn't feel like being on the main decks the past few days. She had finished up the rounds and was heading for the ladder when someone at the entry way started climbing down their toolkit wasn't closed securely as it should have been. Iria knew better than yelling up the ladder at them over it. That would only make them jump and drop the toolkit, which would let loose several tools on her head. So Iria moved to another side crawlspace and listened for the other to finish climbing down.

About half way the person sneezed and then tools started falling down the rest of the way bouncing off the ladder and ricochet off the crawlspace walls Iria threw her arms over her head and cursed.


- Sickbay -

Iria walked in, with Petty officer Vincent Biggs, who was sneezing up a storm. Iria had a few welts on her arms, and a cut on her left cheek.

"Salutations! Can anyone deal with Sneezy here please?" Iria called out to the medical staff. She knew there was another new Doctor taking over and she hoped they would be around longer than a few weeks.

Almir heard the commotion from the station he was at. The first thing he noticed was sneezing and he grimaced a bit. He walked out and noticed a Petty Officer and a Lieutenant Commander. The Petty Officer was sneezing terribly and the Lieutenant Commander seemed to have some welts and some erythema on her hands and arms. He sighed a little bit as he walked out and grabbed his medical tricorder.

"What happened?" he asked as he started scanning the Petty Officer. He looked back to a Corpsman that was behind him. "Go start working on Hyposprays. I have a feeling I'm going to need an antihistamine for this one."

Iria looked up at the new Doctor, "He sneezed while climbing down the Jefferies tubes and because his toolkit wasn't secured properly his tools fell on me, beyond that no idea. The air purifiers are working correctly." Iria shrugged as she stood still.

Vincent Biggs, was more than a little bit embarrassed not only had he been sneezing none stop since he had started climbing down below decks, after he had been walking around the arboretum, the fact he had rushed grabbing toolkit and added extras that fell, on his Department head's head. He figured if it hadn't been an accident he might be in more than a bit of trouble.

"Sneezing fit huh?" he asked as he scanned the man. "Did you eat a full meal recently? Or maybe something spicy?" he asked, starting with one quick line of reasoning before going to the more obvious answer.

Vincent nodded, "Had my afternoon meal some ... twenty minutes ago ... walked around the Arboretum ... then headed for my shift of damage control ... patrol and repair." Every few words he sneezed and excused himself quickly. Being careful to not sneeze in the Doctor's face.

Almir Cyrus nodded a little. "So it's either allergies from the Arboretum, or it's something else called snatiation." He grabbed the hypospray from the corpsman who had loaded it with an antihistamine and pressed it to the man's neck and injected. "Snatiation can be an occurrence after eating in general or spicy foods. Usually it stops after a minute or so, but can elapse a little longer. I gave you an antihistamine as your levels are a little higher. If it works in the next few moments, you just had a small reaction to the Arboretum. If not, we'll work on something else." He looked at the man then nodded towards a bio bed. "Take a seat for a few Petty Officer and we'll see what's going on.

Vincent nodded as he sat down on a bio bed hoping that it wasn't going to be very complicated.

He looked over at the Lieutenant Commander and nodded towards another biobed. "Take a seat for my please Ma'am, and I'll take a look at you as well."

Iria had backed up out of range of the continued sneezing she found an empty seat in the waiting area, shaking her head softly. If she ever got the sneezes like that she would end up horking up hairballs.

At the Doctor's turning his attention to her she got up and walked past Vincent to another bio-bed and hopped up and sat down. She gave him a wry grin, "I managed to catch most on my arms but something hit my face."

Cyrus nodded a little and started scanning. "Doesn't look like any damage to your face, however you will probably end up with contusion. I can fix that if you'd like," he offered now looking down at her hands. "Nothing wrong with the arm but - " he trailed off for the moment. "There is a minor fracture in your right hand - looks like second and third metacarpal and your third phalange." He put the tricorder down and grabbed another instrument. "Little osteo-regenerator will fix you right up," he said. "If you permit me."

Iria nodded, "Of course, you have my permission to fix whatever damage you have found. I would rather have it fixed than have an issue later." She wasn't a doctor but she needed her hands to fix the ship and building other projects.

Almir grabbed the osteo-regernator and started mending the hand. "You might feel a slight tingle but this shouldn't hurt. If it does somehow, please let me know and I can numb the area a little."

Iria nodded her head and did her best to keep still, it didn't hurt so much as it tickled, and made tingling chill up her nerve endings, but she'd had worse in the past.

"You broken bones before Ma'am?" he asked curiously.

Iria gave a sheepish cheeky grin, "Yeah it's been about six months since I broke anything, miscalculated on a parkour jump that sprained a few things and micro-fractors of others. I have been more careful since then."

"Parkour?" the half-breed struggled through the world. "I don't think I know what that is," he stated continuing on.

"It's a sport involves running climbing jumping sometimes you can add in acrobatics it depends on how the course is set up what difficulty level settings." Iria said lightly as she watched him.

The doctor nodded as he continued for a moment. "I might need to look into this. That could be very helpful for my Parrises Squares game. Might get me a better advantage." As a few another moment he turned the regenerator off and nodded. "Try and move your hand and let me know if you have any pain or discomfort."

Iria laughed softly, "It will definitely make a difference for Parrises squares, though I recommend that if you do take up parkour don't start off on your own." She wiggled her fingers lightly then made a more regular motion with her hand and wrist. It felt fine for the most part a slight pinching sensation when she rolled her wrist. "There's a pinching feeling when I roll it." She said lightly.

"Maybe one of these days I can have you show me some things," he said putting down the regenerator and grabbing the medical tricorder. "Do me a favor, do the motion that hurts while I'm scanning," he commented as he started scanning.

Iria nodded, "Sure anytime you're available I will be happy to show you some of the parkour programs or I can get a program set up for you if you want?" She rolled her wrist slowly while he scanned and she hoped that it wasn't going to be a permanent problem. It wouldn't make parkour or pretty much any time she walked around in her feline form very enjoyable.


Iria Taltos Ltcmdr, CEO
USS Hawaii


Almir Cyrus Lt, CMO
USS Hawaii


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