Ohuna - The Secret

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After the Gorn War, a Secret is revealed during initial negotiations with the Gorn. An ancient civilization that had vast resources. The Gorn believed it was on Canterra, yet their hands turned up empty. The Hawaii has been re-assigned to the Third Fleet, handpicked by VADM Banda, the new Third Fleet CINC after her tour as TF93CO. The Hawaii is set to travel through the Raeya Transit Corridor in a Freedom of Navigation maneuver against growing Romulan and Klingon tensions.

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Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters

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The USS Hawaii secured Canterra IV space. Now, the focus is on the ground campaign as the Marine Special Operations Teams (MSOTs) of 3d Marine Raider Battalion (3MRBN) fight the Gorn.

Launching OPERATION TOE DIP, 3d & 4th MSOT led by Maj West, conduct recon of the cities and towns of Canterra to ascertain the Gorn presence. They discover the Gorn have enslaved the remaining colonists as workers although happen upon a resistance movement. Plans coalesce to takeover the jamming site the Gorn are using.

In the mean time, Capt Bolingbroke is launching OPERATION COLD COMFORT to strike the Xore Mine utilizing suits that mimic the Gorn, known as the Frog Squad, led by SSgt Walken.

The Frog Squad encounters zombie-like colonists who are controlled via electronic implants. After a fierce fight in the mine, including the death of HA Quinn, the team takes over the mine and transitions to search & rescue (SAR) operations in OPERATION WINTER HAVEN.

Meanwhile, 3d & 4th MSOT rendezvous and devise an attack strategy against the Gorn jamming site, known as The Scythe, in OPERATION DUST BOWL. The site is taken with minimal fighting, yet Maj West and the rest of the teams discover that the Gorn have wired The Scythe to explode by using a live colonist as the trigger. After calling for Dr. Soran to assist, together with ENS Bernard, the team are able to defuse the situation.

Back in space, the Hawaii detects a speck of dust on their sensors and after sending out probes, learn the Rends with Teeth has returned. After opening communication, though, the Gorn offer to surrender.

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Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains

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The USS Hawaii crew enjoyed 48 hours of liberty in orbit of Bre'el IV, probably the last chance they will get to relax, before heading towards the Gorn Front to start their Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance Patrol.

The Federation Secretary of the Exterior toured the USS Hawaii and opened a new Federation Diplomatic Mission on Bre'el IV before Hawaii departed.

The USS Hawaii patrolled the space near Canterra when it rendezvoused with the USS Wyoming (the ship the Hawaii was to meet per their orders), a Steamrunner-class vessel, emitting Gorn signatures amid radiation clouds. During the encounter, the Captain of the Wyoming attempted to take command of the Hawaii under the pretense that its CO, Commander Tachibana was incompetent or complicit in assisting the Gorn due to the presence of a Gorn on the Hawaii senior staff as the Chief Medical Officer. During the tense standoff between the two senior staffs, an enemy ship appeared and started firing. Possessing some sort of technological advantage, the ship was able to penetrate the shields of the Federation ships. The USS Wyoming rammed the enemy vessel and CDR Tachibana made a fateful decision to save the Hawaii and retreat. During the battle, the Gorn doctor appears to have transported himself off the ship, deepening the mystery surrounding his loyalties.

En route to Xavier Fleet Yards (XFY), Tachibana is promoted to Captain. There are several re-assignments due to the XO and OPS being WIA, necessitating their transfer to XFY's medical facilities for recovery. During the transit, which takes longer than usual due to the extensive debris field and the damage to the Hawaii, it is discovered that the missing Gorn Doctor never transported himself off of the Hawaii, rather he made it look like he did. Furthermore, LTJG Cortez, the Chief Intelligence Officer, currently locked in the brig due to siding with the Wyoming's CO during the attempted takeover, revealed her actions were necessitated by blackmail.

The USS Hawaii docked with Xavier Fleet Yards to assess the operational capability of the station as the crew dealt with the fallout of battle, conducting repairs, and conducting a search for the missing Gorn Doctor, finally apprehended aboard the USS Hawaii. The Command Team scheduled a meeting with the TF93 Command Staff along with the USS Devonshire's Command Team about the way ahead for the Gorn War.

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Ka Hakaka MaikaŹ»i - The Good Fight

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The USS Hawaii is docked with Xavier Fleet Yards (XFY) along with the USS Devonshire to assess the operational capability of the station as the crew continues to deal with the fallout of the previous battle at Canterra and conduct repairs both to Hawaii and XFY.

The Command Team met with the TF93 Command Staff along with the USS Devonshire's Command Team about the way ahead for the Gorn War as Hawaii's Assistant Chief Engineer (ACHENG) LTJG Iria Taltos discovered Klingon weapons used in the Gorn Attack.

During the brief to the USS Devonshire's Senior Staff, klaxons blared RED ALERT as an unknown vessel was detected.

The crew quickly discovered the unknown vessel was the same Gorn Cruiser the Hawaii encountered in the last mission and narrowly escaped from. Not wanting to leave the crippled XFY and alongside the heavily armed USS Devonshire, the crew engaged the Gorn Cruiser, launching boarding parties in an effort to learn more about the new and very effective torpedo technology of the Gorn in what became the Second Battle of XFY. The Gorn also launched a boarding party of their own.

Hawaii suffered 5 KIA & 42 WIA. During the boarding operation, the marines recovered 25 recovered POWs from the USS Wyoming, and 18 were also injured as a result of Gorn experimentation.

The Gorn captured Hawaii's former Gorn CMO, yet the Hawaii took a prisoner of the Gorn also along with a Gorn shuttle, dubbed The Aubrey after Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series of maritime novels. The crew also assigned the name Apophis-class to the new-type Gorn Cruiser.

The Hawaii conducted a week of repairs at XFY before making the approximately 3-week journey to Canterra IV.

Arriving at Canterra, the Hawaii dispatched two marine recon teams, 3MSOT to the jungles west of the capital, and 4MSOT into the mountains north of the capital.

Battle Group Hawaii engaged in the Battle of Canterra IV with 9 Gorn ships, some previously unseen before. After destroying an escort and capital ship, the rest of the Gorn fleet bugged out.

The Hawaii took some hull damage during the battle.

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He ho'omaka hou 'ana - A New Beginning

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The USS Hawaii conducted a shakedown cruise to Bre'el IV after completing final construction in spacedock at Providence Fleet Yards. Her mission was to ascertain the availability of Bre'el IV's transport/supply vessels for the Gorn Theater.

En route, the USS Hawaii received an ominous warning from Bre'el IV. Despite these mysterious transmissions, the Diplomatic Detachment led by Lieutenant Zamora successfully negotiated the use of the Bre'ella's transport and supply vessels for the Gorn Theater.

In addition, it seems Hawaii's success had not gone unnoticed nor did the rising importance of Bre'el IV. The Federation established the Bre'el Diplomatic Mission and subsequently, required some Starfleet Personnel to operate. As a result, many of our crew were transferred to support their staff.

Despite these transfers, we also have new crew arriving. Two of these new arrivals, Lieutenant Junior Grade Cortez and Ensign Jones, caused a security incident that went viral among Bre'ella social media that caused a diplomatic headache. Lieutenant Fallon is leading an investigation into what happened.

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