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Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Bernard,

Name Steven "J" Bernard, Ph.D.

Position Tactical Actions Officer (TAO)

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Cheronian
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height ‪1.7526m‬
Weight 88.451 kg
Hair Color (natural) Brown/(dyed) Black
Eye Color (Heterochromia) Black side: blue/White side: inbetween amber and brown
Physical Description If one was to put a sheet over Stevens right side, he would look like a Caucasian human with brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. If the process were repeated on the left side, he would look like a Black human with blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. If you were to see him clothed and standing, you would catch a warm, yet wolfish smile from him. He is of lower human height, but very strong. He paints his face to bring attention to his already striking visage citing religious reasons. He often braids his hair into a tight pony tail.


Spouse None
Children None
Father (Adoptive) Kason
Mother (Adoptive) Holland
Brother(s) No biological brothers.
Sister(s) No biological sisters.
Other Family Celia D. Wright
Maxwell K. Lawrence
Jude P. Kasparov

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite Steven's strange upbringing and betrayal on his last rotation, he is very kind and respectful. Some find his nature contradictory because he is at once inviting and skeptical. He is fiercely loyal because he wants others to be loyal to him.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Hand-to-Hand Combat and Phasers
+Research and Logic
Ambitions To be the head of a tactical research team in the Neutral Zone. Then to retire, married with several black and white tinted children.
Hobbies & Interests The holodeck
Xeno Biology
Old Earth Entertainment
Weapons Specs

Personal History To:
CAPT Akio Tachibana, CO, USS HAWAII
CDR Juan Zamora , XO, USS HAWAII
LTJG Wyndsor Emerson, Ph.D , Chief Counselor, USS HAWAII

Subject: Ensign Steven Bernard, Psych Eval

From: Dr. Paarek D'nesh, Head Psychologist Trallend Institute

Bernard has been recently misdiagnosed as violent psychotic, Report Chief Medical Officer of the USS Oberon, LCDR Larsen Philips, after the incident that brought him into your service. Violent Psychopaths know what they are doing is unlawful or cruel, yet they continue deplorable actions. This does not describe Dr. Bernard. He is also said to be necrophiliac. Both diagnoses are erroneous. This was made clear to me upon my initial examination of him when he was admitted to Trallend Institute.

Bernard was bio-medically engineered in a genetic reclamation program in the hopes that his DNA contained the warp knowledge of his forbears. The program sought to awaken extinct sentient species in the hope that they could give us an edge against the Dominion.

Bernard was adopted during the project by the Bernards because the subjects were not to be euthanized unless they proved to be highly dangerous.

He was not endowed by his DNA with warp knowledge: the Cheronians had thought-linked ships, but they evolved slower than their technology in that the makers of these machines chose to profit from them rather than pass on how they worked. The ships were manufactured in factories via robot and slave labor. What Bernard has is a propensity for learning about neurology and in that, a good understanding of most electronics because he sees them as living things: circuits as neurons and dendrites, electricity and plasma as blood.

In the Reclamation program, he was put through an abbreviated Starfleet Academy, but then went through it fully when his parents were allowed to take over his education as he was seen to be a poor fit for the goals of the program. He was in the top one hundred of the graduates focused on Neuroscience. He was assigned to the USS Oberon, on his own request. He says he felt responsible to meet threats against the Federation when they cropped up. The Oberon is a war vessel and he was attached to their Mortuary Affairs division when that division lost its medical chief in an ambush. Mortuary Affairs is a small division, and their job is to pick up the remains of our fallen comrades. He became a quarter master of sorts on their Runabout. He said he would have done more to keep his mind occupied but he was “a shit pilot.”

His platoon was ambushed five times during his tour in the Dominion War. He is a war hero, which can be seen in his service record. He saved the lives of several platoon members during such ambushes who will vouch for his character. He has become a man of violence but is not a violent man. What I mean by that is, he will protect those he believes are on his team without thought to his own life. He tried to protect me twice during his admission here and that is one of the reasons I've asked him to be placed on your ship. He does not deserve to be shut up.

The incident that landed him here is as follows: during a tour, Bernard was doing his job and he found the body of a young woman. She was naked and her head, horribly destroyed. Bernard was haunted by this image and during a respite at the Oberon, he told the Chief Medical Officer that he couldn't stop seeing “The beautiful body, and the death that stopped her from being wonderful.” He didn't know what to do with his mixed feelings. Especially his mingled horror and affection for someone he did not know, and was not allowed to know because of her death. He told LCDR Philips and Philips told him that he was a text book necrophiliac. Bernard attempted to assure Philips that he is not and to please not pass on the conversation to anyone else. A few weeks later, Philips and CAPT Gaathroen Cosp were eating in the mess hall and Cosp made a joke about “Vultures also being dirty necros.” They laughed and had not noticed Bernard was in ear shot. Vulture is a derogatory term for Mort. Affairs. Bernard sprinted over and rendered CAPT Cosp unconscious with his dinner tray, then proceeded to attack Dr. Philips. Bernard incapacitated two others who tried to rescue Dr. Philips and would have downed more if he had not been stunned by the officer on duty.

To make an example of him, Cosp and Philips had him committed to Trallend Institute as a Violent Psychopath. How was this done so quickly? During war, a Captain is the god of his or her ship. He needed no hearing. After my initial interview with Ensign Bernard, I kept him under heavy observation: he is not dangerous.

I told you before that he had saved my life. I did not tell you that he picked the lock on his cell to save me from being choked to death by another patient. Some time afterwards, I asked him why he didn't escape. He gave me the saddest answer I have ever heard. He shrugged and said: “Here is as much home as anywhere else.” That is why for two reasons I know he will be a benefit to you. First, I see a brilliant mind that is wasted here. I started trying to give him problems to solve, cases of neurological disease and disorder to diagnose and research surgical cures for. I can only feed his mind so much, but you are a tactical vessel. He was made for such things. Please return to him the brotherhood that was taken from him. This is his letter of recommendation. He is a good person.

Thank you,

Dr. Paarek D'nesh
Head Psychologist
Trallend Institute
Service Record Classified. See above medical release for brief history.