The USS Hawaii is home to Bravo & Delta Companies, Marine Special Operations Companies (MSOC) of the 3d Marine Raider Battalion, Starfleet Marine Raider Regiment, Starfleet Marine Corps Special Operations Command (SFMARSOC). Each MSOC is capable of deploying task-organized expeditionary Special Operations Forces (SOF) for the conduct of full spectrum SOF operations in support of the geospatial combatant commanders (GCCs). Each company consists of four Marine Special Operations Teams (MSOT). The base unit of the Raiders is the 14-person MSOT. Each 14-man MSOT is organized into three elements: a Headquarters (HQ) and two identical Tactical Squads. The HQ element consists of a Special Operations Officer Team Leader, Team Chief (Master Sergeant), Operations SNCO (Gunnery Sergeant), and a communication SNCO. Each Tactical Element consists of an Element Leader (Staff Sergeant), three Critical Skills Operators (Sergeant/Corporal), and a Starfleet Special Forces Reconnaissance Corpsman (SFRC). The organization allows a Team to operate on its own if needed, but maintains the ability to operate as part of a bigger unit if needed.
The 3d Marine Raider Battalion is organized, trained, and equipped to deploy for galaxy-wide missions as directed by SFMARSOC. The Battalion has 4 MSOCs, each one task-organized with personnel uniquely skilled in special equipment support, intelligence, and fire-support. The 3d Marine Raider Battalion is headquartered on Pollux IV.
Marine Raiders' mission is to provide tailored military combat-skills and special operations capability to accomplish special operations missions assigned by the Commander, Starfleet Special Operations Command (CDRSFSOCOM) and/or GCCs via the Theater Special Operations Command. Raiders' deployments are coordinated by SFMARSOC, through SFSOCOM, in accordance with engagement priorities for Space Contingency Operations. The Starfleet Marine Raider Regiment is headquartered at Camp Pendleton on Earth.