Site Credits

Nova has been developed on the CodeIgniter PHP framework by EllisLab.

Icons used throughout Nova were created by FamFamFam and Pinvoke.

Pips graphics on this page made by Steven Marriott of RPG-Insignias.

Thank you to Hawkes for his help with the banner and site!

The Medals and Ribbons in Crew Awards were made by: CDR Alexander Zandusky and LCDR Terell of the USS Denmark as well as Jacob Beeman (CAPT Akio Tachibana, CO of the USS Hawaii).

Department graphics on Crew Manifest page by Matthias Haack & Jacob Beeman. Marine enlisted rank insignia by RPG-Insignias & Jacob Beeman.

Thank you to Jacob Wooten/GySgt Gaius Sejanus for creating bio images in uniform of LCDR Zamora, Capt Kage, LT Hunter, LTJG Winchester, LTJG Lassonde, and ENS Ruk.

Thank you to hackhand (CDR Zamora, XO of USS Hawaii) for creating the Starfighter patches.