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Baking It Better

Posted on 13 Oct 2020 @ 11:28pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Bernard, Ph.D. & Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: various
Timeline: to be determined

Halona walked around the kitchen checking on the progress of the muffins she had put in the oven. There was a platter of cookies and she was in the process of putting different types of icing between cookies in pairs of two, there were white chocolate macadamia nut with vanilla icing between them, there were oatmeal raisin cookies with raspberry icing between them, there was peanut butter with Reese's pieces with chocolate fudge icing between them, there were sugar cookies with lemon flavored icing, and another group of sugar cookies with vanilla icing. She had been baking for a few hours but she wasn't finished yet, =/\= Grayson to Bernard, I am running a little bit behind schedule, how are things going on your end? =/\=

Mein Gott! Bernard thought as he burnt his hand on the second pan of brownies he rescued from his small oven. The first pan had been a terrible mess of charred remains. He had fed them to the disposal. He had chosen what he believed would be the simplest thing to bake in the Earth cookbook. "I could lie," he thought. =/\=Bernard to Grayson,=/\= he said, =/\=I am sure you will prove yourself the superior baker even if I had started three hours ago. I'll be on the turbo lift in three minutes and be with you in two more.=/\= He wrangled the new pan of brownies into a container that shouldn't burn the counters and set off to the turbo lift.

Halona blinked at his comment over the communication channel and laughed softly, =/\= See you soon then!=/\= she finished icing another cookie and set it on the platter. They should have enough to give everyone for the end of debriefing. Or at least the practice run of getting ready for it. She hadn't really expected Steven Bernard to offer to help her with the surprise of treats for the briefing but she mentioned it in passing that she was going to practice some different recipes to see how they turn out before the debriefing meeting was actually put forward.

So that brought them to their present situation, she wrinkled her nose and then backed away from the counter to turn and sneeze into her elbow Halona sniffled softly wondering what had brought on the sudden need to sneeze.

Bernard walked out of the turbo lift and to Halona's door.

"I'm here," he said. Don't kiss her, the voice said. "I know," he answered back. Try a fist bump. Human friends do that. "Cool," Bernard said.

Halona smiled at him, "So you are, have a seat if you want." She was just about finished with the icing of cookies.

Bernard lifted his free fist for a bump and a lop-sided smile.

Halona looked at his fist with a puzzled glance and raised her eye brows slightly, "That a new rock paper scissors move?" She asked softly as she set down the last cookie. As she brushed back a lock of hair from her face she managed to leave a small smear of pink icing along her left cheek. The timer for the muffins sounded and she moved to grab the hot pads to get the muffins out of the oven carefully.

Don't lick the icining off her cheek, the voice said. "I know," he thought back. Of course this was inaudible, but there was a flicker of something across his two-tone face.

"You look extra sweet today, Halona." Bernard said, a laugh in his voice. "And no, all rock paper scissors moves are ancient, so I guess you forfeit." He slowly put his fist down, trying to hide his boyish embarassment.

Halona smiled at him briefly as she got the last pan of muffins out of the oven. She closed the door with a light bump of her hip, "Well I am out of coconut truffles but there's plenty of cookies you can take some of those as your prize if you like?" She set the pan down on a cool tray and looked at him fully again, "What have you brought?" She tucked another errant lock of hair behind her ear leaving another small smear of pink icing on her left cheek. She smiled at him none the wiser of her now decorative cheek.

Bernard couldn’t stop looking at the frosting on the curve of Holana’s cheek.
“Is she trying to bait me?” He asked the voice. Err on the safe side. Bernard handed Halona the tray of dry, yet edible, brownies. Then he produced a handkerchief, wet it in a glass of water, and began gently wiping her cheek.

“Forgive me, Yeoman.” He said, with a sad smile,“but pink frosting is very out of uniform regs." He held her face tenderly. He did want to kiss her, but until she asked, he couldn't. "Do they smell okay?” He asked. "The brownies, I mean."

Halona blinked at him as he ever so gently used the water coated handkerchief and cleaned her cheek free of frosting, her face flushing red, she was speechless by her embarrassment and surprise at the same time, he was gentle with her, as if he was unsure how she would react. She blinked again as she looked at the brownies he had handed her, looked at them and then up at him, "They smell just fine to me," she hesitated as she looked him n the eyes, " .. thanks for not laughing about the frosting, and for removing it for me." She was sure she looked ridiculous, blushing so much over icing and his gentle touch on her face. Halona also recalled how her mouth had tingled so nicely after the kiss he had given her during the parkour run on the holo-deck, she glanced at his mouth before she returned her gaze to his, "Maybe we should taste the brownies to be sure?" She added her voice not quiet a whisper as she tried to focus.

Bernard couldn’t help noticing how red she had turned. He was very warm himself and as he thought of her putting the warm chocolate into her mouth, he could hardly stand it. They were about to go to a meeting. He couldn’t go in and talk about Starfleet business while he felt like this. He shook his head.

“Halona,” He said, “I am torn. I very much want to kiss you. But then I’m going to have to go into a meeting and explain my job to—and all I’m going to be able to think about is your lips.” He wanted to push her into the counter and run his hands across her. But instead, he took a step back.

“So,” he said, “after the meeting would you like to go out again. Romantically?”

Halona smiled at him and nodded her head, "I think that would fine. What should I wear?" She was breathless, at his admission he wanted to kiss her again, but he was right there was the meeting and work came before anything else.

Bernard wasn't sure what to answer. A woman had never asked him what she should wear on a date. Especially on a starship. He had to pick something fitting, not just something she would look good in. He knew it would have to fit wherever they would go. He didn't know where he wanted to go. Then he smiled.

"I know this might sound stupid, but do you know what a poodle skirt is?"

Halona blinked at him a moment then she nodded her head, "Yes I do, I have have two of my own actually, royal blue or black is what I have but I can have one altered to a different color if you want?"

"Brilliant," he said, "let's go with the royal blue one and would you put a matching scarf in your hair? I'll meet you at holodeck 5a at 1930."

Halona smiled, "See you there." She didn't know what he had planned but she was betting it was going to be something to remember.

Bernard smiled and kissed the top of Halona's head. Then he grabbed his brownies and headed to the meeting.

Halona shook her head softly as she gathered up the cookies and rest and headed out towards the meeting....


Halona Grayson Y1N USS Hawaii


Bernard, Steven J. LTJG, SF TAO


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