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Lieutenant Almir Cyrus

Name Almir Cyrus

Position Incoming Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Human - Half Romulan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 215
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Thomas Cyrus (Astrology){Force Retired}
Mother Doctor Rorika Re'Kar(Romulan Astrophysical Academy){deceased}
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Almir is a bit of an exacting person, not one to like to fail. He keeps most of his emotions subdued, trying to keep emotions in check as best as he can. However, he does show emotion, and at times, more than he would like. Almir can be a hard person to deal with as he likes things done a certain way, and has a hard time with change. He hates being talked down too and hates even more when his intelligence is attacked. Has been known to have violent outbursts of rage when provoked too far.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Meticulous
+Known to be good with a phaser/rifle and combat 

-Mood swings
-Mild alcoholism
-Mild PTSD
Ambitions Figure out how his mother died.
Prove that he is not some Romulan Spy.
Hobbies & Interests Parrises Squares

Personal History Almir's father was an prominent Astrologist on board the research vessel Astralis. During a mission, the vessel came across a distress beacon that originating from a Romulan Science Vessel. It had come under attack from a Klingon Vessel who damaged it beyond repair but left it as it was once they figured out it was a research vessel, stating it was too easy a prey. They, however, offered no help in return. Once the Astralis got the distress beacon, they made it in time to get the lone survivor of Doctor Rorika Re'Kar, Almir's Mother.

It was several months before they were in range to take back the Doctor, and in that time, a small interest between the Human Commander and Romulan Doctor flourished. The Romulan admitted on multiple occasions that it was a highly unusual and unorthodox union, but she was intrigued by the Human's mind more than anything.

In that time, the Romulan became pregnant. It was apparent that she would not be able to return to Romulan space, so she requested asylum from the Federation. The Federation granted the request, as the stipulation came with her continuing her research on anit-matter reactions for the Federation. She, however, kept up her Romulan ways and refused to give up any Romulan secrets or technology.

She was marked a traitor by the Romulan Senate and forbade to ever return to Romulus for the insolence.

Almir was born, and brandished interesting features. While he did not have the prominence of the Romulan facial features, his hair was black, but grew in a more human manner. His ears also did remain pointed.

Almir had a rough time growing up being the product of a Romulan-Human union. He was constantly mocked and bullied in school. Although he had an almost unmatched intellect by his peers, he had a fuming temper, one that landed him in trouble frequently. His parents tried their best to teach their son to keep his emotions in check, but the boy was conflicted inside at almost all times.

When it was figured he was going to have a hard time with his emotions, they enrolled him in Parrises Squares, something that he took to quickly. His speed, agility, and aggression helped turn him into a top player.

At the tender age of 14, Almir's mother died. Although an autopsy stated it was natural causes, Almir and his father refused to believe that, as she had shown no signs of ill feeling. Thomas Cyrus believed in everything he had that she had finally been murdered by the Tal'Shiar and launched a very vocal inquiry into it. The Federation believed this would hinder any relations they might have with the Romulan Empire, so they hushed Thomas quickly and forced him to retire, keeping all benefits.

At 16, Almir enrolled at Starfleet. He ended up the Captain of the Parrises Squares Academy Team, although it was fraught with dissension among his team due to his Romulan Heritage. Having issues with his classmates, and his temper, Almir ended up going through the Corpsman route, learning medicine and marine tactics.

During his team learning to be a Corpsman, he found a love for medicine and the processes of how the body and systems work. As he graduated, he ended up taking a posting with the Marines.

During that tour with the Marines, he ended up on an undercover mission to infiltrate a Romulan Research Station that was found by accident. The op went terribly as it seemed the Romulan knew they were coming. Even worse, it was an operational Tal'Shiar compound.

The Commanding Officer was terribly wounded, and even died due to the injuries sustained. However, Almir was able to resuscitate the CO, bringing him back with minimal medical equipment and little training. Some people have said that it was luck, or a fluke, but the Colonel of the operation didn't care. He was alive.

After fighting for the half-breed, Almir was accepted into the Starfleet Medical Academy.

Almir excelled at the Academy, graduating 4th in his class. This is one of the first times in his life, he wasn't trying to become number one, stead, just soaking up as much information as he could. This was the first time in his life that he was doing something that made sense to him, and things came effortlessly.

After Graduation, he spent his time as a medical officer onboard the USS Rapier. The tour was pretty lax with minimal issues and nothing to speak of.

Next assignment was aboard the medical vessel, the USS Mercy, where he first served as a medical officer before being promoted to a Assistant Medical Officer of his Department.

This was seen as a massive success for Almiar, as he was able to streamline the efficiency of his department, as well as ended up teaching medical tactics and practices to the newer Corpsman who ended up on the ship. This caused another promotion for him, and during his next assignment, was given the go ahead to become a Chief Medical Officer.