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Operations report

Posted on 01 Oct 2020 @ 3:21pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Lara & Lieutenant Junior Grade Anyi Nila

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: T'Lara's office
Timeline: Sometime after T'Lara's promotion

T'Lara walked in to her new office and looked around. She wasn't still quite sure why she was given this position. she wasn't quite stable yet. But somehow now that she was out of her blood fever, she was more able to control it. Somehow she was more comfortable being a doctor than the first officer of a ship.

She decided the first thing she had to do, was get to know her crew. She would be working with them a lot. She hit her combadge. =/\= Lieutenant Nila, this Commander T'Lara, please report to my office as soon as you can. =/\=

Nila groans to herself, she had just sat down. =/\= On my way =/\= It wasn't a secret to anyone that the Bajoran wasn't the easiest to get along with. Leaving her office she made the trip to Lieutenant Commander T'Lara's office.

Nila stood outside the office and rubs her eyes, it was too early for any of these. She pressed the intercomm to let T'Lara know she was outside waiting.

"Enter," Came the calm and emotionless voice from T'Lara. Getting her thoughts back to her new position. As a Vulcan she would adapt. She looked up to the lieutenant walking in. "Welcome, Lieutenant, please have a seat. Would you like some refreshments from the replicator before we continue." T'Lara tried to be as warm and welcoming in her new position as she could be, but as a Vulcan she probably failed.

Nila walks inside and sat down right away, "No I'm fine." She answers before taking a moment. "Why am I here?"

T'Lara scratched her throat a little. "Lieutenant, I asked you here, because as you know, I am now the new first officer of the Hawaii and I wanted to get to know the crew a bit better and most importantly the departments and their heads. I wanted to start with you."

Nila exhales her facial expressions remained in their natural annoyed state she always seemed to be in, "Okay, what do you want to know?" In traditional Nila fashion she didn't seem to wait and wanted to get this over with.

T'Lara returned to her seat behind the desk. It felt a bit strange, almost like she didn't belong, which was weird. But again she needed to get overt. Meanwhile her expression hit her feelings well. She turned to the operations chief again. "How about we start with a department report?" Her voice was monotone as was expected.

"I haven't heard any complaints from the people under me, the power system is currently running without fault but I always have at least a pair of eyes watching it. The only notable fault recently was faulty wiring found in a replicator but that was a simple fix." Nila answers.

T'Lara nodded. "Very good. And what about you personally? Are you well, Lieutenant?" Nila was an experienced officer, so T'Lara wasn't worried, she would run her department well. But as a first officer it was her duty to check up on the crew, and conversation with the senior staff was crucial.

Nila was annoyed by this, she didn't need someone checking up on her. But she did her best to choke down her attitude. "I'm fine." Was all she spoke leaning back in the chair.

T'Lara got up. She could tell from the tension in the room and the stance from the lieutenant she had to be somewhere. "Well, Lieutenant, if you there is anything you need, you know where to find my office. If you have nothing else for me, you are dismissed." She put her hands behind her back as she looked straight at Nila.

"Nope, nothing else," Nila said as she was getting up, the annoyed Bajoran walked from T'Lara's desk to the door hoping to just leave and get back to her duties.

Having already turned to her desk drawer, she suddenly said, "Oh, Lieutenant, this does not exempt you from a written report and the monthly chief meeting." She then opened the drawer and pulled out a PaDD.

Nila controlled herself as she passed through the door of T'Lara's office happy to be on the way back to her office where she can bury herself in work.


Anyi Nila, LTJG, SF


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