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Thread of History

Posted on 26 Apr 2020 @ 8:33pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Colonel Hayes McGruder

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Onidon Capitol
Timeline: Approximately One Week After Ceasefire

Soundtrack - Adagio For Strings from Platoon


Life had just started to piece back together in Onidon. The sprawling city was fairly empty still as the vast population had perished in the invasion, according to the Gorn.

Yet the prevailing theory was that the Gorn had been committing genocide. The enslavement of colonists as a by-product of the invasion, there simply wasn't enough use, or work, for the Gorn for the vast majority of the population, especially for the very young and elderly.

As the Federation investigated, there was still the business of seeing the negotiations begin. It seemed the Gorn had surrendered, yet didn't quite understand the concept of that term fully-- it had become more like a ceasefire.

Inside the Capitol in one of the conference rooms, the first meeting between the Federation Department of the Exterior was to take place with the Gorn representatives.

In actuality, this was really just a photo opportunity. As Akio entered, he recalled the famous photograph from WWII of the Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister signing the Instrument of Japanese Surrender aboard the USS Missouri.

Akio surmised the Gorn were aware of the historical allegory and even if they weren't, their strategy thus far had indicated that their offer of surrender was anything but.

In the Federation's defense, they too recognized the Gorn approach, or at least seemed to, as they sent some low-level diplomat Akio had already forgotten the name of.

This was purely a 'checking the box' move on behalf of both parties, to really seal the deal of a ceasefire. That's why he was here... why Colonel McGruder was here... why the Gorn's First Talon was here.

As Akio looked across the room to his counterpart, he noted this scene was not like the surrender of the Japanese aboard the USS Missouri, rather it was more like the surrender of the Confederate States of America by General Robert E. Lee to the United States of America General Ulysses S. Grant during the ancient American Civil War. Fighting largely ceased, yet the details of the surrender were hammered out later.

A series of flashes and the meeting became a moment, enshrined in history.

Yet the nameless Federation suit, the one who Akio couldn't recall the name of, dared to ask his Gorn counterpart: "The Federation is grateful the Gorn chose this moment to surrender and we hope that we can find peace among our civilizations once more."

There was an audible snarl from the Gorn counterpart at the sound of surrender.

"Know that what we are looking for is not here and that is the only reason we chose to no longer fight you," the Gorn replied.

The phrasing was lost on the Federation diplomat, yet not for Akio. What was the Gorn looking for here? Wasn't it the minerals that they had hoped?

Still pondering, as Akio turned to leave, he looked up and his eyes met those of the First Talon. He gave a slight nod to a formidable adversary, and she seemed to return it.

Akio left the room, eager to get back to the Hawaii and onto the next mission.

"What is next for you, Hayes?" Akio asked the Colonel.

"Well, I'm sure you're well aware that Admiral Banda has been nominated to lead the newly reconstituted Third Fleet. I've had some feelers from her staff that we're standing up a MEU [Marine Expeditionary Unit]. I reckon I'll be hitching a ride with y'all, as one of the focus areas will be on the Raeya Sector Block," Hayes explained.

Akio was impressed. Banda was a rising star. "So that explains our orders to transit the Raeya Corridor."

Hawaii - Deck 1 - CO's Ready Room

Akio was happy to be back aboard the Hawaii. He signed off on a series of promotions and sure enough, just as Hayes predicted, he received Hawaii's orders to transport a number of officials from the Gorn Theater, Hayes included, and conduct a Raeya Corridor Transit, a Freedom of Navigation Operation, while en route.

There were concerns about the Klingon Civil War and the Free Romulan Movement.

Yet, even as Akio re-read the orders, he could not help but continue to wonder... what were the Gorn looking for?


Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF
USS Hawaii

Hayes McGruder, COL, SFMC
93d MEU

Szt-Thalz, First Talon, GH
Rends with Teeth


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