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A song for Pilots

Posted on 23 Mar 2020 @ 8:46pm by Ensign Rora Tai & Ensign Spencer Griffith-Bailey & Ensign Kojima "Paperboy" Tanahashi
Edited on on 24 Mar 2020 @ 4:24am

Mission: Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters
Location: Holo-deck 3
Timeline: After Cold comfort mission completion

-Holo-deck 3-

Rora sat at the piano her fingers playing over the keys gently, as she played she started singing softly, she knew the words by heart, it was one of her favorites. It was a version from an old holo-drama series based off of some of her favorite comic books, Flash, (Duet, Running Home to You). After the last notes she paused and then started singing, Moon River. Then she sang some older crooners songs, Fly Me to the Moon, Pennies From Heaven....

This was how Rora unstressed after rough missions and the last one counted, Gorn were officially on her list of folks she would never understand and after last mission would likely despise the rest of her life.

Spencer walked down the corridor with his guitar and stopped outside the holodeck. He'd been wanting to destress from everything and just run his program with his guitar and play the tunes he'd heard from old. He found it was already running a program and thought maybe someone was running past their schedule. "Computer? Who is running the holosuite?"

The Computer chirped before it replied, "Ensign Rora Tai is currently occupying the holosuite."

He waited a few moments before entering and seeing her sitting at the piano; she looked calm and happy. "Hey, hope I'm not interrupting you?" Spencer said quietly with a smile as he slung the guitar over his back.

Rora yelped in surprise as she stood up from the bench in front of the piano, she gave a very embarrassed grin as she met his gaze, "Hey Spence, haven't seen you since the party." she saw the guitar and her eyes widened. "I ran into your time didn't I?"

He roughed up the back of his hair by scratching his head and laughed, "Yeah you did, but that's cool. I don't mind, I was just going to be chilling out in here with this," he lifted the guitar. "But it's good to see you again too." the famous lopsided smile he always had came out.

Rora's cheeks flushed crimson, "I am so sorry," she looked from the smile on his face to the guitar, and to the piano, "I can leave unless you want some company?" he hadn't appeared to have caught her singing so she relaxed a bit as she looked up at him. "What do you play old country style or what?"

He hesitated for a moment before answering, "I play a bit of this, bit of that. Old style country is a bit of a stretch for me, but I can definitely give anything a go?" He laughed at it.

Rora shrugged softly, "Oh I don't know, I only play piano and the violin sometimes. Play whatever makes you happy. That is what I do anyway." She hesitated and since he hadn't said he did want her to stick around she gave a wry grin, "Have fun and next time I schedule time I will put some aside for you to take over to make up for my goof today." she said lightly before she closed the guard for the piano's keys and stepped away from the piano.

Maybe he wanted to get to know her better, one pilot to another, "Um, you can stay if you want? Company never goes astray, especially a musical accompaniment?"

Rora raised her eyes brows slightly, "I don't mind sticking around if I think I can add to the music you're playing I will try." She said lightly hesitated a moment then sat down at the piano carefully lifted the key guard and gave him a soft smile, "After you, spotlight is on you now."

Kojima had just been passing by, he suddenly got the urge to see if anyone was using this holodeck. To his surprise, Ensign Tai and Griffith-Bailey were inside. He walked inside to see them each with a musical instrument, Tanahashi was not musically gifted but it would be nice to stay for a show. "Seems like you two could use an audience."

"Oh hey man, there's always room for an audience" Spencer laughed and waved him over and looked back at Rora, "I had like five songs chosen out for myself and now I cant think of them. Any suggestions? Someone?" He felt awkward in the spotlight by himself.

Rora bit her lip then laughed softly, "Do you know, 'Danger Zone'?" It seemed fitting since so far the only folks in the holo-deck right then were pilots.

Spencer gave her a blank look for a moment and then smiled widely, "The pilots song, yeah I do. Gotta remember the chords for it though. Hey Kojima, do you play or anything?" He looked at the other pilot

"These hands were crafted for one thing and one thing only, cooking. But then I taught them how to pilot." Kojima laughed as he looked at his hands. "Sadly I do not play anything when it comes to music."

"What sort of food can you cook?" Spencer asked as he fiddled with the frets of the guitar and tried remembering the chords. "My daughter is a pro in the kitchen already and she's only seven. Me, I cant cook to save myself, ha." He looked at Rora and then Kojima and smiled.

"Traditional Japanese cuisine, for the most part, growing up my father preferred to make food himself and so he taught it to me and if I have a child I will pass down to them," Kojima answered as he leans back in a chair.

Rora played the opening notes a few times then looked at Spencer and 'Paperboy', "I didn't know you had a kid Spencer." She paused and blushed again, that had come out wrong, "Didn't mean to pry, sorry Spencer." Rora said quickly.

He matched her tune with his own guitar and shrugged, "Not prying at all, ma'am, she was bound to come up sooner or later so I figured why not now? Her name is Kady, by the way." He smiled at the thought of her and softly hummed the tune, "Might need you to show me a few recipes to impress some people if you're keen?"

"Let's get this tune going shall we?"

The rest of the opening to Dangerzone's notes began to fill the air as Rora played the ivory keys of the piano, following Spencer's strumming of his guitar...


Rora Tai Ens. FCO

Spencer Griffith-Bailey Ens. FCO

Kojima Tanahashi Ens. Fighter pilot


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