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Ladies’ Day

Posted on 23 Mar 2020 @ 8:48pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Lara & Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez & Lieutenant Junior Grade Emma Walken & Lieutenant Junior Grade Anyi Nila & Ensign Rora Tai & Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson
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Mission: Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters
Location: Holodeck 3
Timeline: After Cold comfort mission completion
Tags: Luuna, 7F03YTY836M

Holodeck 3 was decked out for a beach day, with picnic benches, tables and lounge chairs, beach balls, beach umbrellas, various foods and drinks, from frozen lemonade with lemon ice cubes, red leaf tea, spice tea, (add in more as you like ) to various types of finger sandwiches, tuna, chicken, ham, pastrami, egg salad, plates with veggies and various choices for dipping. Pastries from mini cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and several types of popcorn, and other delights.

‘For the Ladies’ Day’ was on the invitations, ‘dress casual for a day at the beach, or however you are comfortable are the only rules.’

Rora and Halona sat on the edge of the beach where the waves crested over their toes.

Rora was wearing a navy and white two-piece bathing suit, her hair was pulled back in a high ponytail.

Halona was wearing a cerulean blue one-piece bathing suit; her hair was pulled back in a French braid that trailed down her back.

Iria walked in dressed in a crimson bikini, her hair swept up in a messy bun on the back of her head, leaving strands of hair curling around her face and neck. Her sunhat was crimson and had a white ribbon around it.

Eira had received the invitation to the Ladies’ Day and she accepted it with a small smile and thought it might be a bit of a change to actually enjoy herself and be free for a while. Stepping on to the holodeck, her outfit changed to a two-piece bikini that was a dark green and gold geometric wrap around top and simple black bottoms. It showed off her best and worst assets, from her figure to the tattoo going from her right hip curving under her chest, to the massive scar along her stomach. Her hair tumbled down in waves freely around her waist.

Seeing the other ladies there, Eira smiled and walked over and greeted them all, “Hey girls, room for one more?”

Emma walked inside and was soon in a purple bikini and matching bottoms, letting her hair down and not in her normal bun. She smiled as she stepped before the other woman who had arrived already, “Thanks for the invitation.”

Hargreaves had considered ignoring the invitation. In truth, she didn’t know why she’d headed down to the holodeck, dressed casually for the beach - crimson bikini, under a flowing pale shirt. It was, none of it, not the sort of indulgence she usually bothered with. The bright sunlight of the holodeck hit her, and her sunglasses came down as she tried to keep her gait to a saunter instead of her usual stride as she crossed the sand.

“Nice day for it,” she greeted everyone with her usual, wry lack of expression. It was, perhaps, a stab at a joke under the pre-programmed sun.

T'Lara was surprised to be invited to this social gathering. It took her some time to find something to wear. Having stared at her closet for several minutes she realized she didn’t have much for casual or beachwear. She had then replicated something. There she was at the entrance of the holodeck, wearing a light purple wrap skirt and a purple tankini. The matching violet flip flops seemed to finish it off.

The doors slid open and she walked onto the beach that appeared before her. With her hands behind her back, she looked peculiar and tensed. She nodded to all the other women. She could have chosen not to come; but as a senior staff and chief doctor, she though it would be prudent to come and get to know the crew.

Iria grinned as the others walked in, “Come on ladies we’re to let loose and forget our troubles for a while. All are welcome and glad you could make it.”

Emma set out her beach towel and sat down on it, “Well this is a good chance for me to really get to know all of you since let’s face it I don’t really know most of you.” Emma laughed softly.

Iria waved to Emma, “I know you have a mean left hook,” not that she’d been on the receiving end, Iria had seen the end result though. Complete K.O. of the idiot Emma had slugged. She was tempted to ask Emma if her hand still hurt, from the punch; or if she’d gone to medical to get it looked at, but she figured her comment was enough to break the ice for the rest.

Hargreaves had gone to grab herself some cold lemonade and a disappointingly tiny finger-sandwich, because that meant she didn’t have to make small-talk, but judged she’d returned to the gathering at the right moment. “Why?” she asked casually, flopping onto her towel on the sand. “Who’d you punch?” This was the kind of conversation she could get on board with.

“It was after we saved those people in the mine, one of the colonists got a little too handsy while thanking me. To be fair I did warn him then he tried it again, so I put him down. Being the daughter of a Marine has its perks and it helps that Kyle taught me a few things when we were in high school as well.”

“Then it sounds as if he deserved it,” Hargreaves said decisively, long legs stretching out on the towel. The sand was warm underneath, the sun bright, her cold lemonade incredibly refreshing, and if the sandwich had been less disappointingly tiny, she could have been more swayed by this entire situation. “I hope no Starfleet busy-body is giving you shit for taking care of yourself.”

T'Lara had walked up to the group and overheard Emma Hargreaves. She tilted her head. “Starfleet busy-body?” She inquired but then continued on, “You ladies taking care of yourself is good on you. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.” She then walked on. She took off her flip flops as sand was getting between her toes. The soft warm sand felt nice.

Having already been on the sand herself a few meters from everyone and enjoying the sun, Eira propped herself up on her elbows and looked at T'Lara with a smile, “Ah, so you’re the one Harry came to the party with… nice to finally put a face to the name.”

“Party with?” T'Lara raised an eyebrow. “Is this not a social gathering with only females?” She looked a bit curious at Eira and continued, “I am Lieutenant T'Lara, I have not yet seen all personnel files, so you will have to help me with a name.”

Eira laughed, “Oh, I meant the party the whole ship had before the mission. I was over to one side with the Intel and Flight Control Chiefs and saw you walk in.” She eventually stood up and introduced herself, “I’m Eira Cortez, Assistant Chief of Intelligence. Like I said, good to meet you.”

Emma wasn’t sure what the two women were talking about since these events happened before, she got here, “Emma Walken, biologist.” She interjected with a smile.

T'Lara gave a nod to both the ladies. “It is pleasant to meet you both.” She said. “I am the Chief Medical. Can I get you two something to drink?” She offered.

“No thank you, I am alright for now T'Lara,” Emma answered.

Iria watched the doorway, “If anyone wants something from the table let me know, I’m right by it anyway!”

T'Lara moved to the table. “Iria, can you explain what you are having here?”

Iria grinned cheekily as she replied, “Spicy tuna fish salad sandwich with carrot sticks and hummus and after that I was going to try one of those muffins that smell a lot like lemon. What can I help you with?”

Entering the holodeck, Kosu was there with Starfleet uniform and open engineer jacket and looked around narrowing her eyes at Iria “Why do you keep inviting me for social events if you know by nature that I hate them… is this your way of torturing me?” Deeli spoke annoyed at Iria.

“Is it not custom for the senior officers to be invited to social events such as these?” T'Lara inquired of Kosu. “I do not think the Lieutenant has ill will towards you. Since it was no order from the captain, yet here you are and taking it out on her. If you did not wish to come, you should not have come.”

“What a keen observation Lieutenant…” Deeli said with a not so much impressed expression on her face “But social interaction is…a waste of time that could have been spending into more productive endeavors. As per your note that if I didn't wish to be here, I should not be here is an interesting point of topic. Because I believe that I have the free will to stand where I wish and bash on who I wish to bash” Deeli points her finger at the Vulcan “If you do not agree with that statement and find my present to a certain degree of annoyance I do advice you to take it up your…well chain of command” She gave a soft smile at her and looked at Iria and smirks a bit “Fun bunch you got here…”

::Aldana’s quarters::

The Kazarite/Hermat hybrid looked surprised at the invite on hir PADD. S/he turned it over almost as if s/he expected to see a winky-face or a J/K on the back, but of course since it was a PADD and not paper, not could be printed on the back. S/he smiled as s/he scanned over the phrase ‘…or however you are comfortable…’ and chose to interpret that as ‘clothing optional,’ but s/he’d been known to misinterpret things before, so s/he had the perfect thing in mind.

“Sorry Sombra, it says females only.” This would be the perfect opportunity to get some additional training in for Luuna as hir backup.

::Ladies’ Day::

Iria’s copper brown and emerald green eyes widened, clearly surprised by Kosu’s entrance and verbal dissatisfaction with her. “I thought you might need the distraction from the newest assignment,” she wasn’t going to say aloud she’d been worried Deeli Kosu was working too hard without rest. There was more as well but she wasn’t going to put Kosu on the spot in front of the CMO or the other ladies.

“Well,” T'Lara continued, “As you are aware, I am Vulcan, I should not be capable of being annoyed. Also, I do not own you, so there for you should be able to do what you want. Have a pleasant time, lieutenant.” She took a drink from the table and then walked off.

Iria gave a wry grin and shook her head softly, she wasn’t going to back down, it wasn’t her way and she was very used to Kosu’s attitude on most things. She would try to apologize to the CMO later though it was only right since Iria was the hostess in this debacle of a ladies’ day to enjoy oneself without worrying about the guys butting in.

Kosu grabbed a drink and then turned around to walk off...

Amiri entered with Luuna, around hir waist s/he wore only a long flowing sheer wrap-around with a tropical pattern that left barely enough to the imagination. S/he spotted the serving bar, and selected a fresh coconut with the ‘top’ cut open just enough to stick a bamboo straw in. For Luuna, s/he requested another be made to fit a muzzle inside.

Luuna pranced in, it had been a long time since she’d been out on her own with Alpha, she knew without Brother here, she had a job to do, but nonetheless she enjoyed being alone with hir. She wore… well her furry birthday suit… but in place of her collar she felt privileged to wear a nice, loose tropical bandanna that simply rested over top of her fur, letting it rest from the usual ‘collar hair’ she was usually sporting. For the sun, she also wore a pair of Doogles™.

Amiri approached the trio including a fully garbed CEO Kosu, and her red-headed assistant. S/he hoped s/he wasn’t interrupting too much when s/he made eye contact with the attractive Ms Taltos, “thank you for the invite!” s/he smiled warmly.

Iria gave a cheeky grin at the Assistant CMO, “Hello Doctor Aldana, glad you could join in on the fun!” At least that had been the idea but at the moment it felt as if things could go in an altogether different direction from fun for the assembled ladies thus far and those yet to arrive….

Aldana returned the smile with a refreshing gleam in hir eyes, “I wouldn’t miss it. I had such fun last time. I look forward to getting to know some of the girls better.” The Kazarite leaned in closer a semi-mischievous look about hir. “Speaking of which…” S/he hoped Taltos would follow suit, so s/he didn’t have to ask hir question out loud…

Iria raised her ginger hued brows slightly, “What do you want to know Doctor Aldana?” Iria wasn’t about to just walk off when she still wasn’t certain of what Kosu had up her sleeve and she certainly wasn’t going to let T'Lara get the blast of Kosu’s wrath alone since it had been Iria’s idea to try to invite Kosu to have some fun and hopefully relax.

Luuna picked up on this too, and joined in on the mini-huddle, peeking from side-to-side and tail wagging ever-so-lightly.

Amiri smiled wryly at Iria, “Since it’s just us girls, do you think anyone would mind if I forego any implied or unwritten minimum dress code?”

Iria gave a small shrug of her shoulder, and shook her head gently, “I don’t mind personally if you’re comfortable with that be yourself if you’re not sure how the others feel you’ll have to ask them their opinions.”

Aldana smiled at Iria, “your party, your word’s as good as gold to me…” S/he began to cross over to a lounge chair casually disrobing in order to better soak up some computer-generated Vitamin ‘D.’ Hir fine coating of hair served to provide a natural sunscreen, so s/he wasn’t too worried about getting a sunburn, but s/he didn’t mind getting a slight bit of color to hir cheeks.

Luuna perked up and noticing where her companion was headed, decided to join hir. She made for herself a nice cozy spot in the corner at the foot of the lounge chair, and spready out up along Alpha.

Halona walked up to the group, “Are we discussing plans for a volleyball match or something?”

Rora was leaning on her elbows against the sand just relaxing.

Aldana couldn’t help but overhear the Yeoman, s/he sat up. “What-ball?” S/he had a confused look on hir face.

“Volleyball usually played on sandy area makes for an interesting game.” Halona retorted lightly.

“What’s that? We love to learn new games.”


Aldana looked between Luuna and Halona, “Can Luuna join in?” S/he sat up, setting hir feet on either side of the lounge. Reaching down and giving Luuna a light scratch between her shoulders.

Halona looked at the others as she thought over Aldana’s question, “If enough want to play I don’t have a problem with it.”

Rora shook her head she wasn’t in the mood to get sand where it didn’t belong.

Iria shrugged slightly “I am game sure we still need more to really play though.” She looked around at the others hopefully.

Aldana stood and joined Halona by her side. S/he waited, eager to find out all about this volley of the ball game.

Luuna lazily loped over to the pair, giving Halona a light brief introductory sniff. She then nudged her hand in hopes for pets.


Iria Taltos Lt ACHENG
Deeli Kosu Lt CEO (ELOA)
Rora Tai Ens FCO
Halona Grayson YN1
T'Lara Lt CMO
Emma Walken BIO
Aldana 365, Amiri, DR, ACMO
Luuna C.G.CA/U
Elenore Hargraves 1Lt.
Eira Cortez Lt.j.g ACIO


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