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[OOC] Quotes from Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters

Posted on 23 Mar 2020 @ 8:48am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Bernard, Ph.D.

Mission: Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters

Following are some quotes from our current adventure. There is no criteria - they may have been funny, deep, impressive - basically, a quote that struck us.

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Just in Case/The Pond [Backpost] -

SSgt Walken is meeting with LT Taltos, both are survivors from the USS Wyoming (destroyed at the Battle of Canterra) in their own ways. Walken has prepared a winter wonderland on the holodeck and recently received a historic Harley Davidson motorcycle in the weeks prior:

"This is the real gift for you, a close friend left it with me and to me, they said I would know when to give it on." He opens the box and reveals a combat knife about ten inches long. Engraved on the blade was 'Aiga', the Samoan word for 'family.'

"I served with a man named, Akoni Kealoha. We were as close as brothers, he called me his laitiiti laitiiti...little brother. The two of us ran through basic together and climbed the ranks together. He gave me this knife and told me when you find someone you consider family, pass it on so they have something to protect themselves with. Iria you are my closest friend out here and I want you to accept this knife." Walken explained.

Operation Toe Dip: 4th MSOT CallSign Hillary - Comm Tower Pt 1 -

4MSOT discovers a crashed Gorn shuttle:

"Palacio, we're going to check these supplies to be sure they're safe - then inventory." As Hargreaves spoke she was already - gingerly - approaching the rucksack by the pallet to conduct a cautious investigation of contents.

"To be fair, Lieutenant, if anything was going to be booby trapped, it'd be that pallet of weapons, or the out of place rucksack right next to it," Jinn replied, calling back as he and the Sergeant made their way back to the cockpit. "And yes, that's my expert threat analysis, so watch what you touch over there."

Later, ENS Bernard (TAO) is discussing powering up the Gorn shuttle:

"...As far as powering this thing up, we need a power source. My tools tell me that there might be one here--" he gestured to the floor--"without it, nothing in this wreck will turn on. I'm sure I can get the shuttles system on to download the databanks, but not without power."

To Bernard, it seemed like everyone was standing around doing nothing. "Cool," he said. "I'll do it." He took out his field tricorder again and waved it at the floor. Then holstered the thing at a certain spot. He unslung his rifle and hammered the spot with the butt of his rifle. The deck was made of interlocking sheets, and with the hammering, one had popped up revealing a mess of cables and a green, glowing cylinder. Bernard grabbed up the battery and started connecting it to the wall panel using a few limiters to make sure the juice didn't hit the system all at the same time. He connected his tricorder to it and set the tricorder to send to Tevran, and Hargreave's field tricorders simultaneously and into protected folders to prevent a viral spread. He added the juice. Screens lit up all over the shuttle. Words started to play over each. "Oh scheiss," He shouted, "Someone help translate, I don't speak Gorn!"

Jinn watched the Ensign leap into action literal seconds after asking for a Marine to help him out. Impatient little bugger, for being half an immortal race, he thought to himself. He started hammering away at the ground with his rifle. Interesting methods.

He was about to step in to help, when Bernard was able to open up the floor. He then watched as the Ensign removed the battery and move to insert it into the wall panel.

"Perhaps we sho-" but before he could warn the Ensign, the man plugged in the battery, wiring it up. Well alright then.

Jinn glanced at the shuttle as it began turning on. He swore.

"Ensign, if this ship has a transponder, your recklessness may have just killed us all," he stated sharply.

He looked over at Hargreaves as she entered. "Lieutenant, we may need to move quickly."

Operation Toe Dip: 4th MSOT CallSign Hillary - Comm Tower Pt 1 -

Sgt Kyle Walken (2MSOT/EL) is seen by LTJG Wyndsor Emerson, Ph.D. (PSYCH) after his ordeal as a Gorn POW:

I know why I am here. I was a POW for two weeks they want to make sure I’m mental fit for duty. I know I am, but they want me to get cleared with you.” Kyle answers as he looks Lieutenant Emerson in the eyes. “So, Doctor psychoanalyze me.”

Emerson offered a small smile. “I’m afraid as a therapist, I wasn’t given mind reading abilities, so I’d like to get to know you a little better. Maybe you could tell me a little more about life before you were a POW?”

“Would’ve made things easier.” Kyle shrugged.

After deep conversation about Sgt Walken's past:

"Very well, I will clear you for duty for now, yet we have an experienced counselor who I want you to follow up with: Dr. Perrin Arc."

Walken got up and grumbled under his breath to himself, "Great another asshole to tell me how to feel."

Canterra: Operation .Toe Dip>: Callsign Hillary: Blue Bird & The Skink -

“Fat-assed lizard broke my seat” He grumbled and began his pre-flight checks.

Tea and Cakes -

ENS Bernard (TAO) upon meeting YN1 Grayson (ADMIN):

He found that he was pleasantly nervous. He was grinning. He wanted to blurt out to her that he was a Starfleet science project, blown to bits during the Dominion war and put back together only to be insulted and shut away in an insane asylum. Shhh he thought, Wait until the second date. He really wanted to get her something. He breathed, trying to calm himself.

Second Shift Physical -

ENS Bernard (TAO) receives a physical from LT Aldana (ACMO) and the two are discussing an Orion booster shot:

“Sounds like you’re over-due for another. I have some in stock if you’d like to take care of that today?” S/he smiled bringing out a giant rubber syringe with a fake 30cm long and 5mm thick needle on it.

“Mein gott! Where did you get that silly thing?”

Aldana chuckled; somewhat disappointed Mister Bernard saw through hir very realistic gag prop. “From an old shop on Earth; Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. Have you heard of it?” The doctor put the prop away and got out a real hypospray. S/he loaded it and looked at Bernard “Where do you want it?”

Holo dramatic -

ENS Bernard (TAO) runs into YN1 Grayson (ADMIN) in the holodeck:

Her red brown hair caught the breeze from the inside of the deck and fluttered a second. The black and white man was stopped in his tracks.

"Wow," he said.

Halona looked up at Steven Bernard with a smile, the breeze from the open doorway caught her hair lightly, at his comment of 'Wow.' She raised her brows slightly and turned to glance over her shoulder and then back to him her expression surprised even as her cheeks flushed as she realized he meant her. "Well ... Thanks for the unexpected compliment, ... Can I come in?"

Canterra – Operation Winter Haven Dead Men Walking -

HA Quinn (HA) attempts to assist injured colonists:

Quinn ran forward to try and help but found herself surrounded, her hands shook so badly that the first strike from an implanted man knocked the phaser cleanly out of her grip and to the floor of the cavern. It wasn't her brightest move but Quinn dove after the phaser it was kicked around as the implanted folks closed around her their cries and apologies drowning out her own yells for help as the landed blow after blow and pulled at her limbs....

As she was pummeled and beaten by the colonists, who had no control over their actions because of the implants and the fiendishly conning of the Gorn, Quinn Emery McCoy's last thoughts were, of her favorite song.

"O chì, chì mi na mórbheanna (Oh I see, I see the great mountains)
O chì, chì mi na córrbheanna (Oh I see, I see the lofty mountains)
O chì, chì mi na coireachan (Oh I see, I see the corries)
Chì mi na sgoran fo chèo. (I see the peaks under the mist)....."

A Glaring Accountability -

Capt Bolingbroke (BMSOC/CC) asked LT Taltos (ACHENG) for a drive after a discussion in the turbolift while SSgt Walken (2MSOT/EL) was present:

He gave her a smile. "On another subject, I've got a few hours off later, want to go for a drive?"

Walken began to walk towards the exit of engineering picking up on the drift of the conversation. "I just remembered I got that thing to do at the place that isn't here."

Iria grinned cheekily at Bolingbroke and laughed softly as Kyle walked away, "Stay out of mischief Walken," she looked back up at Captain Edward Bolingbroke and nodded with a Cheshire smile, "Going for a drive sound great!"

Dinner -

LTJG Stevens (ATACSEC) asks SSgt Walken (2MSOT/EL) to be his best man:

"Sergeant Walken, I'd like to ask a favour of you."

Walken just kinda tilted his head as he listened to the Naval officer.

"As you now know that T'Lara and I are now getting hitched, I need a best man," replied Harry as he looked back at the Marine, "I was wondering if you would do it?" he said as he knew that as a Marine everything would be done by the book.

Walken erupted into laughed before slapping his knee and pausing for a moment, " were serious? Stevens, I don't even know you. We were part of an Op together and then I saw you here, the best man is supposed to be your best friend. Not the first Jarhead you've talked too." Kyle had always been one to answer honestly. "Besides I don't think Vulcan have any of those in their weddings, didn't you just start dating T'Lara? Don't you think you are moving a bit fast?"

"We are going to blend the traditions of both cultures," replied Harry as he looked back at the Marine, He continued," and I don't have many friends here to ask," as he had been a bit of a hot head of late and maybe being with T'Lara would help him in more ways than he could have imagined.

T'Lara turned to Harry. "I can not remember we discussed that. I personally would appreciate a traditional Vulcan wedding. Maybe it would be prudent we discussed this in private?"

Kyle finally stopped laughing, "Alright, I guess I should go then that way you two can talk this out. Don't need me to third wheel this."


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