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The Mission Comes First

Posted on 07 Jul 2020 @ 11:17pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Almir Cyrus & Lieutenant Junior Grade Wrenleigh Reed

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Federation Mission at Bre'el IV
Timeline: 0012, 8 Mar 2389


A loud explosion could be heard. The door whooshed open and Almir was shaken awake. "Doctor! Doctor!"

"Doctor," Almir heard someone screaming. "Don't die, stay awake." He could feel himself being shaken, but his eyes got so heavy. The missing limbs from under him, the green camouflage of the Marines soaked in blood. "Doctor, stay with us," another voice said.

Almir stopped screaming for a moment and looked around. "This isn't right," he said out loud.

"Doctor!" he heard again, as someone was shaking him.

Almir looked over at a Petty Officer staring at him. "Doctor, wake up."

Almir's eyes darted open back to the real world. The lights were flashing a red hue and someone was shaking him awake. Instinctively, he grabbed for his mother's dagger that she gave before she died. One of the last vestibules of the Romulan society she kept since it was her family's. Before it went further, he just held it finally realizing what was going on as another explosion went off.

"What's going on?" he asked quickly.

The Petty Officer had stepped back when Almir picked up the dagger.

"Sir, we're under attack!" As soon as the Petty Officer ensured the Doctor was awake, he had moved on to other rooms.

Almir woke up quickly and ran to his closet. He put on a shirt very quickly as well as his boots. He grabbed his med to-go bag. He looked over to his other bag, filled with a few weapons he kept from the Marines. He figured now was as best a time as any. He opened it up quickly and grabbed the TR-116 rifle and slung it over his shoulder. He made sure to sheath his knife and stick it in his go back. Almir brought his rifle to bear and looked out both sides of the hallway, looking for the person who just woke him up.

As he noticed the man down the hall and knocking on another door, another explosion went off. Almir started heading that way towards the door the Petty Officer was knocking on.

"Sir, there are casualties in the lobby," the Petty Officer said.

"How secure is the lobby right now, and who the hell is in charge?" he asked, ignoring the comment for just a second. It was times like this his prior marine side kicked in before his doctor's side kicked in. It was a bad habit that had gotten him into trouble before, but this time seemed different. This time, the place he was at was actually being bombed.

Cyrus grumbled as the Petty Officer ignored him and continued down the hallway grabbing people. He looked back to notice a blonde that seemed vaguely familiar, but then again, he had seen everyone on the compound at least once. As he rounded a corner, another explosion went off and the Doctor slipped and fell, not prepared for that blast. "Fvadt," he cursed again. He got back up quickly and continued running until he hit the lobby. He stopped for a quick second to survey what was going on.

There were a couple Bre'ella who were injured with disrupter blasts along with a Starfleet officer in a yellow uniform, a Bolian. Some staff and a nurse were tending to their wounds.

"Doctor!" One of them shouted seeing Cyrus.

Cyrus rushed over to the Bolian, who was the closest to him. He stored his rifle on his back, tightening the strap holding it down. The half-breed opened his go-bag and grabbed a medical tricorder contained with in. "Report," he holler over the chaos at the nurse, or really anyone listening, keeping his eyes on his tricorder.

"Disrupter wound to the shoulder, vitals stable for now, sir. Thankfully the wound cauterized itself," the nurse reported. "The Bre'ella are little worse off, they have contusions caused by some sort of projectile explosion."

Almir looked at the Bolian who seemed to be a little dazed but conscious. He grabbed his hypospray, loaded it, and inject the bolian. "Mild analgesic. I need you to get to the Conference room bunker, take anyone that can walk with you now. Safest spot here." Cyrus helped the Bolian to his feet, locked eyes with the male who nodded and took off.

He quickly ran and slid towards a Bre'ella female who was on the floor, eyes open but seemingly not there. As he passed his tricorder over the woman, he sighed heavily. He closed the woman's eyes. "May Charon greet you with a smile and safe passage," he said before moving onto the next person.

As he got to the next Bre'ella male, it was obvious he was hurt badly, but he was awake. He scanned the man and cursed. "You have several internal injuries. I need to get you somewhere safer to help keep you alive."

"Nurse," he called over his shoulder. "How many more wounded do we have out here? I've got one critical here we need to get somewhere."

"This is all we know of," she replied. "They're still fighting at the gate, though. These were the gate guards. We heard Starfleet is sending reinforcements though!"

Cyrus grumbled slightly. It was time's like this he had a massive confliction in him. On one hand, in the Marine's, it was always shoot first, treat later. Now that he was an actual physician, things were different. "Let's start getting everyone back to the conference room vault. Bring the dead if we can, use any help from anyone still able to walk and move."

The Nurse nodded and hit her comm-badge.

LTJG Reed's Suite

There was a loud knock on Reed's door as an explosion could be heard in the distance.

Wren had been shaken out of bed at the sound of the first explosion going off and jumped almost a foot in the air at the knock. "What's going on?" she called out, beckoning for the person on the other side of the door to come in.

The doors whooshed open and the Petty Officer just stood in the entryway, "Ma'am, the compound is under attack. We need to get you to safety."

Shrugging on her jacket, Wren grabbed her satchel on the way out and made sure everything was there.

The Petty Officer led the Lieutenant deeper into the Mission, down a couple of corridors into the vault and then a conference room.

The vault was a secured facility behind a heavy steel door.

Conference Room in Vault

The other important diplomatic personnel were already gathered inside.

Once she was ushered inside, Wren turned to the Petty Officer again, "For the fourth time, would you care to tell me exactly why the Mission is being attacked? And why are they targeting us? Has there been any official communication from Starfleet that they're going to get us out of here any time soon? Because I sure as hell don't want to see any of us in the firing line if it ends in a hostage situation."

Another officer, a Lieutenant Commander also in purple answered, "We sent a distress call and I am sure Starfleet is responding. We just have to hold out until then."

She was beginning to get frustrated at not getting any answers. She rummaged through the satchel and found the padd she was after: it contained all of the info she had on the recent conflicts with the Gorn. "Who are they targeting?"

A civilian lady chimed in, "Well, clearly they're targeting us and the Mission."

"Why us though?" Clearly no one had an answer, especially the lady who just spoke. "And what's going to happen if Starfleet don't respond?" Wren looked to the Lieutenant Commander for guidance.

"You're guess is as good as mine," another diplomat responded.

No one answered Reed's second question as they all knew what would happen...


Almir Cyrus, LT, SF
Federation Mission at Bre'el IV

Wrenleigh Reed, LTJG, SF
Diplomatic Attaché
Federation Mission at Bre'el IV

NPCs played by Jacob/Akio


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