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About ENS Bernard...

Posted on 06 Jul 2020 @ 10:00am by Lieutenant Perrin Arc & Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Bernard, Ph.D. & Lieutenant T'Mar

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Chief of Security Office, Chief Counselor's office
Timeline: After "Did Someone Call a Doctor?"

Perrin Arc sat in his office reviewing his notes and findings again. The old, dark trill could not get the feeling out of his mind that he had to pass on his findings. The Crew needed to be made aware, for everyone's sake. He never found it easy to navigate the wounded people around him. Everyone wants to be treated as if they are normal even when they are severely diverse. He put down his padd and activated his commbadge.

=/\=Chief of Counseling Arc to Security Chief T'Mar, Are you available?=/\=

T'Mar had just made some tea. She put it down on her desk and then tapped her badge. =/\=This is T'Mar, is there an emergency, Counselor?=/\=

=/\=No, it is not an emergency, but one may result if this is not handled correctly. =/\= Perrin said, =/\=Please join me in my office immediately.=/\=

=/\=On my way, counselor. =/\= T'Mar left the tea on her desk as she walked out her office. The counselor didn't make it sound like an emergency, so she didn't see the need for her to be running to his office.

Several minutes later she was at his office. Calmly she pressed the chime. "Counselor, I am here, please let me in." She waited patiently.

Perrin met T'Mar at the door, opening it and motioning to the set of chairs facing each other over a knee-high table. "Good morning, Lieutenant. I have a kettle on: would you like some tea?"

"Thank you, Lieutenant," T'Mar said, "If you have the kettle I would like some." She took a seat calmly. "How can I help you, counselor."

Perrin handed the woman a steaming mug and motioned to a chair in a friendly way. He sat, and started to speak.

"Lieutenant, I am concerned about your TAO. Have you met him yet?"

"I am going through the personnel right now, and I have yet to meet everyone, so no, I have not met him yet," T'Mar simply replied as she put the mug near her nose to smell the tea. "Is there something I should know, counselor?"

"He is a unique case in that he has two minds." Perrin shook his head slowly. "I'm not sure that is the best way to say it. But it is the truth. Almost nothing is known about his species, but from what he's described to me, and from his actions, they all had two minds and learned how to use them together. This wouldn't be a problem, but one of our medical staff took him off his meds when he arrived here. They were an experimental concoction of benign minerals--harmless, even neutral to anyone else, but they had an effect on him that he took no notice of his two-mindedness. Now, he can't escape his nature."

T'Mar lowered her mug. "So you are telling me he wasn't aware of his second mind until he was taken of his medication? Is this going to affect his performance in any way?"

Perrin shook his head. "It already has," he said. "I was taken on because he had a kind of nervous break down. A kind most human never experience so clearly: His two selves went to war with each other and he lost conciousness. This was his body's way of coping. Now, to answer your question: no, he was not aware. But as his meds wore off, it was like the other self had always been there, because it had. When they agree, Bernard is extremely helpful or driven. When they disagree, he may have another attack. He was carrying out his duties in his fragmented state and Lt. Stevens did not report any problems. That tells me that Stevens may still have no idea. Bernard does the work well, the selves like to create order. It was stress--being made to feel inadequate in several of his first assessments and interactions here along with his past problems, fear of being sent away--that put the selves against each other." Perrin realized he had said a lot. Then he realized it was due to his own deep concern for Bernard and forgave himself.

T'Mar just listened to the counselor and just nodded when he seemingly finished. "You seem to care for the Lieutenant, don't you, counselor? What are you recommendation in regards to the lieutenant?"

Perrin was pleasantly surprised at T'Mar's directness.

"I recommend that you treat him fairly and be direct to him as you have been with me, now. He isn't malignant, just unique. My purpose in asking you hear was to make you aware of the basis of his--" he paused, looking for the right word--"oddness to avoid future tension."

T'Mar studied the counselor for a moment. But her face didn't change. "Counselor, I thank you for making me aware of the situation. As a Vulcan I am always direct and fair. No need to, how do the humans say it, beat around the bush. And I trust you will help him to the best of your abilities, so I will leave that to you. Is there anything else I should know in regards to mister Bernard?"

Despite his years, Perrin felt like he had made a mountain out of a molehill by calling the new Security Chief in. He was happy she was not alarmed. At the revelation that “Hey, a guy on your team that is responsible for your life and countless others, has two minds and passes out when they disagree quite strongly,” would be cause for alarm. T’Mar made it sound like “no biggie.”

“Alright,” Perrin said, “just, please contact me if you do see anything too strange or if he becomes a problem. If you’ve read his file, then you are aware of his past and I doubt you will have any trouble with him. Thank you for your time and—“ he felt he should say “sorry for wasting your time,” but instead said—“I apologize for the imposition.”

T'Mar looked at him almost blinking. "There is no need to apologize, counselor, you did what was required in your position the ship. I trust the ensign is in good care with you. I should be thanking you for the time you have taken to inform me."

Arc, Perrin. Chief Counselor, LT.

T'Mar, Chief Security, LT.


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