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Planning the Evac

Posted on 19 Jul 2020 @ 10:12am by Major Terrance West & Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Walken & Lieutenant T'Mar

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Enlisted Marine Barracks, Marine Command Center - Deck 21 & 22
Timeline: After 'Distress Call' & Simultaneous with 'Awry' & 'Flanking Maneuver'


West had been woken up and alerted to the attack. Pulling on a uniform, he arrived at the Marine Command Center to find out more.

"What's going on?" West asked, still wondering what kind of mess woke him up at zero dark thirty.

"Sir, the bridge is reporting the Federation Mission at Bre'el IV is under attack. The Captain wants a brief pronto," the Corporal reported.

"Pronto being," West raised an eyebrow.

"20 minutes," the reply came.

West closed his eyes. Really, Tachibana? What was he going to do in 20 minutes besides basically tell the Captain they're gonna go down and rescue the diplomatic staff. 20 minutes was barely time to even get loaded out for an operation. Yet, they were marines and they'd answer the call.

"Get the Gunny stat," West ordered as he moved into the planning room and stared pulling up data on the mission. Thankfully, the outfit was familiar with the place after pulling security during its opening ceremony.

- Deck 21 Marine Barracks -

Walken was up barking orders for every single marine to get ready no time to waste. The door to the barracks open as a young Marine ran up to Kyle, "Major wants you down in the CC!"

"Alright Sergeant Myers you make sure everyone is ready in five orders will be coming down." Walken orders as he rushed out if the barracks and down the turbolift.

- Deck 22 Marine Commander Center -

Kyle walks inside and stands at attention in front of the Major, "Reporting sir."

West looked at the chronometer on his wrist. "I'm impressed, Gunny, did you even sleep?"

"Got time for that when I'm dead Major, that's the situation?" Walken asks.

West looked at the map. "As I'm sure you've heard the scuttlebutt by now, Bre'el is under attack and we've been tapped to go back. We'll take a TRAP [Tactical Recovery of Aircraft & Personnel] team with everyone else on ready 5. I'm just studying the blueprints for the best insertion point. Any thoughts?"

"Well, they are most likely expecting us to either storm the front door, or transport inside. In my opinion, we hit one of the side rooms, cut through the glass quietly and sneak inside."

West paused, looking at the plans. "Here I was thinking of some crazy stunt like landing on the roof. I like simple though. Make it happen."

"You'll find I normally present a realistic approach Major." Walken laughed a bit.

West saw a bunch of fleeters come into the command center.

T'Mar walked on to the marine command center, with her crew in tow. She stopped in front of the Major and she raised her hand. Most of the officers immediately stopped in their tracks, some stumbled a bit. She tilted her head, as she ignored what was happening behind her. "Major, Lieutenant T'Mar." She nodded and continued, "Seeing the situation, maybe we should skip the other formalities and get straight on it, sir!"

West glanced at the chronometer. They didn't have much time before they had to brief the Captain.

"Agreed," West replied. "Our Gunny here has worked out the operational details. We insert on the side of the Mission, cut through the glass and exfil," West explained while pointing at the map. "Thoughts?"

T'Mar looked to the map for a few moment. She then nodded, "That does seem the most logical point from these plans. Just let me know where you need my officers." She nodded over her shoulder in the direction of Bernard. I will leave Bernard in charge of the fleet officers under your command. Use him and the officers as you see fit. I will take tactical on the bridge. I think that it is most logical that I advise the captain on the bridge."

West looked at the Security Officer. He was expecting a fight based on past experiences with fleet, yet none came.

"Sounds like a plan, then," West smiled.


Terrance "Terry" West, Maj, SFMC

Kyle Walken, GySgt, SFMC

T'Mar, LT, SF


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