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Green Thumb Tutor

Posted on 14 Jun 2020 @ 2:50am by Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Orson Beckett, Ph.D.
Edited on on 14 Jun 2020 @ 4:40am

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Various
Timeline: Two weeks after Engineering Emergency jp

- Engineering -

Iria checked over the diagnostic and made notes on her PaDD as she waited for the diagnostic to finish it's findings. She glanced at the open doorway of her office, she still wasn't used to it being hers, but she had tried to make it her own, and someone had left a pair of plants on her desk. She had asked the computer what they were, a cherry blossom bonsai and a red Maple bonsai, they plants were not looking so great and she was at a loss of what to do to save them. The diagnostic finished with a chirp, Iria added the details to her report and sent it off to the Captain and T'Lara. She then walked to her office and looked at the bonsai plants, =/\= Taltos to Beckett your records say you're good with Flora and fauna, can you maybe help me save a pair of miniature bonsai trees?=/\=

Orson was in the process of cataloging and tidying up the ship's science database when the voice of Iria Taltos the ship's chief engineering officer broke through the music he had been playing. "Computer pause music," He said before tapping his comm badge and replying to the Commander.=/\= Say no more Chief, I'm on my way =/\= There was one thing that Orson loved above all else and that was anything to do with botany. From the description, the two bonsai trees he had sent to brighten up her office clearly wasn't in her realm of expertise so it would see he would have to teach her.

- CEO office -
Iria was relieved that she apparently caught him at a moment where it wasnt going to be a bother to pause and help her or at least she hoped he could. She felt awful that someone had sent such a wonderful gift to her for her office but she wasn't that great with plants to keep them as lovely as they had been when they'd arrived.

The journey from the science labs on deck 18 to the chief engineer's office on deck 15 was relatively short and just a quick jump on the turbo lift so it wasn't long before Orson was crossing the threshold into engineering, Iria coming into sight amongst the offer officers dressed in gold immediately due to her red auburn hair. "Commander," he said in greeting with a smile.

Iria grinned cheekily up at him, "Please you're welcome to call me Iria, the Captain and First officer are not in the room so no need to be so formal on my account." she honestly wished there was a choice in the regulations that let folks say how they preferred to be addressed, she was much happier with her name overrank any day.

"Iria," He said with a smile as he continued into the room and looked around instantly finding the bonsai trees. "Ah, It seems you found my gift." Orson walked too and examined them both individually "Maybe I should have sent something which required less care, bonsai can be delicate and temperamental at times but I saw the colors and thought they'd look good in your office."

Iria looked up at him, "They were very lovely and did indeed brighten up the office, I would love to know how to take proper care of them. It's a very thoughtful gift, I am only sorry I wasn't great at keeping them so well." She grinned cheekily at him, "So what if anything can you teach me to save them?"

"I'd be a pretty awful botanist if I couldn't!" He teased walking over to the replicator he assumed that she wouldn't mind and replicated a small watering vessel and some small scissors. Walking back to the tree's he placed the items on the desk and moved the red maple which was coincidently his favorite.

"Ok, so a Bonsai tree requires little care really compared to let's say an orchid or something but that doesn't mean you can just neglect them. Firstly you want to place your bonsai in moderate light and away from any type of heat and draft. As it grows you might think about changing the pot but don't because otherwise, it'll grow out of control, you want to keep it to these small shallow pots like the ones they're already in. Questions thus far?"

"Is there an ideal temperature the room should be? How often do you water them?" She asked as she watched and listened to his explanation this far, she was curious and beginning to be intrigued.

"Unlike most of us, Bonsai absolutely love humidity so I gave you these little humidity trays filled with stones this helps it hold water, which you should water your tree once a week. The tray is a great way of keeping the Bonsai hydrated between waterings. Something I tend to tell students as well is to fertilise the Bonsai with a water-soluble fertiliser between early spring and July the replicator has that stored. Still keeping up with me?" He asked whilst he explained he pointed to each part of the tree or its pots, using the watering vessel to add a little water to the pot.

Iria nodded as she watched him, "I watered them last week I know but I think someone else was helping water or something there was a puddle of water on my desk a few days ago."

"So finally is the pruning process, basically this is where you keep the tree to a desired shape, cutting any runaway parts." Orson snipped a few parts to smooth out the curve. "So with all that said." He passed the scissors over and slide the cherry blossom to her. "Your turn."

Iria held the scissors a long moment then she gave him a cheeky grin before she looked at the miniature cherry blossom tree, she remembered how it had looked the first few days in her office, it was definitely out of flow from the angle of some of the branches, she made a few snipped slowly and carefully before she got more certain of her grip on the scissors and trimmed the tree to a near refresh of its appearance in her office, she left a few of the lower branches a bit more room to stretch out slightly but she was happy with the results and she offered the scissors back to Orson her eyes sparkling in delight over this new thing learned.
"Anything else I need to know, do they mind music?" She knew some plants were sensitive to some types of music.

Orson watched her carefully offering points of aid at ties either verbally or holding her hand steady as she cut the smaller parts of the tree, he didn't feel awkward in her presence or by the physical contact he wasn't that type of person especially when he was teaching. Finally, when she was done and had offered the scissors back he took them and placed them on the table looking at her handy work and was impressed. "I think they won't mind a bit of music, they're a delicate plant but then at the same time, they're hard as nails. What music do you like?" He asked the question of escaping his mouth before he really put any thought to it.

Iria grinned cheekily at him, "Depends on my mood, classical, movie or game soundtracks, country, rock, anything else really but I don't really enjoy Klingon opera." She raised an eyebrow at him, "What about you any musical preference or not wanting to hear?"

"Let's see, I think I must be on the same line as you. I wouldn't say I have one particular favorite more like I lot of something and dislike a lot of others. but I have to agree Klingon Opera sucks." He laughed finding her grin cute even if it was intended for anything else, her eyes really stopping his heart dead whenever the ship light caught them he blinked involuntarily and smiled back.

Iria nodded and after a moment she asked the computer to play the music she had been playing earlier that day, "This is a medley mix I enjoy when working on reports."

Listening to music, Orson easily made out that it was a mash-up of three different styles and maybe even three different orchestras which actually sounded pretty good, and a smile appeared. "It would seem we both enjoy the same type of music then. Go figures!" He said before adding, "I'm sure you're Bonsai trees will love it also!" He looked at the trees. "Well, it looks as if though my work here has been a resounding success, I'll make a botanist out of you yet!"

Iria laughed softly as she blushed slightly, "Let's see if they can survive another week in my care before we try anything else, I would hate to have you work for nothing." She wasn't naturally good with plants, as she was with mechanical things and rebuilding old cars or motorcycles.

"Well, you know where I am if you need me for this or anything else I'm more than just a good scientist I happen to be good at other things such as cooking." He said proudly with a smile. "Anyways thank-you for getting me out if my office, like I said. Anytime."

Iria grinned cheekily at him, "I like to cook too but I don't know many recipes but I make stuffed steak and pepper cheese bread that are decent enough." She nodded her head, "You're welcome here anytime you want to talk."

He nodded, "Thanks, I'm sure I'll come back to make sure you're taking good care of these bonsai tree's" Orson bowed sarcastically "And now I bid the farewell." He stood up and winked before turning to leave the way he came and feeling much happier about himself.

Orson Beckett, Lt, CSO
USS Hawaii


Iria Taltos, LtCmdr, CEO
USS Hawaii


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