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Engineering emergency!

Posted on 14 Jun 2020 @ 2:51am by Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Orson Beckett, Ph.D.
Edited on on 14 Jun 2020 @ 4:38am

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Science Labs
Timeline: After Orson comes aboard, first interaction.

Orson was going to have to have words with the previous Chief of science, since being put on temporary assignment to the Hawaii for the duration of its mission he couldn't believe the state of disrepair the science labs were in. Having fixed or cleaned most of the equipment himself he had finally hit a brick wall with the main experimental chamber, it was supposed to be airtight and have the ability to set any climate with the controls. Supposed being the key word, it just seemed to have a mind of its own, with several times Orson finding himself drenched or burnt from the environmental controls inside the laboratory and eventually was so sick of it, he asked for engineering support. So now he was waiting, sodden and sunburnt for someone from engineering.

Iria marched through the doorway about ten minutes later followed by two Petty Officers, whom looked like they had gotten quite an ear full before they had all arrived in the lab.

"Sorry for your less then welcome to the ship by some amateurs' ideas of what makes a good prank." She said as she headed for the control panel for the environmental controls.

The two Petty Officers looked at him both with sheepish looks, "The system wasn't supposed to keep it up after two times, guess we miscalculated a few variables." He said before he moved to offer help to Iria who was softly cursing as she worked on fixing the mess of the environmental controls.

The second Petty officer looked at Beckett, "Lieutenant Commander Taltos said we have to help you in whatever way you want from cleaning or whatever you feel is right for the trouble we've caused you."

Orson hadn't considered the malfunctioning systems to have been a result of a prank and was somewhat relieved that a scientist had left the labs in such away. "Thank-you, and yes you did miscalculate you're lucky I am actually finding the funny side to all of this." He replied with a smile.

Iria glared at the P.O. who had started her way, her dual hued eyes narrowed as she shook her head, "You owe him an apology, and I will fix this." She was still tempted to write them both up over the fact their prank had not only gotten someone hurt by the obvious sunburned skin she could see, to the fact it might have lost work because the environmental controls in the science labs was meant for so many things.

"Well Commander, if you have this under control I don't see why we should keep this clearly sorry and apologetic crewman here" He offered, Orson was always easy to forgive especially when their mistake was a genuine mistake even if it was meant to be a prank. "I think they've learned their lessons."

Iria raised an auburn hued brow at him, "I was brought up that pranks were to make others laugh, not cause discomfort or risk messing up another's work. If you decide you want them to help you with something later I will make sure they're free to so."

The two Petty Officers gave Orson smiles of relief and then before anyone changed their mind they turned and headed out of the lab quietly and very quickly.

Iria shook her head as she worked, "So you're the New Chief of Sciences? I'm Iria Taltos, once I get this fixed properly I will be happy to shake your hand officially."

"So they tell me," He said watching the red-headed woman work, Orson always enjoyed watching someone who was good at their trade work, it was like watching a play or opera. "Its only temporary until the situation has calmed down and my transport can come to pick me up to return me to the Academy." He explained before adding. "I was attending a science convention between academy years, I'm hoping to make it back before the start of a new year."

Iria paused in her resetting of the controls for the environmental system, her expression clearly surprised and it showed in the widening of her eyes, the right, light copper-brown and her left an emerald green in hue. She gave him a slightly cheeky grin, "I hope you enjoy your time with us and who knows maybe you'll stick around for more than one mission." her own original assignment had been meant to be short as well but the best laid plans of others never went the way as intended. In this case she considered it a good thing. Her time on the Hawaii had made her grow up in a few ways but she still knew when to take time off and play.

"Perhaps, no one can ever say for certain what path they'll take." Orson hadn't noticed before but the commander in front of him had the most beautiful set of eyes, dueled in color causing to things to happen, Orson immediately went into scientist mode and he moved closer to the woman. "Wow, You have the most amazing example of heterochromia iridium," he said examining them from a respectable distance. "Brown and Green interesting, I assume the left eye is the one that has the natural level of melanin and the green a higher percentage, as in most cases. Beautiful, amazing even." He said shaking his head in astonishment, Orson wasn't completely diverse in anatomy being a biologist at heart but he knew enough.

Iria blinked at him and her face flushed crimson, clashing slightly with her red auburn locks, "Uhm, Thank you, my mother's are more striking, peridot green and cerulean blue, both have copper brown rings around them. My father's are Silver and sapphire blue. Brothers are mixed shades of Green and Blue or green and grey, I guess I got the random extra brown or something along with the short end of the height stick." She said lightly, before she glanced up at him, "I think you have very striking azure blue eyes." Iria added on a soft note of honesty to a new person.

Orson realised he had said something which had sounded a bit flirticous instead fo scientific curiosity and more out of each other comfort when she began to blush. When she returned the compliment he found himself blushing back. "Well," He started and clearing his throat before backing up a little. "So what's the damage, other than my wet clothes and burned face." He laughed changing the subject.

Iria noticed his slight backstep and shook her head, as she focused on the problem if front of her, "Just a few more resets to complete then it should be back to working smoothly as before." She hesitated before she added, "If you want to go get checked out by the Doctor in Sickbay for the sunburn I can finish up here no problem."

He waved away her suggestion "Oh no, it's fine nothing a little aloe vera can't solve and it'll turn a lovely shade of brown once it's settled It just means I'll have to visit the holodeck and do the rest of me." The thought of sitting on a deck chair somewhere in Spain perhaps relaxed Orsons mind.

Iria nodded and finished with the recalibration of the system she turned around after closing up the control panel. "What environment do you want to test first?" She didn't add that he should definitely wear a hat if he intended to go tan the rest of himself otherwise he would never get a balanced tan result, he likely knew it and she doesn't want to add insult to his injury by giving unneeded advice.

Orson thought for a moment, "Lets get the room down to a steady minus thirty degrees celsius and bring it up gradually to about forty, then we can test the Ultraviolet lamps." He said not wanting to push the system all at once. He moved closer to watch her input the commands before looking to the chamber.

Iria nodded as she tapped out the temperature change request into the control panel, the room gradually started getting cooler, colder, and the freezing minus 30 degrees Celsius, it stayed there a few moments before it slowly reversed, the process, by the time it was 40 degrees Celsius she eyed him, "Before we test the lights what do you want the base temperature to be because personally I have to say that 40 celius is nasty hot." She resisted the urge of lifting her ponytail off her neck.

Also feeling the effects of the increased heat he nodded and said "I think twenty is a comfortable level for testing the lights, I don't want us to fall victims of heat exhaustion in space... now that would be quiet the story!" He said laughing using his index finger to pull his collar away from his neck and allowing it to breathe as a bead of sweat started to form on his forehead.

Iria put in the request and blew her bangs out of her eyes as the temperature reduced from 40 celius gradually until it reached a cool, comfortable 20 degrees Celsius. She looked over at Orson, "What level of ultraviolet saturation do you want to start off with?"

"Definitely UV 1, and then I think we can call it a day. I can always call upon the engineering department if it plays up again but something tells me all my equipment will be working fine now the issues have been found." He said flashing a toothy grin at the chief. "And then you can go back to doing more important things like urm... greasing the warp core or whatever you engineers do?"

Iria nodded as she set the setting he requested for the uv lights, he had humor and it wasn't as cliche as most, "Nah we save the grease for different projects." She turned to face him, looking up at him; her smile cheeky and playful, "If you have any other problems let me know."

"I'm not even going to ask," Orson replied with a chuckle and noting her playful look, "Well thanks again, and if there is anything I've got you on speed dial" He tapped the top of his comm badge with a wink, "I hope you have a good say Iria."

Iria nodded her head, "Good day to you Orson Beckett," she walked towards the doorway, she wasn't looking forward to the paperwork ahead of her but at least she knew one problem had been solved. Only about a few hundred more to go.


Orson Beckett, Lt, CSO
USS Hawaii


Iria Taltos, LtCmdr, CEO
USS Hawaii


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