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Paper Dragons

Posted on 13 Jun 2020 @ 2:47pm by Yeoman 1st Class Halona Grayson & Lieutenant Orson Beckett, Ph.D.
Edited on on 14 Jun 2020 @ 4:38am

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Holo-deck 2
Timeline: After Orson comes aboard, first interaction.

- Holo-deck 2 -

Halona hummed as the black and yellow grid disappeared to show a room, filled with various types and colors of origami paper and showed shelves of origami creations, flowers, birds, boxes, dolls, cups, and numerous animals, she watched a moment as a holographic character sat at won't table adding paper to what appeared to be an impressive dragon.

Looking forward to some downtime after having spent the last few days recovering from his order on the planet and taking over temporary command of the ships chief science position Orson had dressed down in shorts, flip flops and a floral t-shirt for an afternoon on the white sandy beaches of Panama city beach, Florida in the holodeck but upon approaching it was clear the holodeck he had booked was in use. Curious more than anything Orson didn't hesitate as he stepped into the room. "Hello?" He called out holding his towel under one arm.

Halona jumped about a good foot in the air, and turned around, she blinked at the tall guy in obvious beach-ready gear, her eyes widened as she realized she must have walked into the wrong holo-deck for her origami class. "Afternoon,.. I'm Halona Grayson, Yeoman and Translation specialist on Hawaii, and apparently I am in the wrong deck. I am sorry."

"Hello Halona Grayson, Yeoman and translations specialist of the Hawaii" He said teasingly, she was much shorter than he was but not so short that together neither would look out of place in a crowed. She had rich auburn brown hair and her eyes were like copper ingots. "I am Orson Beckett, the temporary chief scientist. This is holodeck one right?" He asked looking around but there was no sign of where they were now.

Halona shook her head softly, "This is holo-deck 2, You must have passed right by it. No harm done though, I can show you where it is, if you want?" She paused and added lightly, "When I make my rounds with reports tomorrow, would you like some coffee or something? I usually bring a small snack and drink with the morning paperwork." She had gotten used to Tolkath's spiced tea and fruit but since he was no longer aboard she figured finding out what his replacement preferred.

"Oh damn," He said looking behind him and then around him noticing the scene the room was filled with little pieces of paper beautiful sculptures into shapes. "Well, if you're offering, as long as the coffee is iced and with a hint of caramel and some good, conversation." He said teasingly with a smile before picking up a small bird looking design. "This is all very, beautiful. What is it?" He asked showing the bird to Halona.

"Origami paper art it is an old Japanese custom, and I like learning more, that is a crane, there's an elephant on the other side of it, and a fox and on the table still being worked on seems to be a layered dragon." She replied as she made mental note of his preference for his coffee iced and added Carmel, there were numerous blends that combination could be added too.

"Its all very pretty and delicate," He said placing the crane back in its placing realising how rude it may have been perceived just handling someone's artwork. "I suppose I should take you up on your offer to show me to the correct holodeck and maybe someday you'll show me how to make one of these pretty little things. I know someone who would love them." Orson commented, the person he had in mind being the ship chief engineer which was odd that during this time he'd be thinking of her.

Halona smiled softly, "I would be happy to teach you or you're welcome to use the learning program I have running anytime you want. The other holo-deck isn't far from here."

"Oh that would be brilliant," James said thanks for her offer and allowing her to take the lead, he didn't want to intrude on her holo-deck time right now and reminded himself to send her an invitation to one in a week or so time.

Halona lead him to holo-deck 1, his program was loaded and ready to begin along with his name in the time slot reservation. "Here you go, I hope you have a nice swim or whatever you intended to do, have a great day and I will see you tomorrow with your carmel iced coffee and reports."

"Oh, you don't have too!" Orson Interjected he wasn't so used to having someone bring him a coffee or his reports being the hands-on officer he was. "But if you feel free to drop by and take the weight of your feet for a few minutes use my slot as a break," He said as the doors to the holodeck open in front of him.

Halona smiled, "It's part of my morning duties to bring the department heads the reports and crew transfer requests, or shift requests, the sensitive stuff is not on my view but you'll have access once you log your ident credentials. See you around Mr Beckett." She said as she turned around to return to holo-deck 2 and resume her origami lesson.

Orson waved goodbye and before he could reply the door cut him off, he turned and walked up along the beachfront ready for some sunbathing.



Orson Becket, Lt, Chief Science Officer
USS Hawaii


Halona Grayson, YN1, Translation specialist,
USS Hawaii


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