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Operation Cold Comfort Crashed and Burned

Posted on 03 Jul 2019 @ 7:08am by Captain Edward Bolingbroke (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Colonel Hayes McGruder & Lieutenant Junior Grade Geneviève "Jenny" Lassonde (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Ensign Rora Tai & Ensign Kojima "Paperboy" Tanahashi

Mission: Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters
Location: The Xore Strike Mine
Timeline: T+3 16.55hrs Zulu


[Flight 801 Element]

Jenny Whooped and broke off from her holding pattern as she received the green light. =/\= Make sure everyone's strapped in tight Aubrey, I am bringin' you down! =/\= she crowed over the comms as she zeroed in on the 'unsuspecting Gorn transport.'

Paperboy was on Jenny's wing flying support should anything go wrong, =/\= Just to be safe make sure your tray tables are also in an upright position Aubrey. =/\=

Jenny screamed up close to the Aubrey, and made a show of firing a couple of warning shots, before lining the craft up and letting loose with her phasers on minimum power. It was little more than a light show, but the transport bucked and began to spew smoke, veering toward the ground.

[The Aubrey]

Bolingbroke was thrown around in his seat as the dog-fight ensued, the shuttled rattling and jolting with every impact on its shields as the fighters chased it about. After a couple of minutes and one particularly jarring blow he called it. “Ok pop the smoke and take us in!”

There was a pyrotechnic charge rigged up on the port skid, it went off with a flash and began producing a thick trail of black smoke.

“There’s the ridge, get us behind it” He pointed out their target crash site, behind a large hump of frozen ice and snow.

Rora nodded her head in a curt now of acknowledgement. The art of defensive flight with controlled crash appearance was harder than it looked, " ... Be there in a few minutes Sir!"

=/\=Nice job, fighter jock pukes =/\= Bolingbroke muttered as Tai lined up for the crash landing

The landing was bumpy but it couldn't really be helped at that point. She was just trying to make sure there was no actual damage in addition to the fake attack scoring....

[Flight 801 Element]

=/\= Give 'em hell Captain! =/\= Jenny offered a few parting words of encouragement as the fighters broke off, their work finished for now.

=/\= You have fun in the snow Captain, I'm going to go enjoy a nice warm shower. Don't forget to bring me home a souvenir. =/\= Paperboy was worried for the small Marine team deep down but kept to his more joke filled nature.

[Arctic lands -2K West of Substation]

Once they were down and had come to a stop Bolingbroke checked their position, just under two kilometers from the Substation, about twenty five minutes on foot, in the suits.

He advised Marine Command of their progress =/\= Phases One and Two Compete, we are moving forward with the infiltration and seizure of the power control room =/\=

No response came from Marine Command.

Bolingbroke tried again, but no response. "Great, maybe we really fried the antenna now!" He thought for a moment, there was really no choice but to continue with the mission. The Infantry had confirmed being ready at their muster points earlier, so once the shield went down he had to proceed on the basis they would arrive as planned.

His mind made up he turned to the pilot “Nice flying" Bolingbroke gave Tai a grin "Keep trying to advise Marine Command we are going in but stay here until the Infantry assault begins. Then you can stand by to transport us back to the mine if needed.

If nothing has happened within ninety minutes, take off and get back to the Hawaii” He said to the pilot as he got out of the seat and headed to the rear.

"Oh! And don't open the door to any strange lizard men while we're gone!" He called back

"Yes Sir, what's the password for boarding pass? In case someone from another team comes knocking?" She asked as she watched the Marines getting their "Gorn armor" on again.

"There isn't one. If it's not us or other uniformed Marines, don't open the hatch just get back to the ship" Bokingbroke gave her a final nod and turned to leave.

The Frog Squad were ready, Bolingbroke put his helmet back on and joined them on the ramp. “Alright, let’s hustle on over to the Substation and take the place down!”

The wind had picked up, driving the snow almost horizontally, the team bent into it and trudged doggedly on, warm and insulated in the suits. Bolingbroke’s thoughts ran over the plan again and again, looking for any likely failures. So far it had gone down as hoped, he was not sure that was going to last, but they were committed now and the only course was to see it through to the end, however that turned out.

He thought also of Walken and the rest of the Hawaii’s crew, wondering what was happening to them in the mine complex. This was where the uncertainty lay, they had no sure way of predicting what the Gorn would do, what security procedures they had in place, how they processed new arrivals, how long it would take before they discovered the fake implants. They surely would at some point, he just hoped and prayed it was not before they got the power off.

Some ten minutes later Corporal Lee, who was in the lead, announced =/\= Substation in sight! =/\=

Bolingbroke looked ahead, through the snow fall he could make out the silvery dome of the Mines power plant. It was about three hundred meters away, on the other side of the barrier shield. The snow hissed and fizzled as it impacted the shield, evaporating away, he could see the inside was eerily calm and tranquil compared to the winter storm raging on their side.

=/\=Alright, Jackson start limping, make it look good =/\

Sergeant Jackson put on a show of walking with a limp, Van Piet moved to assist him and they hobbled onwards. They made their way to some kind of entrance portal, a door shaped structure that housed a section of shield that could be lowered for foot or vehicle traffic. There were a couple of Gorn Phalanx troops inside it, they were watching the squad approach.

Bolingbroke tried his comms, switching to the Gorn frequencies. +/\+ This is Sub Leader Szr’Shafj, from Shuttle Craft Seven-Seven-Three. We were shot down, we have injured! +/\+

+/\+ We are aware, approach the portal, wait until it is opened.+/\+

The Frogs lined up by the crackling shield.

[Power Control Room]

Inside the substation the Control room Master reported to the mine. “We have five survivors of that transport shuttle, permission to let them through the shield?”

“You may do so” Came the response. “Then send them through the transit tunnel, Battle Master Fsh’Csazz wishes to speak with them.”

“I obey” The Control Master replied and passed on the message to the guards at the portal.

[Shield Portal]

There was a warning klaxon and then the shield section within the portal dropped. One of the guards waved them through +/\+Enter now, quickly! +/\+

Then the guard pointed towards the entrance bunker and asked +/\+ Who is Sub Leader here? +/\+ Bolingbroke raised his hand

+/\+ Go to the doorway, once inside you are to take the transit tunnel back to the Mine, they will show you the way and report immediately to Battle Master Fsh’Csazz +/\+

+/\+I obey+/\+ Bolingbroke replied

+/\+ Best you hurry!+/\+ The guard grunted back.+/\+Or he will be even more angry that normal+/\+

+/\+I obey+/\+ Bolingbroke replied again I guess we made an impression he thought to himself.

He led the Frog Squad across the open space to the large bunker, there were two disrupter turrets but this time neither tracked them as the approached.

He flipped to the Team’s channel =/\=Alright, once we are all through as soon as I give the word, we go weapons hot, turn on the suit shields and take down whatever we find in there. Just remember we’re not here for an extended fight, just take down what we have to and go for the Control room. It should be left, up the stairs, left corridor and second doorway on the left. =/\= He mentally envisioned the floor plan they had all memorized =/\=Shock and awe people! Hit them hard and fast then break for the control room! =/\=

There were a series of acknowledgements from the others, then they were there, standing before a large gray armored door. A moment later it slid open and they stepped through.

To Be Continued...


Edward Bolingbroke, CAPT, SFMC

Rora Tai, Ens,

Geneviève "Jenny" Lassonde LtJg, SFFC
FLT 801/CO

Kojima 'Paperboy' Tanahashi, Ens., SFFC
FLT 801/XO

Marine Command NPCd by CO

Gorn NPCd by Tolkath


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