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Operation Cold Comfort: "Execute the prisoners!"

Posted on 28 Jun 2019 @ 12:36pm by Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Commander T'Lara & Lieutenant Harry Stevens & Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Walken & Captain Edward Bolingbroke (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Ensign Rora Tai & Lieutenant Junior Grade Emma Walken
Edited on on 20 Mar 2020 @ 5:28am

Mission: Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters
Location: The Xore Strike Mine
Timeline: T+3 1630hrs

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[The Aubrey]

Bolingbroke felt the craft slow and begin its descent, he retrieved his helmet and put it on, activating the blast visor to conceal his features. Powering up the suit he checked off the displays, everything looked nominal; he powered up the assault disrupter and it’s targeting sight appear on his HIUD; everything was coming together. He activated the secure channel and announced

“Frog Squad, check in!”

There was chorus of replies from the rest of Blue Element and Bolingbroke braced his feet, waiting for The Aubrey to touch down.

[Mine landing pad]

Feeling the craft settle on the landing pad, he activated the door controls and the ramp began lowering. Opening up a vista on the landing pad and the mine complex beyond.

It was bitterly cold out on the icy artic plain and snowing heavily. With the mine's shield lowered the snow blew in across the landing pad, driven by a freezing southerly wind. The cold had turned the fluffy snow crystals to icy shards that whipped and stung as it swirled around.

"It going to be rough out there until they get you inside!" He warned the rest. "But least it will help cover up the suits a bit.”

Bolingbroke looked back at the prisoners gave them all a thumbs-up then switched in the Gorn translator and shouted “On your feet! Get off the shuttle!”

The harsh Gorn language bellowed from the helmet’s chin speaker. The doors opened and ramp swung down on to the hard packed ice covering the landing pad. The temperature plunged, snow and icy shards blew in, swirling around the interior of the craft.

“Get out! Get out!” Bolingbroke repeated again as the Frog Squad herded the prisoners out into the snow and started moving them towards the bunker guarding the main entrance door to the mine.

“Your worthless humanoid lives will now serve the Hegemony!” He laid it on thick for the benefit of any watching Gorn as they neared the doorway.

Kyle's arms folded over each other as he huddled up to try and keep what little warmth he had. He felt bad for his sister and Iria who had to sit out here with those implants.

Nila was regretting this the moment she stepped into the cold but she didn't have much of a chose now that they were in front of the mine and officially prisoner's of the Gorn.

Emma nearly fell down to her knees, the cold was worse than anything she was expecting. She was hoping that they would get inside soon otherwise frostbite could set in.

T'Lara walked out of the shuttle and immediately noticed the cold. She wasn't used to the cold, but she would endure it if that was required of her. She looked next to her, to Emma as she saw her almost fell. "Be careful, ensign, we would need you longer than this."

Mason hunched over trying to pull her torn jacket around her, the cold was brutal and she found herself almost looking forward to getting into the mine out of these conditions. Then she heard the Vulcan use a rank term "Dammit don't use people's ranks!" Mason hissed, "The Gorn hear you do that and they'll start asking questions we can't answer!"

"Of course you are right," T'Lara walked closer to Mason, "should we be talking at all?"

"Probably not" Mason agreed and put her head down.

As Harry stumbled out of the shuttle and onto the hard surface, as he nearly tripped over a small rock and fell over, Harry knew that this was all part of the role that he had to play for now as he pushed himself up from the ground, he thought to himself oO I wonder how long we are going to be out in this cold, Oo as the cold wind started to blow. As she stood up he started to try and warm his hands up by blowing onto them and then putting them in the pockets of his jacket, but then removed them in case someone thought he might have something on him.

Iria stumbled down the ramp behind the others. The wind felt like it was biting into her exposed skin, where her torn shirt and pants didn't cover. The cold metals from the implants along her spine, around her wrists and triceps, felt even more uncomfortable with the cold making them contract from the temperature difference. **~~Fiddle faddle and fudge nuggets, that's colder than winter games!~~** She thought as she shivered. Winter games were the first time of shifting to feline form and jumping into a pile of freshly fallen snow. It was a cold burn against tender feline toes. This was way worse.

One of the turrets in the bunker activated and began to track them as they approached the door. Keeping both barrels of a heavy disrupter aimed at the group. A light blinked in his helmet and Bolingbroke activated the comm channel.

A Gorn voice spoke +/\+ Phalanx Sub-Leader! Phalanx Sub-Leader! Your transport is not scheduled, wait at the door, you will report your orders immediately! +/\+

+/\+ I obey +/\+ Bolingbroke replied, moving closer to the door and waiting while the Frog Squad guarded the prisoners. He made sure to stand with his back to the wind, so any Gorn looking at him would have driving snow hitting them in the face.

A couple of minutes later, although it seemed much longer, there was grating noise and the door began to slide open.

As Harry started to walk through the gate with the rest of his team, he could not wait for the time when he could strike back at the Gorn, as he remembered those that had been killed when they had boarded the ship to get the Gorn Doctor, he knew that he had to hold fire until then as he looked over at T’Lara and wondered how she was holding up in this cold weather, as he knew it would be chilly in the mine, but at least they would be out of the wind.

A shorter than usual, slightly chubby Gorn hustled out, wrapped up in a thick coat against the arctic cold. Four other Gorn came out with him, apparently his personal guards and heavily armed. Although their weapons were not held a ready-position.

One of them approached Stevens who had moved ahead and was trying to walk in and jabbed at him with the butt of his disrupter.

"Get back!" It snarled in Gorn

“Yes master,” replied Harry in a downtrodden voice as he moved back from the gate and stumbled along and resumed his spot with the rest of the team, this was what Walken had spoken about not do anything silly to get him and the team killed. He stood looking around making sure that he had not done anything wrong.

The short Gorn turned on Bolingbroke “Where are your orders! You were not expected! Report immediately!” The Gorn demanded, jabbing a claw at Bolingbroke.

“My apologies Talon” He replied “We are a prisoner transport from Arcsall. We have been rounding up prisoners from outlying farms. Then are we were directed to bring them and others from Arcsall here.

We were attacked by Federation fighters this morning, they damaged our communications antenna, otherwise we would have reported our arrival.”

“Humph” The Gorn replied and “We are not expecting prisoners due to the Federation attack! You should have known this. Again, where are your orders?!”

“I apologize Talon. I left them in the ship, I can go and get them…” Bolingbroke turned as though to go

“No! No!” The Gorn said, impatiently “Stand still! I’m not waiting here in the cold due to your incompetence! Your orders are irrelevant anyway! I already told you, we were not expecting prisoners!”

“Yes Talon” Bolingbroke replied “I obey!”

He turned and gave an order to the Frog Sqaud “Execute the prisoners!”

He leveled his own weapon, the Disrupter hummed as it began charging. After a moment's hesitation the other Frog Squad members followed his lead. Five assault disrupter rifles turned on the huddled group.

Kyle assumed the position, slowly lowering down. He placed his hands behind his head and was soon kneeling in the cold, he was looking down but he trusted Captain Bolingbroke and his gamble.

Emma was shocked at first but once she witnessed Kyle begin to get down on his knees, she followed his motions and did the same thing. But she had her arms folded under her chest the cold was too much right now.

Nila let out a quiet groan as she got now following the Walken twins.

Iria hissed as she dropped to her knees, her eyes watered from the impact and contact with the freezing cold ground. She didn't know what was next for herself and the team but she had faith that Bolingbroke and the others had things in hand. Her hands shook even as she held her sides in the cold.

T'Lara just dropped on her knees. She looked emotionless at Bolinkbroke. She swallowed but showed no fear. She took a deep breath. Everything was cold, but she seem to be holding on. Slowly she put hear hands on the back of her heads.

As Harry placed his hands on to the back of his head, he though to himself oO This is what I tried to warn about and did they listen? Oo as he dropped to his knees next to the group he was with, he continued in thought oO it didn't take long for this to go pear-shaped, Oo as he heard the sounds of the whine of the disruptors.

Mason was shocked, she cringed, dropping to her knees in mock terror, she knew the Team would not shoot them deliberately but this was a risky gamble Bolingbroke was playing. At least by staying low she could duck and give the Frogs a clear shot at the Gorn if it came to that. But she prayed it would not because those Disrupter turrets would shred all of them once the firing started.

“Fool! What are you doing?!” The chubby Gorn demanded, stepping forward and shoving Bolingbroke’s disrupter aside. “Put those weapons down! Stand back!” He yelled at the Frog Squad, who complied.

“You were not expecting prisoners, Talon, I was going to destroy them.” Bolingbroke replied, playing the dutiful if unimaginative, underling. He was greatly relieved, for a moment he thought the fat little Gorn would have let him shoot them. That would have turned real ugly real fast, although the Talon would have been the first to die.

“Incompetent fool! Just because you were not expected, does not mean we cannot use them! They are valuable workers! They are of more value to the Hegemony than you appear to be!” The Talon shouted, still outraged. “Get them inside now!” He waved to his guards, who began to herd the prisoners towards the entrance.

Emma let out a sigh of relief as she got to her feet, she looked up at the Gorn she didn't regret signing up for this but she did miss being in her safe science lab already.

Iria got to her feet unsteadily, her knees were none to happy with the cold that had biting into them through her skin. She had to resist in hissing out her discomfort because she didn't want to give the guards a reason to bully her or the others.

T'Lara got up and just followed the others. It was hard for her to go through the cold, but she did so without complaint or a word.

Nila couldn't tell who to channel her anger towards, the Gorn, or the marines for that plan that could have lead to a firefight over their heads but at least she got to watch Harry get jabbed with the butt of a rifle.

As the barrel of one of the disruptor rifles was pushed into his back, Harry rose to his feet still with his hands behind his head. He thought oO Thank god for that, Oo. For now at least they would be out of this chilly cold wind, quickly glancing over to the rest of his rag tag team as they continued to stagger slowly towards the gate.

Mason got to her feet, breathing a sigh of relief. Bolingbroke had pushed that one to the wall but it paid off. she allowed herself to be herded in through the mine doorway.

Kyle waited until the rest of the team was moving towards the mine, they were his responsibility now and if anyone was going to be forced to suffer out in the cold longer while they waited it would be him. He lowered his hands and eyed the Gorn making mental notes of all the important looking and sounding ones. Once the op inside began if they could target the right one that could lead to an early advantage or at least get the word to the other ground forces once they get inside.

“I will see word of your incompetence reaches your Talon fool!” The Talon blustered “Now get out of my sight and back to Arcsall so that we can raise the shield before the Federation comes”

“I obey Talon!” Bolingbroke replied, giving a small bow and backing away.

The Talon hissed at him, gave a dismissive gesture, turned and went back inside. The last of his guards following on behind.

Bolingbroke was almost surprised at how easy it had been, but as he led the Frog Squad back to The Aubrey he heard “Phalanx leader! Stop right there!”

He heart dropped, had they been discovered so quicky he wondered. He was almost going to keep walking, pretending to have not heard, but decided not to push his luck too far. He stopped and turned, waving the Frog Squad onwards, at least the rest would have a chance to get out if they had been found out.

It was one of the Talon’s guards, a huge, ugly looking brute, the Gorn shouted to him “Your name! The Talon requires your name!”

“Szr’Shafj” Bolingbroke replied coming to attention, “Phalanx Sub-Leader Szr’Shafj”

“You’ll be ex Sub-Leader Szr’Shafj when the Talon is done with you!” The guard retorted with a nasty laugh “Get out of here fool!”

“I obey.” Bolingbroke replied and jogged back to The Aubrey.

Rora had been sitting in the cockpit her hands white knuckled grip until the Frog Squad came stomping back aboard, she heard the echoes of the orders and had dreaded what was bound to be next but the gamble paid off. The prisoners were being taken inside the mine. The rest of the mission was about to go into motion. She took a few breaths to relax and waited for Marine Captain Bolingbroke to say the word.

Clambering up the ramp Bolingbrokee hit the door control to close it behind him. Once it was shut he leaned against it and pulled off his helmet.

He looked around at the Frog Squad “I do believe we pulled that off!” He said with a wide grin, there was a loud “HooRah!” from the squad.

“How long until the fighters get here?” Bolingbroke called forward to Tai

"Giving them the heads up we're taking off. They should be in bound in five minutes or so unless you want them to speed things up?" Rora said as she readied the Aubreyfor lift off being careful to keep the view of the cockpit from the mine security view. Last thing they needed was to get shot up their tailpipe.

“Ok, stick with the plan, it’s working so far. Let’s lift off and head towards the substation so we can get attacked.” Bolingbroke replied

Rora nodded and set the Aubrey into motion....

To Be Continued...


Edward Bolingbroke, CAPT, SFMC

Iria Taltos, Lt, SF

TLara, Lt SF

Harry Stevens, LtJg, SF

Rora Tai, Ens, SF

Anyi Nila, En, SF

Emma Walken, En, SF

Kojima 'Paperboy' Tanahashi, Ens., SFFC
FLT 801/XO

Kyle Walken, SSgt, SFMC

Sheila Mason, SSgt, SFMC
3MSOT/TL NPCd by Tolkath

Gorn NPCd by Tolkath


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