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Operation Cold Comfort: Inbound Xore

Posted on 24 Jun 2019 @ 10:15pm by Captain Edward Bolingbroke (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Commander T'Lara & Lieutenant Harry Stevens & Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Walken & Colonel Hayes McGruder & Lieutenant Junior Grade Geneviève "Jenny" Lassonde (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Ensign Rora Tai & Lieutenant Junior Grade Emma Walken & Lieutenant Junior Grade Anyi Nila & Ensign Kojima "Paperboy" Tanahashi

Mission: Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters
Location: The Aubrey; Fighter Element, Xore Strike Mine
Timeline: T+3 1605 Hrs


[The Aubrey]

Once clear of the shuttle bay Bolingbroke checked comms.

=/\=Aubrey to Marine Command. We have departed on schedule =/\=

=/\= Copy, Aubrey. Clock is started, =/\= came the reply.

[The Aubrey]

=/\=Aubrey to Jenny & Paperboy. We are clear of the hanger. We’ll confirm readiness once we are inbound from the polar region. =/\=

[Fighter Element]

=/\= Copy Aubrey, Knights 1 & 2 awaiting your signal. =/\= Jenny acknowledged. She waited, strapped in to the cockpit and counted down the seconds until they were to strike.

=/\= No need to worry Aubrey, we are ready to 'shoot you down'. =/\= Paperboy answered as he keeps himself alert.

[The Aubrey]

Bolingbroke's final check was with the remainder of Second MSOT, who were geared up and waiting in the Hawaii’s transporter room. They would be one of the first groups to be transported in and would be responsible for targeting the entrance bunkers for the fighters.

=/\=Bolingbroke to Kadesh You guys ready Master S’arnt?=/\=

=/\= Sir, yes sir!=/\= The big Klingon rumbled back =/\=We’ll be there the moment you need us!=/\=

Bolingbroke looked to Tai “Take us down Ensign!” Below them the southern pole of the planet began to fill the forward screen

"Aye, Sir." Rora retorted as she took the Aubrey into the assigned approach vector, "We're eightteen minutes from arrival, Sir!"

Bolingbroke nodded and walked back to where the rest of the team were. "Ok, so we've got a plan of the Mine from the production report Commander Tolkath found"

He passed around a couple of PaDD's with the plan displayed.

"From what we can deduce from scans the Gorn are using one of the upper levels to hold the colonists, That was where the majority of the Humanoid lifesigns were detected.

The Gorn barracks seems to be up in the complex above ground., along with control areas for the starport, mine and elevators systems

As you can see it's deep and has lots of galleries. Way down at the bottom is where they ran into an underground lake, they call it Nemo's Sea They had set up a big pumping operation to keep water out of the areas they were working.

But remember this is from last year, we don't know what they have done to the mine since they took it over. And if all goes right, you won't be in there long enough to end up down on the working levels."

Bolingbroke looked around the group "I'll tell you all now, you are brave and courageous volunteering for this mission. Nobody doubts your valor, so be careful, don't push it once you're inside.

The objective is to stay alive and help the colonists, let the Infantry kill the Gorn, we're good at it" He finished with a wry grin. And I want to fry the bastards who killed those kids He thought to himself.

"Any last questions?"

Iria under normal circumstances would have been a brat adding in a sassy retort, but this was a mission where even she knew it was serious, so she only smiled cheekily and shook her head instead. She knew her role for now was play defeated soul, then when time was right, she would help Emma get the phasers and combadges out, assembled, and handed out. Iria just hoped everyone else kept to the plan or failing that listened when Kyle told them how to fix any possible snags that might appear.

"Sir, Do you want me to hand out the disassembled weapons now or later?," replied Harry as he looked back at the Marine, knowing that this was going to test him mentally as well as physically, as all he wanted was to get this show on the road because he and those around him had a job to do.

"What?!" Bokingbroke was confused "We already packed the phasers into the implants Walken and Taltos are wearing. Do you not pay attention Lieutenant? You brought more?

If you try and take weapons openly into that mine the Gorn will undoubtedly find them! Are you trying to get everyone killed Stevens?" Bolingbroke was furious, this man seemed to have no idea what was going on and apparently was unable to retain even the basic details of the plan. "Well?"

"What, you think I'm stupid enough to bring more?" replied Harry looking back at the Marine, he continued, "Of course I didn't," as he had handed the parts of the mark 1 weapons over to Walken before hand.

"If that is the case why did you just ask me if l wanted you to hand out the dissasembled weapons now or later? "Bokingbroke asked. Quoting back exactly what Stevens had just said.

"Sir, I am worried that those with the fake implants haven't had the time to get to grips with setting the weapons and the comms up from their hiding place," replied Harry, and looking back at Bolingbroke, he continued, "That is all," He waited for a response from the marine.

"I'm pretty sure our Assistant Chief Engineer is more than capable of setting them up Lieutenant Stevens" Bolingbroke replied, giving Taltos a wink "And next time, if you have concerns then maybe don't wait until the last minute to bring them up..."

Iria bristled in her seat as Stevens implied that she hadn't done her part of the preparation properly. Iria seethed as she was about to but in, with a retort but held off because Edward had given a verbal faith in her ablilities and the wink Edward sent her direction got a wry grin of response.

He sighed and went forward to the cockpit. He glanced at the display, he could see the location of their objective coming up on the screen. “How long until we’re on their sensors?”

"Eight to ten minutes I think, Sir." Rora replied as she eyed the console and then view screen in alternate blinks.

“Ok” He nodded “We can expect them to start calling right after that. We got the transponder set?” They had used their reconnaissance data to select a typical Gorn shuttle identification, one that should look appropriate for prisoner transport flights.

The Communications Technician who had fitted the Gorn translators into the Frog Squad’s suits had also installed one in The Aubrey.

This one also included a lifelike holographic emitter which would portray a Gorn pilot image along with the Gorn translation. Part of the ruse also included making the communication system cut in and out, as though it had been damaged.

Bolingbroke leaned forward over the back of the Co-Pilot’s chair watching the distance to their target steadily decrease. Then a buzzer sounded and a panel lit up. “We being scanned?”

"They are but I think the feedback is sending them what we should be is Gorn and prisoner compliment."

Bolingbroke nodded "Good work"

A few moments later the harsh guttural tones of a Gorn came over the speaker. +/\+ Shuttle Craft Seven-Seven-Three this is Mine Control! Report your orders! You are not expected. Report your orders now! +/\+

The translator repeated in Federation Standard, using the transponder code they had set.

“Here we go!” Bolingbroke gave Tai a smile and picked up the mike +/\+ Mine control….! Prisoner transport flight from….! Damaged….! Federation fighter attack…! +/\+

A few moments later the translator said +/\+ Shuttle Craft Seven-Seven-Three Report your orders! Your transmission is incomplete! You are not expected. Report your orders! +/\+

Bolingbroke smiled, keyed the mike and said +/\+ ….prisoner transport! Orders are….! Fighter attack… damage!....+/\+ He let a hiss of static go out with it.

Again the translator repeated +/\+Shuttle Craft Seven-Seven-Three Repeat your orders! Your transmission is incomplete! What attack? How are you damaged? +/\+

Bolingbroke hit the static again then added +/\+ …. communication system…. damage…. Federation fighters…! Cargo of six prisoners. Landing in….. minutes +/\+

There was a longer pause, then came +/\+ Shuttle Craft Seven-Seven-Three Confirm you have communication damage from Federation fighter attack? And again report your orders! You are not expected! +/\+

Bolingbroke smiled and said +/\+ Confirmed! Communication system damaged… Prisoner transport from… +/\+ He tapped the static and let it run for thirty seconds this time.

There was a long pause then the translator spoke “+/\+ Shuttle Craft Seven-Seven-Three we will lower the shields.

You are cleared to land! Report your orders in person on arrival!+/\+

+/\+ Shuttle Seven Seven Three, understood we will report…..! +/\+ He let it trail off into static.

“Looks like it’s show time!” He said to Tai with a wide grin “Inform Lassonde, then get us down there A-SAP and don’t let them see in the windscreen!” They would have a hard job explaining why a Humanoid was flying the Gorn craft.

Rora nodded, =/\= About showtime Lassonde and Paperboy!=/\=

[Fighter loiter point]

=/\= Copy Aubrey, good luck in there =/\= Jenny acknowledged as she carried on with her holding pattern.

=/\= Ready to move on your mark =/\= Paperboy added.

The fighters' radios crackled to life as the Marine Command Center initiated the next phase of the plan.

=/\= Launch REX to point Bravo, =/\= came the order. Four shuttles took off from the Nebula-class ship and loitered with their marine infantry cargo, awaiting the code to strike.

[The Aubrey]
Bolingbroke walked back to the rear. “Ok, looks like they fell for it. Get ready, helmets on Frog Squad!”

Bolingbroke went up to Walken and the rest of the pseudo prisoners. “You all volunteered for this. Anyone wants out, now’s the time…”

Kyle spoke up, "I don't see anyone walking out, boss." He looked over his team one by one.

“Ok, well you know the plan. We hope to have the power off as soon as we can, but figure at least forty to sixty minutes after we drop you off. The infantry assault should begin within ten minutes of the power going down. Do not try anything until you know the power has gone out. Don’t want to tip the Gorn off we have infiltrated their slave labor force.

If it gets to be ninety minutes or more, then you will have to conclude we failed. In which case you are on your own until they can figure out a new plan.” He did not dwell on that possibility “So concentrate on staying alive. Captain Tachibana and Colonel McGruder will do everything they can to liberate you and the others as soon as possible.

“One final thing. I know most of you hold Commissions, but this is a Marine Corps Operation, as such Staff Sergeant Walken will be in charge. He has experience of being a Gorn captive, he has my full confidence and as such I expect you to accept and respect his leadership during the mission!” Bolingbroke looked around the group to make sure that was clear. “

Nila just simply nodded, she had no plans to back talk or be her normal self while in a situation like this.

Emma smiles as she looks at her brother, "I trust my brother to lead us right and adjust should something happen."

Iria had told Kyle already he was leading them in that she fully trusted him to lead them out again, her gaze took in Bolingbroke though, she wanted to tell him good luck among other things.

Bolingbroke caught her eye and nodded.

Mason nodded, smiled and gave a silent "Hoo Har" to Walken

Bolingbroke stepped over and spoke with Walken privately “You ready Kyle? Keep them safe down there, don’t take chances, if it’s too dangerous to act when the power goes out, just sit tight until the Infantry gets in.

And do what they tell you, don’t fight them, this isn’t the Cruiser, they have more than enough colonists to shoot people who cause trouble! Understood?”

"I will do what I didn't do last time when I was captured, and this goes for all of you. If a Gorn addresses you with an order you need to play that part of a defeated colonist, you will not fight back. You will see horrible things down there but until we can strike back you will hold your hand. I will not have someone dying simply because they wanted to play hero or choose to fight the Gorn before we were ready." Kyle's tone was serious when he spoke.

"That sounds logical to me, Sergeant," T'Lara said in response. "I will do as you say."

Harry knew that last part had he thought to himself had been directed at him, Harry responded "Aye Sir, message understood" giving the Marine no reason to doubt him and that he understood the plan, although some had thought he didn't, but he had.

The craft made its way down to the landing pad and the waiting Gorn.

To Be Continued...


Edward Bolingbroke, CAPT, SFMC

Iria Taltos, Lt, ACHENG

TLara, Lt SF

Harry Stevens, LtJg, SF

Rora Tai, Ens,

Anyi Nila, En, SF

Emma Walken, En, SF

Kojima 'Paperboy' Tanahashi, Ens., SFFC
FLT 801/XO

Kyle Walken, SSgt, SFMC

Sheila Mason, SSgt, SFMC
3MSOT/TL NPCd by Tolkath

Marine Command NPCd by CO

Gorn NPCd by Tolkath


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