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The Aubrey's First Flight

Posted on 16 Mar 2019 @ 4:18am by Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Captain Edward Bolingbroke (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Commander Rafe Cassidy (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Walken & Ensign Rora Tai & Ensign Spencer Griffith-Bailey & Ensign Kojima "Paperboy" Tanahashi

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Shuttle bay
Timeline: Seven days after Aubrey's keys


[Shuttle Bay Hanger 1 - Deck 6]

Iria went over the Gorn shuttle now mostly affectionately called Aubrey She had spent more time with in here with the shuttle than she would have liked but it was finally fully ready for piloting.

As each system had been checked and updated she sent it to Cassidy and Tolkath so they could add the additional information to the simulation that had been set up until the shuttle itself was ready.

=/\=Taltos to Commander Tolkath Aubrey is ready to lift off do you want to come down? =/\=

=/\=Thank you Lieutenant. Good work. I am unavailable at this time but I will inform the Marines, they may wish to attend. Tolkath out=/\=

=/\=Taltos to Lieutenant Cassidy, Aubrey is ready to lift off. Which pilots are supposed to go for the first flight?=/\=

She had been busy enough with work, repairs and she had taken a few events to relax and cook a meal for someone she wanted to cheer up. So she hadn't been following whom had been in the simulation of the Aubrey as closely the last few days.

There was a pause before Cassidy's voice came back through the comms. =/\=I'm pinging Ensigns Tai, Griffith-Bailey, and Tanahashi. Tai gets first shout but I want any interested pilot to observe. I'm on my way down myself.=/\=

=/\= Ooh, I'll be right there, Boss! =/\= Spencer replied, half way through a bite of his sandwich. He was keen to get his hands on some new tech.

=/\= Thanks for the call Lieutenant Cassidy, I will be down shortly =/\= The fighter pilot leaves the hanger he had been watching the crews working on their fighters.

=/\=Sounds good see you shortly!=/\= Iria replied lightly and closed her side of the channel.

=/\= Will be there once my relief on helm shows up go ahead if you need to Boss.=/\= was Rora Tai's retort, she had clocked a bit of time in the Aubrey's simulation and felt confident but she wasn't just going to leave the helm unmanned.

It didn't take too long before Cassidy was, as promised, heading into the shuttle bay, and approached Iria. "I don't mean to be sarcastic, Lieutenant, but do you super-swear she's good to fly this time?"

"If she doesn't lift off after all the extra hours I put in I will agree to a resignation recommendation." Iria had pulled as many people as possible that could work with the Gorn tech and translation she even asked the translation specialist Halona Grayson if they had gotten things translated properly. Though through most of it it had been on her since she didn't want to monopolize Chief Jessica Wilson's time when she seemed to struggle with it.

"I'll hold you to that. But I'm sure it'll be fine." He gave her a reassuring wink. The wars between test pilots and engineers back on Beta Antares had left him too exhausted to run the work teams ragged, and right now they weren't working for prestige or developing flight theory. They needed, all of them, practical results.

Iria grinned cheekily up at him, "I keep my promises, I try to not make any that I might have to break."

[Marine Barracks - Deck 21]

Corporal Hudson found the Blue Team leader "Sarge, Captain Bolingbroke would like you to met him in the shuttle hanger on Deck 6. Apparently they got that Gorn Raider shuttle working and they are going to take test flight"

"Thanks, Corporal." Kyle set down a PaDD with a message to his sister before pulling his uniform top over his head. Leaving the barracks he made his way to Deck six.

[Shuttle Bay Hanger 1 - Deck 6]

Bolingbroke received the notification that their Trojan Horse was ready for testing and came up to see. He entered the hanger and found a group of pilots and Taltos gathered around the Gorn craft.

"Not really a thing of beauty is it" He said dryly "Bit of a function-over-form design I suppose..." He pointed up at the rear turret, "I like the look of that though, good for clearing an LZ I expect."

Cassidy glanced up from his PADDs at the new arrival. "Let's hope we can figure this ugly duckling out well enough we can use her for infiltration, not just blasting our way through trouble. Else we might as well send one of our own ships."

"Let's hope she don't explode on us, aye Boss." Spencer walked into the shuttle bay maybe a bit too confident and eager to get his hands on the new bird, not forgetting the reason he was grounded in the first place.

"Engineering have done their jobs to make her space-worthy. So if the Gorn blow us out of the stars in that thing, it's either Intel's fault for not making a good infiltration plan, or our own for not flying fast enough," Cassidy mused. "But I'm not looking forward to trying to think like a Gorn to fly like a Gorn." A xenoanthropologist, he was not.

Kojima did the same whistle he did from when he first saw the Gorn ship as he enters the Hanger, "As beautiful as the first day I laid eyes on her."

Walken followed in behind the fighter pilot and made his way over towards Captain Bolingbroke. "Hudson got me your message Cap, so this is our ride?"

"That's the plan Sarn't" Bolingbroke replied "Rugged little craft, probably tougher than ours since they managed to hack a hole in the Hawaii's hull and then outrun our fighters."

[ The Aubrey]

Bolingbroke led Walken around to the rear doors and ramp. "I like this too, it's got seats for twenty of their Troopers, probably be able to get them all off in under ten seconds with this big ramp."

"Think it will work as a taxi for the Frog Squad?"

"Depends on if they are smart enough to recognize that it's from a destroyed vessel of theirs or not. Let's hope they aren't or Frog Squad and I won't make it down that ramp whether we act like Gorn or not." Walken answers.

"Understood, although one of our Runabouts looks very much like any other visually." Bolingbroke replied "So let's hope the Engineers and Pilots sorted out the transponder systems, or as you say, it's going to be a very short trip!"

"Well it looks like they're ready" He saw the crew of Pilots was getting aboard "Let's find a seat" He concluded and walked up the ramp, taking a seat in one side.

Kyle follows the Captain up the ramp, "Well I have to put my trust that they will get it done."

The seat's were oversized in order to accommodate the physically bigger Gorn in an armored combat suit. It took a moment to adjust and cinch the straps down to hold Humans in.

Kyle took a moment to get strapped in on the other side of the ship. The huge seats were bothersome but hopefully, in the armor, it should be better.

Bolingbroke got himself settled in, checked Walken was too and then called up the aisle towards the cockpit. "We're ready"

Iria walked back to where Walken and Bolingbroke sat, she made a face at Kyle, as she passed him. "Are you implying my work is under parr?"

She paused then sat down across from Edward, she had a good fifty second fight to get the seat straps to hold her markedly petite frame in the seat. Iria glanced at Edward winked playfully at him before she grinned cheekily,

"If this ride does loops I might scream, you've been fairly warned." Yes she liked theme park rides but she couldn't help it when she screamed.

"I would never say that Taltos, but if I get blown up because of it, I'm holding you accountable," Walken answered.

Bolingbroke smiled "Don't mind the screaming, just don't throw up!"

"I never throw up from wild rides. Only bad food." she shot back with a laugh, she reached a hand over the straps the held her in the seat. She didn't quite trust the fit, she was so much smaller than everyone else.

Cassidy gestured the others up. "Alright, Griffith, you're up first in the pilot's seat. Lucky you, you get lift-off, then we'll rotate as we go through some manoeuvres." It made more sense for him to be bottom of the priority list as a pilot; odds were good he'd be far too needed at the helm of Hawaii to take the Aubrey on a mission. He moved to buckle himself up behind where the pilot and co-pilot would sit.

Rora ran up the ramp, "Hey Boss after this we need to talk about Micah Holmes." She said as she got settled in the back with Taltos and the Marines Spencer and Paperboy at Pilot and co-pilot's seats she would take next rotation.

"Sure," said Cassidy, blank. "Who's Micah Holmes?"

Rora called back, "The new temp from Xavier yards," she didn't want to go into further details since it wasn't polite to get upset at someone when they were not there to defend themselves. His showing up late to shift though, had in turn made Rora late in reporting for the test flight. So she was more than a bit upset but doing her best to be civil instead.

Cassidy glanced to the front. "Alright. Take us out, fellas. Nice and easy, we don't want to make assumptions about what this tin can is going to do."

Kojima took his seat at the co-pilot's helm, "Umm ladies and gentlemen our test fight will umm last for a while. Due to safety concerns, you will need to umm remain buckled up for the whole flight." He did his best impression of pilots from old holo-vids he had seen.

A bead of sweat started to form on Spencer's brow from the mounting pressure of a smooth first flight. He grabbed the control stick and pulled it back toward himself slowly for liftoff as his co-pilot pressed some buttons and engaged the engine, "Oh this is going to be much nicer than the training vids."

"Nice and slow, Ensign," said Cassidy, the words he knew he hated as a pilot. "Let yourself get a feel for her and let's try getting spaceborne. Then you can do all the fancy showing off you know these Marines signed up to see." He glanced over at the captain and sergeant, and gave a jaunty wink. "We can't let you go away without a decent airshow."

Bolingbroke nodded back "Just so long as you can put it down on the eLZee, on time; in one piece, and then come back on time; we're happy!" He said with a grin.

Under his breath he commented to Walken "And don't wreck it with some crazy fly-boy antics in the meantime"

"Yeah, I would rather land in one piece. Otherwise, me play dress up as a Gorn will be pointless." He agree with Captain Bolingbroke but he did lower his voice when he heard his second comment, "Come on Captain, not all pilots are like that."

"No, just the ones who have a fast new toy to throw around the sky." Bolingbroke replied with a wry grin, making sure his straps were tight.

Walken closes his eyes listening to the hum of the vessel. "Well you could say that about us when we get new toys as well."

"We'll see..." Bolingbroke replied.

Iria held on to the straps across her body if they got too fancy with the flight test she might slip out. "Everyone loves new toys, part of our nature." she said full of cheeky.

Rora just smiled as she sat back listening to the Marines talking about typical pilots behavior she wasn't offended. Yes she was more than looking forward to her turn to give the Aubrey a run about.

Kojima turns to Spencer, "Alright, let's try a standard evasion pattern. See if this beaut can hold up with quick turns."

The two pilots operated the Gorn shuttle almost like it had been a ship of theirs for years, a few sharp turns a vertical climb into a straight downward fall the Gorn shuttle wasn't made for comfort but it had several edges that made it better in some ways compared to the runabouts.

Once the tests were finished the shuttle returned to the Hawaii landing in the same shuttle bay.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we have made a safe landing and return to our lovely home, please make sure to take your carry-ons with you and proceed to the closest exit." Kojima took a bow.

Cassidy unbuckled himself once they were down and moved to the front, clapping both pilots on the shoulders. "That's good work, fellas. We'll have this ugly duckling dancing in time for Canterra. Best dancer gets to fly her into a war-zone - don't say I never give you anything."

Once back in the shuttle bay Bolingbroke unstrapped and walked down the ramp as it lowered.

"Well, maybe not as smooth as one of our Runabouts, but it's certainly quick and maneuverable" He remarked "Tough too, so should be able to withstand a few rounds if they do open up on us going in, which hopefully they won't!

Thanks for getting it fixed Iria. What do you think Sarn't Walken?"

"Any day I don't get blown up on a combat drop is a good day for me." Kyle answers. "Shuttle seems fine, once we know the armor is completely ready I think all will be fine."

"In an ideal world," said Cassidy said to the Marines, disembarking with them, "I'd want another month of test flights." Then he gave a self-effacing smile. "So if there's one good thing about war, it does mean we get to cut down on the paperwork. She'll do the job for your mission, come hell or high water."



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