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Ensign Serena Keen

Name Serena Keen

Position Signals Intelligence Officer (SIGINT)

Second Position Humanoid Intelligence Officer (HUMINT)

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill/joined
Age 26/330

Physical Appearance

Height 4'11"
Weight 100 lbs.
Hair Color Auburn (often dyed other colors)
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Serena is petite when compared to the average of Trill women, she has the more familiar twin line of spotted pigmentation running down the sides of her body, ( inherited from her mother;  though her father had the lesser familiar forehead ridge, and thus Serena's children could be born with spots or forehead ridges.) She has some scars along her legs from the shuttle crash. One tattoo a two tone Rose in white and blue on her left shoulder blade.


Spouse None
Children None to date
Father Saviin Ordin
Mother Yedrin Wasli,
Brother(s) Runi
Sister(s) None to date
Other Family Various aunt's uncles cousins herself,
Keen has several children and grandchildren are my with ex wives and husband's.
Though the rules of reuniting with previous host's family, love interest is in general taboo. Knowing about and interaction are very different.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Serena herself is very outgoing and enjoys numerous sports and hobbies. Since joining to Keen six weeks prior she's getting to know more about her previous hosts likes and dislikes.
Strengths & Weaknesses Petite stature gives folks general idea she is a push over but she is as strong as any other physically fit mid-twenties Trill woman whose recently become joined.

Intelligent and has a tendency to be snarky with those she gets along with.

Is allergic to insect bites as all joined Trill are.

Is allergic to pineapple in any shape or form.

Ambitions No current ambitions
Hobbies & Interests Serena's favorite hobbies include skating, swimming, ballroom dancing, gymnastics and parkour. With the memories from Iria and the rest of Keen's previous Host's, she's added practicing a different type of martial art trying to find one that suits her. Poker chess and kal-toh are also amusing for her.

Personal History Symbiont name Keen
Born 2059.
Joined to first host Auron a concert pianist in 2132.
Second host Tionas Chef / lounger manager 2175.
Third host Language specialist, Parajii 2225.
Fourth host Amon Diplomatic officer 2258.
Fifth host Gaven Linguistics specialist Translation specialist 2305.
Sixth host Cordi Xenobiologist, botanist 2350
Seventh host Iria flight control officer 2379.
Current host Serena as of 2389.

Serena was born in 2363 to Saviin Ordin and Yedrin Wasli, the youngst of the unmarried couple's three children, Runi, Sorrell and Serena studied music, singing and dancing. Serena added gymnastics and parkour as she got older. When she graduated general schooling in 2379, she applied for Star fleet academy, joining the gymnastics and chess teams. Her main field of study was intelligence specifically for infiltration specialist, after some recommendations she added security with specialization in investigations crime solving and detection.

Her graduation in 2383 with majors in linguistics, infiltration, explosive ordence employment and defusion, security investigations, piloting, encryption and analysis, and awards for gymnastics.

Her first assignment was to her training ship USS Lincoln as Security officer with support to intelligence when the need arose.

Her transfer to the USS Edwardton in 2386 had her meet Iria Keen for the first time, at first they didn't get along to well, but after a few 'friendly' shuttle races, and flight course tag teaming they stated to get along. (Even to the point that Serena even shared her secret hobby of enjoying musicals, her numerous holo-programs had several musical numbers from old earth Broadway, earth television special musical episodes and from other cultures, Andorian, Bolian, --thought lost and forgotten Romulan--, and many others). In early 2389 Iria was killed in a shuttle crash when trying to evacuate away team members. Serena was the only unjoined Trill on the ship and the trip to Trill too distant to save the symbiont. After a communication with the Symbiosis Commission to verify if they agreed with the assessment of the situation before proceeding further. Upon confirmation, Serena was joined to Keen. It's been an interesting six weeks since the joining but Serena Keen has adjusted well, thus far, her transfer to the Hawaii is by her request to let her build fresh memories and it's better than causing Iria's fiance further pain by remaining a part of the Edwardton.
Service Record 2379 entered Starfleet academy
2383 USS Lincoln was training ship from 2381-82.
2386 USS Edwardton
2389 joined to Keen
2389 transfer request to Hawaii pending

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