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Lieutenant Commander T'Lara

Name T'Lara

Position Executive Officer (XO)

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 145lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Black hair, usually tied up in a ponytail. Vulcan ears, light skin. Normal posture. Asian features as her father is of Asian descent.


Father Admiral James Nguyen (Retired)
Mother LCDR T'Renna (Counselor)
Brother(s) LT Tarek, M.D. (Half-Brother) & CDR George Nguyen (Half-Brother)
Sister(s) LTJG Jennifer Nguyen (Half-Sister)
Other Family Ambassador Sarak (Stepfather)

Personality & Traits

General Overview This girl's eyes are friendly and calm, but she definitely isn't. She hardly smiles. She is good at giving you cold looks when it suits her. Due to traumatic experiences in the past she has hardened herself and because of her Vulcan side she is able to suppress her emotions.

After she had been treated by Sarak, she changed a lot. She is no longer able to control all her emotions. But she changed a lot, and she is ready to prove her looks again.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She isn't easily moved by excessive emotions from others. She is fearless and not afraid to do something. She is also a fighter, she knows martial arts.

Weaknesses: Her lack of fear can be her downside as well. Many scars are proof of fatal mistakes she has made. Due to her traumatic past, she lost total control over her emotions.
Ambitions T'Lara has no ambitions, she lives from day to day.
Hobbies & Interests She loves to gamble and to spar. She is interested in philosophy, but she keeps her own vision on things.

Personal History T'Lara is the only child T'Renna had with Admiral James Nguyen, whose wife Ginny Nguyen died before he met T'Renna. T'Renna served some time on his ship. She was/is married to Ambassador Sarak even at the time. T'Renna left the Admiral's ship, after being confronted with the emotional guilt for her betrayal with the Admiral. T'Renna was the ship's Chief Counselor. Yet the Ambassador took her back in.

T'Lara grew up with her older half-brother Tarek and was taught by her stepfather. When she turned 18 she joined Starfleet Acadamy, hoping to follow in her mother’s footsteps. While she was at the Academy she met Jennifer, who she didn't know was her half-sister at first. They befriended and Jennifer introduced T'Lara to her father. When James saw T'Lara for the first time, he commented that she looked a lot like her mother. Curious about who she really was, James dug up her records. Seeing when she was born, he knew for certain that she was his daughter and he told her that, which was overheard by Jennifer. Afterwards, Jennifer wasn't the friend she used to be and made T'Lara's life at the Academy a living hell.

Not giving up, she finally joined the USS Dreadnought. She worked there for some time as a Medical Officer. In the meantime, the relationship with her mother went backwards. She wasn't happy that her mother lied to her about her father. And even though her stepfather knew, she still kept in touch with him.

Then she got raped by the Chief Medical Officer of the Dreadnought. Unable to prove it, she resigned from the Dreadnought and spent some time on Vulcan with her family. Because of the event, her mother found T'Lara changed her Vulcan ways and they had a horrible fight in which her mother stayed calm yet T'Lara yelled everything that was bad and ugly at her mother. She left her stepfather's house and took a position as a civilian doctor on a freighter. Starfleet tried to contact her to come back as a Medical Officer, but not able to forget what happened on the Dreadnought she refused, and through underground channels she ended up with pirates. She then took a position on the SS Batavia. There, she was the head doctor.

On an away mission T'Lara was captured by a scouting Starfleet vessel. T'Lara didn't remember which as she was shipped away to a nearby station. She refused any co-operation and she didn't want to tell on her former crewmates.

T'Lara was court-martialed, and her mother appeared on her behalf. T'Renna and Sarak managed to persuade Starfleet and the court to send her back to Vulcan. Sarak thought she was too psychiatrically damaged to be guilty of any crime.

Finally, in 4 years, T'Lara was able to deal with her traumatic past. Under Sarak's guidance she cried and showed anger. Sarak knew she would never get her emotions completely under control like most Vulcans, but she was healed. She had scars but she was stable again. This made her decide to return to Starfleet.

Due to the high demand of medical personnel, she was sent to Starbase Archangel on a trial period where she assisted the Chief Medical Officer. T'Lara did well and Starfleet trusted her again with more responsibility.

Service Record USS Dreadnought-Medical Officer (Ensign)
USS Dreadnought-Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Civilian Doctor
SS Batavia- Chief Doctor
Starbase Archangel-Assistant Chief Medical Officer (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
USS Hawaii-Chief Medical Officer (Lieutenant)