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The Misgivings Log

Posted on 27 Jul 2020 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant Almir Cyrus

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: The Mission

Cyrus sat at his desk in the Med bay. He had just gotten to The Mission maybe 60 hours ago, and he had already had to fix mistakes and the like from his predecessor. He sighed and rubbed his eyes and he realized he was the only one left in Sick Bay. The last Corpsman and Nurse left, what felt like, hours ago. He probably should have been in his quarters by now, but he had too much to do already.

"Computer, time," he said to the air.

The computers familiar female voice poked through the silence. "The time is 0130 hours."

Definitely should be in my quarters he thought to himself.

Cyrus sighed as he stood up from his chair and rubbed his eyes again. He started to walk over to one of the bio beds that had supplies on it.

"Computer, start log," he said as he continued to head over to the bio bed.

"Chief Medical Officer's Log supplemental. Well, today has been a long one. According to the computer is 0130, and I should absolutely be in bed. There is just too much to do right now."

He grabbed a box and opened it. The box contained several hyposprays that were obviously outdated. He rolled his eyes.

"The prior medical officer, although a brilliant man, left things in shambles for me. There are too many items in this place that are outdated, haven't been kept up, and his record keeping was - subpar," he finished with a small scoff.

He kept looking at the stuff on the biobed and sighed harder before going back to his desk and sitting down. He laid back in the chair propping his feet on the desk.

"The Nurses and Corpsman I work with are pretty top notch. Especially the young HM3 whose first posting this is. He's very eager to learn and I'm excited for that. I think what I like most about the medical world is that, for the most part, everyone looks past me being part Romulan. Maybe it's because we just want to help everyone. I just wish it was like that in most branches."

Cyrus paused for a long moment, staring off into the space that was the Sick Bay on the Mission.

"I've made it known for a long time that I want my own posting on a star ship. I want to explore, but I want to own my own medical bay onboard a star ship. I have no doubts that, me being relegated here, is completely due to my condition. While I trust Commander Kitscher, I just have a hard time believing that I will get my posting after this. In truth, I think that my career is going to be spent bouncing around from places like this to hospitals, to hospital ships. The fact that my mother was a Romulan, who defected, and even helped pioneer things for Star Fleet. That just doesn't seem matter to anyone. I wonder if one of these days I'll ever get out of that seeming shadow that I have etched over my - "

Cyrus laughed.

" - pointy ears."

Cyrus smiled just a little. Although he always had a chip on his shoulder, and the shadow to escape, he always mildly enjoyed the insults that were thrown his way.

He took a deep breath.

"One of these days, I swear I'll be trusted. Maybe even prove some people wrong. Until then, I'll continue doing what I do best. Annoy everyone."

A small grin popped on his face again.

"Computer, end log."

Cryus removed his legs from the desk and stood up. He looked over at the biobed with the supplies and shook his head, as if to say later. He headed towards the doors and stopped just before he left.

"Computer, turn off lights," Cyrus called back.


Lt Almir Cyrus, SF, Incoming CMO
USS Hawaii


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