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Briefing the Brass

Posted on 26 Jul 2020 @ 6:08am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Colonel Hayes McGruder & Major Terrance West & Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Walken & Lieutenant Junior Grade Emma Walken

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Senior Officer Conference Room - Deck 1
Timeline: After 'Planning the Evac' & Simultaneous with 'The Mission Comes First'


The conference room was tighter than usual with a myriad of personnel within. Akio's philosophy was to have as many people from a cross-functional team so everyone was on the same page. Plus, often times, when Akio was junior, he had seen or been that officer to notice something that no one else did.

Major West entered with Kyle and the Security Team in tow.

They stood at attention until Akio started the brief.

"We can dispense with the formalities, unless the Colonel objects?" Akio asked, looking over at Hayes.

"By all means, Captain, this is your show," Hayes replied.

"Very well. Proceed, Major," Akio nodded.

"Gentlemen and ladies, we've drafted a simple rescue plan with one TRAP [Tactical Recovery of Aircraft & Personnel] Team with some Security augmentees. The rest of the Battalion will be on ready five. Gunnery Sergeant Walken will brief you on the details," West gestured to the Gunny.

As the Major turned, he saw the Biologist Walken in the room and noted the striking resemblence.

Emma looked up and noticed the Major looking at her, she looks around for a moment to see if there was a marine standing behind her but there was none.

Iria was sitting quietly and she grinned cheekily as she saw Emma walking in. Whatever else she was sure it was going to be interesting. "As long as it doesn't involve fake implants if you need me for any I am game." She said lightly as she looked at Kyle. The last time she had been on a team with him and his sister had been to go in undercover to free the colonists from the Gorn mine.

"No implants," West grinned at the engineer, admiring her third pip. Taltos had performed well last mission, and if he had choice on any fleeter to take, she'd be in the top. He couldn't justify taking an Engineer along this time.

"The operation should hopefully be smooth and quiet, they are most likely expecting us to either storm the building outright or transport in. We will be doing neither, there are a number of side rooms. We will be using these rooms as our entry points. Once inside we hopefully will be able to either knock out or take out anyone while remaining undetected." Kyle announces to the room.

"I approve the plan, Major. Colonel?" Akio turned to Hayes again.

"Simple is good for me," Hayes replied.

"Very well, let's make it happen," Akio said before standing up to leave.


Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF

Hayes McGruder, Col, SFMC

Iria Taltos, LCDR, SF

Emma Walken, LTJG, SF
Acting CSO/BIO

Terrance "Terry" West, Maj, SFMC

Kyle Walken, GySgt, SFMC


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