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Flora and Fauna

Posted on 26 Jun 2020 @ 1:30am by Lieutenant Orson Beckett, Ph.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Emma Walken

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Science Labs
Timeline: Post-Coming Aboard

Orson was pacing like he usually did when he was either bored or nervous, this time however it was out of boredom... He had not long been picked up by the Hawaii and was already being thrown into a role he wasn't strictly qualified for. He was a great scientist and an even better teacher but a leader of other? He wasn't to sure. His thoughts were cut off with the arrival of someone else who entered the Science labs dressed in teal. Turning around he looked to the entrance and spotted a young woman, pretty for all intense and purposes but too young for him, she had that look in her eyes that reminded him to much of his cadets back on Earth. She appeared very similar in height to him though it was hard to tell exactly from across the room and she had brown hair and a similar matching set of eyes on pale skin. Realising he may have been starring he quickly said in greeting. "Hello there! I'm Orson Beckett"

Emma had heard they had taken on board a new Chief Science officer, she was happy that he was here. She knows what she is good at but having to temporarily lead the science team wasn't what she was expecting. Her only area of expertise was biology. A smile on her face as she looks at the Lieutenant, "It's nice to meet you, I'm Emma Walken. Can I get you anything?" She offered.

"I was going to ask you the same thing but since you so kindly asked just cold water for me thank you!" he said pleased that the young woman was polite he wasn't sure how he would handle someone... not so.

"So" Orson started. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Emma Walken, Twenty-six from Wisconsin, achieved a bachelor at the University of Madison in Biology, very nice by the way I have a friend or two that graduated there, commissioned earlier this year through the ROTC and now assigned to the U. S. S. Hawaii. How do you plead?" Orson held his serious look for a moment before cracking a smile "I'm joking of course. It's nice to have someone so academically gifted on the team but these records only tell me so much, tell me about yourself. What do you hate? What do you like? What's your ambition in life?"

Emma was taken aback by how much he had known about her, "I didn't think you were going to look into my file." She looked away for a second to regain her composure. "Well I have a twin brother who is also on board, he was declared MIA when the Wyoming was destroyed and it was part of the reason I requested to be assigned out here. I have a younger brother as well who is debating if he wants to follow our father and brother's footsteps and enlist in the Marines or do his own thing at the Academy." Emma took a pause as she thought about her younger brother, it had been a while since she last got to speak to him. I guess my biggest dream is to be the one to discover a pre-wrap species out here and be able to learn about them. As for my likes and dislikes, you will just have to discover those on your own." She smiled a bit after her little tease. "What about you sir? I didn't get the chance to read your history."

"Of course I'm going to look at your file, I wanted to get to see know the person I'll be working with for the next few years. I'd be a rubbish Department Head if I didn't." He chuckled watching her, analytically recording her movements and in all, she seamed at ease and after teasing him Orson quickly deduced they would get along.

"Well, I was born in Estonia to English Parents neither scientist but encouraged me at a young age, I studied at the University of Tartu where I received a PhD in Botany and Ecology before enlisting into Starfleet and studied Electrotechnology and theoretical science. Once I graduated there I was stationed at Sigma-13, a deep Space think tank before finally teaching at the Academy for the past five years. before boom I'm in the room talking to my new number two" Orson crossed his arms and tweaked his eyebrows up several times as if to say 'What do ya think about that?. "Oh and I like photography, camping and anything on or under the water."

Emma looks around for a second, "I'm just a biologist, I'm not a number two." She dismissively waves her hand at the thought. "But that is an impressive record, but if you were happy teaching at the Academy why transfer out here?" She was curious about this. She had heard it was nice at the Academy not that she was there.

"Oh, I still want to go teach at the academy, but for now my expertise is required here or at least Starfleet believes so. The recent events in the area are far more pressing than getting me home to teach. There's plenty of brilliant instructors who will take my place in the meantime." He explained nonchalantly and hiding his disappointed tone, he wasn't just happy at the academy he felt at home and loved every moment of it. "And you are my number two because I'm making it so." He added with a wink.

Emma tilts her head, "That sounded like a terrible joke." She chuckled slightly to herself. "You know I told you one of my biggest ambitious and you have yet to reveal yours?" She questions her finger rubbing her chin as she studies Orson up and down.

"You strike me as an intelligent woman, a guessing game perhaps I'll tell you if you're hot or cold. I can't be giving away all my secrets on the first encounter" He winked leaning on his desk, his armed crossed and amusement painted on his face.

"Alright then, but then what do I win if I manage to guess it?" Emma smirks as she leans against a counter next to her.

"Well" he tapped his chin, "I will give you the remainder of the day off" He wiggled his eyes several times before saying again, "This is how Rumplestiltskin must have felt."

Emma smiles and walks forward and presses her finger against his chest, "I'll pass, I enjoy my work too much to win the rest of my shift off." She teased.

Orson laughed as he looked down to the finger which had been pressed against his chest and he held his arms up in mock surrender "Fine fine, you drive a hard bargain, I want to settle down and open a Cocktail bar, I've got the name and everything all worked out" Waving his hands above his head as if to spell the name, "The Mixology Laboratory, catchy huh?"

"A bit on the nose there aren't we?" Emma pulls her arm back and sits slightly on the counter. "But it sounds like a nice thing to look forward too, you will have to buy me a drink when you open it."

"I thought you wouldn't have time to visit with all your working" Orson teased before standing up of the desk. "Talking of which, I think I've distracted you enough with talk of cocktails and the like and I have some other errands I need to run."

"Well you don't have it open yet so I have time to plan my work around it." Emma laughs. "Alright, we will speak with you soon Lieutenant."

"Please just call me Orson, or James... It's my middle name" He explained before moving to the door "See you around Miss Walken" he waved and departed.

Lieutenant Orson Beckett
Chief Scientist

Emma Walken, LtJG, SF


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