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Was it a love story?

Posted on 21 Jun 2020 @ 5:00am by Lieutenant Orson Beckett, Ph.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Final Final, Baker St, San Fransico
Timeline: Some years prior

2378, San Fransico, Bar Final Final

Final Final was absolutely packed out with people watching the game, the music was at a reasonably loud level where you couldn't hear yourself think, and there was a pretty even ratio of girls to guys. Most of them were Starfleet cadets on break from their studies wanting to have a good time.

Eira had been dragged out by some of her classmates and she wasn't really in the mood to socialize with a big crowd so she was hanging by the bar and sipping on scotch on the rocks. Nothing too fancy, she didn't even like it but it was a real drink. Looking up at the screen she could see one team was winning but she didn't know who, and then she saw the talk of the campus: Orson Beckett. He was the hotshot that the girls all had a crush on, and apparently he was good at science. Ordering another drink, she leaned with her back against the bar and simply observed everyone and thing.

For Orson, these kinds of events were overrated, filled with unnecessary bravado, boasting, and drinking but for him, it was also an opportunity to unwind even if it was in an unsavory environment likes Denny's bar and bistro. His classmates and best friends Matthew Ortiz and Rachael Monroe had organized this year's freshers week and according to them it was expected that the boy who everyone was talking about (or so they say) needed to attend and so here he was with a half-empty glass of red wine in his hand being Introduced to people he had never met before and some who were so drunk already introducing themselves for the second time.

"Lighten up James, people are going to start thinking you're not all we've made you up to be," Rachael said early on in the night. She was a security Cadet and loved nothing more than making her best friend the science whizz better than life, only at the academy could you be popular for being a nerd.

He was on his third glass of wine so the effects were beginning to come through but all in all, he felt good when he heard a group of girls talking.

"She hasn't moved all night" and "Great, of course, we get a boring roommate." Orson looked in the same direction as the first years to see a woman sitting quietly and observing the crowd with a drink in her hand. he thought his interest peaking for the first time that night. She was pretty for sure, and clearly a first year by the way she looked so lost. So Orson did something he hadn't expected to do tonight... Introduce himself to someone.

Eira took notice of Orson as he walked up to her. Him, talking to her? Was this a dare? She used her signature look and raised an eyebrow and put down the drink.

"Hi, I'm Orson, Orson Beckett what's your name?" He asked his arm outstretched in greeting and a smile planted on his young rounded face. Along with his glass of wine, Orson was wearing his casual chinos, t-shirt, and a navy blue blazer which had 'SFA Science Team' Embroided above the heart the words surrounded the academy's logo.

"I'm Eira Cortez, one of the boring first years here." She extended her hand and shook his. "I've heard of you around the campus. You're pretty well known, some might even say famous. And yet you're here talking to me. Why's that?" She offered a half-smile. It was a warm night so she was rocking a short-sleeved high necked charcoal grey dress that hugged the figure with a black pair of open heeled flat shoes.

"It's all exaggerated rubbish." He explained taking the woman who sat in front of him in, she was cute wearing a dress that complimented her figure. "And in my experience, the boring people during these types of events are the ones with the most interesting stories." James looked around and saw hi friends playing what he knew to be beer pong and shook his head. "Want to get out of here? These things are overrated!" He held out his hand with a smile again in the invitation.

"I would love to." She took his hand again with one of hers and picked up her jacket in the other, "Bars and clubs aren't really my thing anyway." They started to walk out of the bar and Eira noticed her roommates looking on, one with her mouth hanging open like a fish, and gave them a smile and wave. "So where would you like to go? I'm not too familiar with this area, unfortunately. "

"That's ok, we can just wander. Anywhere away from here has got to be better. Bars and clubs aren't my things either but when you have friends like mine you tend to find yourself there more often than not." Orson decided a walk around the block and back towards the academy would be best suited and safest at this time. "So Eira I take it you're a cadet what are you studying in?"

"I certainly am a cadet, studying to become an Intelligence officer actually. A major in Forensics and minor in computer programming." She tried to play it down, no one likes a showoff. "I know you're into science. What area are you majoring in?" Outside of the bar, it was quiet and the air was refreshing after being inside.

"Wow, forensic that's some pretty top-level stuff I've clearly chosen someone as bright as me to speak to" It was a joke but one in the sense that he genuinely meant what he said whilst playing down the topic. "I am majoring it Theoretical Science and going for a Minor in Nanoelectronics too though I went to the University of Tartu in Estonia so I already have a PhD in Botany and Ecology which is my preferred subject, just didn't see the point in redoing something I already mastered in you know?" He shrugged the city lights like a million stars as they walked past the tall buildings and other bars which ran along Baker Street before turning right on Pacific Ave and in front of them now Presidio Blvd and the entrance to what was called Presidio of San Francisco.

"So basically you're just really smart at science then?" Eira laughed and smiled. A genuine smile, not the fake ones her roommates plastered on themselves. She became aware that she was still holding his hand and freaked out slightly, quickly dropping his hand and blushing. "Sorry, probably shouldn't have still been holding your hand all this time!"

Orson wasn't immune from blushing and found himself slightly rosy-cheeked too. "I hadn't realized" He added quickly his hands now dangling down by his sides as they neared the entrance to the park. "This is Presidio of San Fransico, it's like a massive park and it's beautiful both during the day and at night" He stopped at the entrance facing towards her and away from the park with a smile. "And yes I'm basically a science nerd."

"This is an oddly specific place to bring me to..." Eira questioned him slowly, suddenly cautious. "You're not going to kill me in there are you?" She added a light laugh and smile to ease the tension in her question, "Or is this where you bring all the girls?"

He laughed at her comments before replying "Oh yes, just past the gate and through lovers lane I have a burial mound where all the girls I bring and vanquish have been laid to rest" Orson winked before turning and walking "Are you coming, Presidio Boulevard isn't going to walk itself." And unlike him, he held out his hand behind him offering it to her.

Eira raised an eyebrow at the hand offering again, "Okay.." She took his hand and they kept walking up the pathway. It was nice and quiet with all the stars out and the low hum of traffic noise from San Fransisco around them. The accent she liked to keep hidden was starting to come out the more comfortable she got with him, "I like you, Mr Beckett, but this hand-holding thing is weird to me." She gave a playful laugh and gave his hand a light but meaningful squeeze. "And before you ask, it's northern European."

"You read my mind, that was going to be my next question." He said, looking to their hands he squeezed playfully back before saying, "We don't have to hold hands, I thought it might make you feel comfortable" In hindsight he could understand why it wouldn't: they had after all just met.

"I'm not really complaining about it, to be honest. It's weird, like I said, but I'm enjoying it." She laughed slightly and tucked her hair behind her ear. It was straight and just below shoulder length and driving her crazy being down. "So.. Besides science, what do you like?"

"Besides being a scientist what do I like," He said looking ahead as they walked down the boulevard flanked by trees either side. "I'm am amateur photographer but not with a holo imager, old school like a really old school with a polaroid instant camera, and I like camping too. What about you?"

"Maybe I'll let you take some photos of me at some stage, I'm a fabulous muse." She said with a slight tease in her voice as she flipped her hair behind her shoulders. "Archery is my thing when I get a chance, and being in the snow.."

A quarter of an hour has passed and as the city grew sleepy, the roar of traffic and other people in the park reduced to almost none Orson and Eira continued to walk nearing the exit of the park. "So what did you think of the park, pretty place huh?" He said their conversation had touched what seemed to be every aspect fo each others life and he could tell he was interested in Eira Cortez the fresh-faced, pretty intelligence cadet.

"Maybe if I came alone it wouldn't be as nice." She was interested in him too but she wouldn't be giving in after only a few hours.

2379, San Fransico, Starfleet Academy

Orson now in his third year was sat facing the academy's entrance, it was the beginning of a new academic year and he enjoyed watching all the new cadets turning up extra early, their faces alive with excitement. Little did they know that the academy was gonna chop their sleeping by half and consume their entire life through studying and lessons, that said the academy did give him one thing back in return. Which came in the form of Eira Cortez, who he was waiting for in the main quad. They had met in her first year and since then had been pretty much inseparable during the times they had off, it wasn't always easy but they made it work.

"Hey you," Eira was sitting on top of a low concrete wall in the sun and jumped up when she saw him coming. She liked to keep things mostly professional when they were in public because she wasnt a fan of flaunting relationships but in private she had got the party boy and was pretty smug about it.

"So I was thinking for tonight we got out for dinner." She suggested as they walked across the quad, "Nothing fancy, just something low key. Unless you had plans?"

He shook his head, so maybe he har been offered an invitation to this years freshers week but they hadn't seen each other the whole summer and he knew Eira would want to do something. "No plans, where were you thinking?" He asked as they walked side by side some of the other third and second year cadets they knew waving as they passed in their groups.

"Well, I was thinking, remember where we first met? Final final? We dont go there but head to that park we walked through. I heard there's an outdoor concert tonight."

Orson stopped in his stride, "A concert?" He held his hand to her forehead mockingly checking her temperature, "The quiet intelligence cadet who isn't a fan of crowds and drinking wants to go to a concert? Wheres my Eira and what have you done with her" He chuckled smiling at the woman who had captivated his whole world in the past year. "I think that sounds like an awesome idea."

"Your Eira, huh?" She poked him playfully and stopped to look up at him. Damn he truly was an amazing guy and she was one lucky as hell girl. "Maybe I thought it was time for a bit of a change? A little something different to break up my quietness, as everyone keeps telling me I should do."

"Okay, but don't complain later when you're bored!" He said before moving his head to kiss her quickly, they had moved to a quieter part of the Academy, and though he knew she wasn't a fan of public affection he did like to see her turn that beautiful shade of red. It seemed never they were together it was always for the first time and they might not get to see each other again. "I missed you!" He said pulling away after a moment connected.

"You know I've missed you too" Eira laughed as she turned red from blushing so much. "Hey, it's not my fault you've been off doing your own sciencey thing." She secretly loved the attention he always gave her whenever they were together. "And, I'm not going to complain about anything.. Today is a good day." Clearly he didn't remember what today was.

"Is it? Hmmm, it's not either one of our birthdays so it couldn't be that!" He said holding his hand to his chin pretending to be deep in thought when secretly he knows what today meant for her and for him but Orson was a tease and he got no greater pleasure than winding up Eira.

She punched his arm playfully, "You know exactly what today is. So because I have a bit of study to do before tomorrow, I'm going to go and do that then I'll meet you back here around 6pm. Sound good?"

"Sounds like a date!" He said chuckling, "Be here or be square and don't study too hard Its day one and I know how you get sometimes. You'll get so engrossed you'll forget what time of day it is and I'll have to drag you away from those study books of yours!" He leaned in a kissed her again, this time o lingering taking in the sweetness of her lips.

"Smartass." She was smiling as she kissed him back and closed her eyes. "I'll see you later tonight."

2380, San Fransico, Starfleet Academy

"Eira, come on! You of all people know how much this work means to me!" He pleaded having asked to cancel their plans for their three year anniversary for the fourth night in a row. It hadn't been received well, "For my birthday you was to busy studying for that intelligence simulation remember? I dint moan then even though it really disappointed me!" Orson added standing a little way from her his hands out pleadingly.

"And I've apologized for that already." Eira slid towards the end of the bed with one leg still under her. "Orson, we only get to see each other once or twice a week now. We both knew it was going to be hard trying to maintain the balance of our relationship and our studies, but I just wanted one night to celebrate a milestone. Just one single night."

It was the same thing over and over and over again between them lately, and she was starting to get tired of it.

Orson followed her to the end of the bed standing though infront of her, “and we will, just not tonight, please Eira dont be mad" He was pleading as usual, their relationship had been strained over the last year with Eira in her second and hebin his third. "We knew it was going to be like this, and we said well try to make it work" he added.

She sighed her reply, "Not mad, just disappointed. We can make it another night then." She shrugged and got up off the bed to stand, "I dont know what else to do."

It was Orsons turn to sit on the bed defeated "Eira" He said softly, "Do you have the feeling that this isnt working, that we're not going anywhere?" There was an obvious clear note of sadness in his tone.

Eira sat back down next to him, "I love you, Orson, i really do. At the moment though, it's not enough. I think if we're truly meant to be together, then we're going to cross paths again later on in life." She leaned into him and put her head on his shoulder, "Who knows, you might need rescuing off a planet or something and I'll be the one who rescues you." She tried for a laugh but it fell flat.

He chuckled: her humor had come along so far since he first met that shy freshman cadet. "So, friends?" Orson's heart raced because he knew they weren't breaking up because they didn't love each other, if anything that's why there were breaking apart because they both loved their job and both loved each other.

"Of course." She kissed him on the cheek and let it linger for a moment before she pulled back and stood up, smoothing her shirt out. "I guess I'll see you around the place, and good luck with your studies, you're going to be an amazing science officer."

"And you're going to make an amazing intelligence officer, maybe even one of the best and I mean that Eira Cortez dont let anyone or anything stop you from achieving what you deserve" He looked at her saddle blinking to remove the notion of crying.

She smiled sadly and gathered her stuff before walking out the door for the final time, careful not to let him see the single tear running down her cheek.


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