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Distress Call

Posted on 28 Jun 2020 @ 6:25pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Commander T'Lara & Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Janice Soran, M.D., D.V.M. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Bernard, Ph.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez & Lieutenant T'Mar & Lieutenant Junior Grade Anyi Nila & Ensign Spencer Griffith-Bailey

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: En Route from Canterra to PFY
Timeline: 0016, 8 Mar 2389


The Hawaii was en route to PFY. It was almost the end of watch for Section 4.

"Ma'am, I am receiving a distress call from what seems to be Bre'el IV. The audio is breaking up," the OPS officer reported.

Iria muttered under her breath, **~~Great just great of course there's an issue that I have only recently trained for on the freaking holo-deck~~** she thought to herself and then wrinkled her nose as she looked at the Ops officer, if it had been Nila, she would have known exactly what to say about the Ma'am comment, "Play what you've got we will figure out the rest."

The ops officer hit a button and an audio file played with static and garbled noises: "---ission at Bre'---we are un---attack. Send-----elp."

"Message repeats, ma'am," the ops officer said as the message started to repeat.

"Are we the only ones in range to hear the distress call?" Iria asked though she had a sinking feeling that she was going to have to order a change of course to render aid. But if there was a small chance another ship could reach them before the Hawaii she would then see what the Captain thought about offering back up.

"There are some ships in the vicinity of XFY, yet we are the closest, ma'am," the OPS officer answered.

Iria nodded her head, "We're going to change course and send a call for an assist just in case towards XFY." She said firmly as she made notes of the log, with head's up to be sent to the Captain and T'Lara.

"Communication sent to XFY," Ops reported. "Updating all logs now."

The black and white man poured over everything the could find about Bre'el. He gave his thoughts:

“We can give assistance. Especially in case of battle. However, the repetition is suspicious. I advise that we are walking into an ambush. In any case, there are non-combatants in that system who will need our help.”

Watch Changeover - 0100

Akio entered the bridge about ten minutes prior to the watch starting. Often, he would get an update and leave the most senior junior officer in charge while he went on standby, taking care of things in his quarters or the ready room. Akio enjoyed the quiet stillness of the late nights... If it was a particularly long day the day before, he'd sometimes ask to not be disturbed as he reset his sleep schedule. The crew had developed for the most part that Akio trusted them on the bridge... plus, not much happened in the wee hours.

"Report," Akio said as he started pulling up the logs on a nearby terminal towards the back of the bridge.

Iria gave him a cheeky grin of greeting, "I ordered a change of course because we picked up a distress signal from Bre'el and from the message it sounded as if they were under attack. I had a message sent to the XFY to see if anyone else can join us but we are closer than any of them would have been able to offer assistance," she said firmly hoping she hadn't overstepped by too much, not that she was letting her expression show her concern, nope that was all in her private thoughts.

"ETA to Bre'el IV?" Akio asked, his thoughts already racing to why Bre'el would be under attack.

Spencer pressed a couple of buttons and brought up the details, "According to this, we're about an hour forty five out from Bre'el IV. We could make it an hour and thirty if we pushed it, Sir." He turned to look at Akio for guidance.

"Increase speed to emergency warp," Akio immediately ordered. "Over an hour?! This whole thing could be over by then."

Iria winced as she realized she hadn't ordered increased speed when she had ordered change of course, that was her mistake, she would take responsibility for that and whatever else came next.

"My fault for not being clear when I ordered change course, Sir." Iria piped up hoping to at least save some unintended trouble for the helm officer.

Akio kept his mouth shut, realizing he had wondered aloud with his temper.

"Raise the Senior Staff and have them report in 30 minutes," Akio ordered.

"Yes sir, raising speed to emergency warp." Spencer echoed, moving the controls forward and increasing the speed. Hopefully they made it there in time.

“Still no readings from that sector, Captain," Bernard reported. "I suggest we try to make contact with any other friendlies near there. Perhaps they can see what we cannot.”

The Ops Officer looked behind him at the Tactical Station as if the Lieutenant didn't hear him earlier that Hawaii was the closest vessel.

"Send a communique that we are en-route and will be there within the hour," Akio ordered.

Officer Gym - Deck 3

Cortez had just finished a late-night workout because she hadn't been able to sleep and was just finishing in the shower when the call came through. "Excellent timing as always." Putting her hair into a high ponytail and reaching out for her uniform again, she put it on and made her way to the Bridge. What was going on?

Dr. Soran's Quarters - Deck 3

In Janice's quarters, her computer sounded, "WEEOOO WEEEOOOO WEEEOOOO" causing her to jump in bed. Falling on the floor, "Damn it!", she said, getting up she tripped over the half scared cat, "Shit! Damn cat," and then falling head long into the bird cage, "Fuck! Bloody bird!, Akio I'm gonna kill you," she hollered. Covered in feathers and cat hair, Janice got up and answered with "I'll be there", and looked at the mess. "Damn it, I'm not going to deal with this now!" she growled and got cleaned up. Wondering why she was called, and at this hour as well, but the life of a Starfleet Doctor was something that was a 24hr duty call. Heading to the ready room half awake she walked into what she thought was the lift. "Bridge" she said and when it didn't move she realized it was the animal clinic! "Today is NOT going to be my day at all!" she said cursing again and getting on to the lift finally.

Deck 3 - Senior Officers' Quarters

T'Lara was sitting in her living room drinking a cup of tea. She hadn't gone to sleep yet. There was a sound of the shower in the background. Harry was having a shower. She looked over to the sleeping Sif. This was when the call came in. She hit her badge. "On my way!"

She got up and straightened her uniform. On her way out she patted Sif behind her ears and just walked out of the room. She gotten used to the dog being there. She entered the hallway on her way to the turbolift to go the bridge.

T'Mar was standing at the turbolift as the First Officer approached. "Commander," She said as she nodded to T'Lara.

T'Lara nodded back. "Lieutenant." Silently the two waited for the turbolift. And they also were silent in the Turbolift. The two Vulcans didn't need much conversation.

The Arc Quarters - Deck 5

Perrin pulled on his uniform, strangely excited. His wife asked from the bed: “Are we having a space-battle?”

Perrin laughed. “Babe, we don’t call them that and I’m sure the Captain would call a red alert if we were.”

She rolled over. “Guess I get this whole big bed to myself now. Pity.”

Perrin shook his head, fully clothed now, and left his quarters for the bridge.

Deck 3 - Anyi Nila's quarters

Nila sits in silence, meditation had been something she picked up in the Academy to help with her 'angry' issues she supposedly had. She thinks a lot of things like this are stupid and don't really help but this just became a habit of hers. Finally, her meditation was interrupted by the call. She wanted to kick a chair over but stopped herself.

Changing into her uniform quickly she walks to the closest turbolift and ascends to the bridge.

Bridge - Deck 1

"--the marines know what's going on," Akio was saying as Cortez exited the turbolift followed by Dr. Soran.

"Sorry to wake you both," Akio glanced at Cortez and his gaze lingered on the Doctor for a moment as he could tell she was irritated. "The Federation Mission at Bre'el IV is under attack. Cortez, check your intel sources to see if there's any reporting on threats. Doctor, prepare for incoming casualties."

"I was already awake, sir, it's all good." Cortez moved to her designated station and began getting the information requested. "Give me a couple of minutes and I'll have all the info you need.

"You made me fall, trip over the cat, fall into the bird cage! I know I'm on call 24 hours but damn captain it's the middle of the night!" Janice said rubbing the bruise on her head. "I'll have sickbay ready. What kind of weapons we talking about?"

Akio stifled a laugh. "Unknown weapons at this time," he answered.

The lift doors opened once more and the two Vulcans exited the lift. T'Mar stayed a little behind T'Lara respecting the seniority of her rank and position. T'Lara looked to the captain. "Your orders, sir?"

T'Mar went over to take her position at the tactical station and await her orders there.

Nila silently made her way to the OP station and took her seat waiting for orders.

Akio glanced at the chronometer on the back of the bridge. He was impressed by his Senior Officers, especially after the turnover.

"Thank you for arriving quickly. The Federation Mission at Bre'el IV is under attack," Akio repeated for the benefit of the new arrivals.

The Captain turned back to the OPS station. "Lieutenant Anyi, please work with Commander Taltos to boost power to our engines. We need all the speed we can get," Akio then looked behind him to the tactical station.

"Lieutenant T'Mar, I would like you to coordinate with the Marines on a recovery mission," Akio said before turning to his new XO.

T'Mar nodded to the captain and said, "Yes, sir, I will contact the Major and the Gunnery Sergeant." She turned to the tactical console as she looked through the tactical information of the Marines and then send a memo to the Major that she would be meeting him for a coordination mission.

"Number one, you will be overseeing the operation in CIC. I expect to be briefed on operational details in 15 minutes," Akio directed.

"Understood!" T'Lara said.

"Recommend we begin to divert power from any unnecessary systems at this time then." Nila states.

Akio nodded. "Make it happen."

Perrin exited the lift and walked onto the bridge. “Good evening, Captain,” he said, “Doctor Arc, reporting for duty.”

Akio was surprised to have a counselor on the bridge. It was a rare sight to see Dr. Emerson, who seemed to prefer the psychiatric center in sickbay over the action on the Main Deck. He enjoyed an officer who was not afraid to leave the confines of their area though.

"Thank you, Doctor Arc," Akio nodded at the counselor. "Bre'el IV is under attack. You are welcome to observe," Akio gestured to the chair on his left, "although Doc Soran may need your assistance in sickbay."


Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF

T'Lara, LCDR, SF

Iria Taltos, LCDR, SF

T'Mar, LT, SF

Steven Bernard, Ph.D., LTJG, SF

Janice Soran, M.D., D.V.M., LT, SF

Anyi Nila, LTJG, SF

Eira Cortez, LTJG, SF

Spencer Griffith-Bailey, ENS, SF


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