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Canterra - Did someone call a doctor?

Posted on 03 Feb 2020 @ 2:48am by Major Terrance West & Lieutenant Janice Soran, M.D., D.V.M. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Steven Bernard, Ph.D. & Ensign Rora Tai

Mission: Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters
Location: The Scythe
Timeline: Following Operation Dust Bowl


West entered the facility and joined the Lieutenants at the front as the marines started clearing the building.

Why would the Gorn vanish suddenly, abandoning such an asset without a fight? West wondered, yet the answer was revealed as they rounded the corner that opened up onto an Operations Floor.

"Now it all makes sense..." West said to himself.

There was a body draped on top of the central 'pool table', clothes tattered and wired to something. On the screens was Gorn writing that kept scrolling.

A marine started rushing toward the body.

"Corporal, HALT!" West shouted. "I bet you they booby trapped this thing for us. Follow the wires and see if you can get a pulse."

The Corporal listened to West before nodding and slowing his approach.

He waved the rest of the party up after clearing the floor.

Reaching for her neck the Corporal's eyes widened, "She's still alive, sir."

West was again surprised... the woman had probably a dozen wires leading out from her abdomen, through her clothes. Her breathing was shallow and raspy.

"It doesn't sound like it will be long. Brooks, do you know how to work this? We can't get comms with The Scythe operating."

"Already on it, Major," the Master Chief replied as he and the rest of the colonists were operating a terminal.

After half an hour, as if a switch was flipped, West's earpiece roared to life with comms from the Battlegroup.

"West to Hawaii, West to Hawaii, do you copy?"

=/\=Hawaii to West, we he--static-- loud and clear. What is your loc --static--status?=/\=

Comms still seemed spotty, yet at least this was better than nothing.

"We are at a satellite communications facility near Sophiaville, referenced as a The Scythe. We need immediate medevac," West transmitted.

=/\=Copy--static--doctors are planetside. We're putting a --static-- to the group.=/\=

[On Board the Algonquin -- Sickbay]

=/\=Dr. Soran, please report to the Main Shuttlebay for medevac transport planetside.=/\=

Hearing the inevitable call to duty, Janice grabbed her backpack with the medical needs of a field surgeon and headed for the shuttle. It was not her first time going into battle nor doing the MASH unit again. It was like her 90 millionth time she was headed into the field.

Entering the shuttlebay she walked up to the marine standing there. "Janice Soran CMO reporting. Did someone call for a doctor?", she said flatly.

"Yeah, we're picking up an escort shuttle from Hawaii, but they don't have any doctors, so it's just you," the pilot replied.

Looking at the pilot, "You've got to be kidding! I am the only MD going into that mess?!?! Oh joy!!!", she said rolling her eyes. "Ok sonny boy where's my evac ride?", Janice retorted.

"You'll have some nurses and there are corpsmen coming from the Hawaii," the pilot said as he pointed to the shuttle.

"Wonderful! Nurses and corpsmen but no doctors......this does not bode well", Janice said as she entered the shuttle and double checked her backpack.

[On Board the Algonquin Shuttle]

"--check. Sensors, check. Comms, check..." could be heard in the cockpit.

"How in the world do they expect me to do meatball surgery in the middle of a battle?" Janice said, checking the medical supplies onboard the shuttle.

"We're a medevac, ma'am," smiled a nurse who boarded after her.

[Hawaii -- Main Shuttlebay]

"Tai, there's a tasking for you from the Marine OPS Center. They need a pilot to fly medevac planetside. Here's the coords," a Lieutenant dressed in red passed a PADD to the pilot who was on the shuttle floor.

Rora was just starting to relax after getting the better part of the recon team back to the Hawaii, some had been lost some looked like they were barely keeping it together but she wasn't tired herself being tasked to do something was fine with her, "Sure what shuttle do you want me to take out or do you want the Aubrey going out again?"

"It will be a Type 11 they are prepping in the Main Shuttlebay. Sickbay is stressed on our ship so they're flying in a doc who will meet you at those coordinates. Your shuttle is extra capacity for patients," the Lieutenant explained.

[Battlegroup Hawaii Near Space]

The shuttles rendezvoused before accelerating towards the planet.

Rora acknowledged the ping from the other shuttle and offered up her orders than got into position to flank the shuttle carrying the Doctor and she guessed other medical personnel.

[On Board the Algonquin Shuttle]

"Dust Bowl to ANGEL 1-8, we have a situation for you... transmitting coordinates now," a voice could be heard over comms.

"Good lord......does it get any worse?", Janice commented, checking her first aide kit again.

About ten minutes later, the cockpit became a flurry of activity.

"ANGEL 1-8, we are go for entry," the pilot said.

This was the type of flying that Rora both adored and hated at the same time depending on whom she was flying with. if it was someone she knew well it was easy to know how they would compensate for course correction and such but for folks she didn't know she had to be especially alert for how things might change and to be ready to move accordingly.

The shuttles rocked back and forth as they made their entry. As the stabilizers kicked in, the rocking stopped. The shuttles quickly made their way right down on top of The Scythe, flying low, as marines guided them in.

[The Scythe]

As the doors opened, Major West stood outside the ramp of the Algonquin shuttle.

"Thank you for making the trip quickly, Doctor," West greeted Soran.

"Where are the patients?", Janice asked flatly.

"Right this way," West answered.

Rora got the shuttle settled down beside the other and lower the ramp, "Ready for return trip when you are, sir." She called down not moving from her seat since she wasn't trained for dealing with injuries and honestly the sight of other folks blood bothered her.

"Copy, we'll be back shortly," a nurse responded.

[The Scythe, Inner Chamber]

Bernard had made it into the inner chamber finally. The chaotic mess that had told him to blow up the non-functioning turrets outside and babble a strange stream of non-specific instructions had stopped. The mess of wires and tubes had caught his full attention. They led him to the woman at the center. He almost dropped his rifle. "Oh, baby," he said, his heart was breaking even though he had no idea who the woman was, "what have they done to you." He started to shiver as he unconsciously circled the body.

She's not a body, he thought, You can do something. You can save her. "I think they're getting someone else," He said, "They don't need me." But she does, he thought, Do everything you can.

Bernard slung his rifle on his back, and approached her. He stroked her forehead with a quivering hand. It was cold: they had lowered her body temperature to keep her alive. Who are you? he asked. "Hey darlin," he said, "We're gonna fix this. We're going to get you out of here." He had already analyzed the direction of the cables and tubes. Why are they all through her abdomen? he asked, Did they turn her into a battery? A processor? For what? "They would have to do some heavy rerouting to bring her brain function down through her body and out around her navel. Oh God," he said, "you're gonna have to help, please."

The protrusions in that area were not bleeding now, but they had. No doubt. He could not disconnect her, he knew that right away. A real surgeon would have to do that. What he could do, was locate and isolate her life support systems. He would find and mark anything and everything that was keeping her alive. He started to follow the wires one-by-one from her mutilated stomach to their terminus.

He looked up and called to anyone who would listen: "When the hell is a real doctor getting here?"

West and Soran entered at that point.

"Doctor Bernard, the M.D. is here," West said, slightly concerned what the Security Ensign was doing near the body.

Janice almost choked at the sight of this poor body, "OH MY GOD! What in the name of god is going on? Dear god!", she said as she finally landed near Bernard. "Janice Soran MD, DVM, pleased to meet you Dr. Bernard. What are her biological function readouts like?", she said as she pulled her medical tricorder out and ran the scans.

Bernard found that he was angry. The surprise was that he was angry with West and Soran as much as he was with the Gorn. His feelings soon had voice: They should have thought of this. She should have gotten here sooner. Why isn't she taking the tubes out now? She's the one who works with living people, I'm not a doctor anymore-- He bit his lip and closed his eyes, willing his anger to be pulled away, leaving the fear and confusion it masked naked to the Betazoid. It's not their fault, He told himself. He offered his hand to her in a gesture of surrender as much as friendship. His eyes blurred as he opened them and a few tears escaped.

"Bernard, Xeno Bio and Mortuary affairs," he said, "I've been marking her life support--tubes." He pointed to a mess of lines he had marked with grease he had found. "The essential things are marked with black. I think they are using her as a filter. But I haven't had a living patient in--" He had a flash of bloody bodies and misplaced innards--"A long time so I can't be sure. They are extracting a substance from her and pumping something else in. You tell me how I can help, and I will. Forgive me for being unprofessional. I've seen a lot of things, but this is really messing with me."

"Question: as a filter for what? What are they trying to filter through her systems", Janice said pulling the medical tricorder from her backpack. Running it over the woman's body, Janice was shocked at her readings. "It would appear you're correct. Her heart, lungs, kidneys and liver are functioning at triple the normal rate. But there is no degradation of the organs! How is this possible unless they are infusing her body with drugs to keep them from degrading......." Janice said dumbfounded. "Bernard I feel your emotions and agree. This is far beyond anyone's idea of torture", she added.

The black and white man nodded. They needed to start. He tried, instead of swallowing his emotions and letting them fester, pushing them aside. You are have rerouted wires and hydraulics before, he told himself. Point her in the right way so she can start. He thought about what he knew about systems and pressure and fluid flow. He thought about what humans need. He thought about how creatures with veins work.

"Thank you, Doctor--" he couldn't remember the woman's name right now, but that was not primary-- "Here is where I think we should start disconnecting but, again, you are the professional. I ask that you actually save this woman but I submit to your decisions." He pointed to the collection of tubes that were putting liquid into the woman's body and realized his gestures were useless.

"Listen," he tried again, "Let's number the tubes. We need to slow the inputs into her system and monitor the fluid being pumped out. If output is greater than input, we suck her dry and kill her. If input is greater than output, we pop her organs like balloons. We have to slowly turn everything down. Everything at the same level except for the sedative. She'll die of shock if she feels us doing this. We need a good sequence of removal. I can work with the pumps as you deal with the vitals. I can deal with Gorn machines, just give me a few minutes to make sure I won't make a shitty mistake by translating the knobs and buttons wrong."

Bernard did not wait. He counted 4 machines, one of them a collection unit for
a few different fluids being pumped out of the woman. One of the fluids was a lavender color that should not be coming out of any body. The machine was filling, spinning and counting as it went. There were many vials and more kept coming. The blood was being returned, no doubt with other nutrients and perhaps even more of what she was filtering. He used his tricorder and codec on it to figure the read outs. He guessed that is he could slow down this machine, his fear that they might turn her into a raisin or a macabre water balloon would not become reality.

One machine was a very complicated life support machine. One was an iron lung. The last handled her temperature control.

"I've got it so I can turn down almost everything at once. I'm going to have to run back and forth, but when you are ready to start. I'm ready too."

"Wait, before we anything, if we are going to completely remove her safely, we need to set up two infusion lines of dextrose 5% to maintain the body fluid content. I don't need her to go into shock either," Janice added as she set up the infusion units. Once she had accomplished this, with her tricorder in hand she nodded to Bernard to begin shutting it down.

Bernard was relived to have some direction from Dr. Soran and the dextrose sounded like a great plan.

"I'm going to leave her temperature as low as it is for a while. Please warn me if an adjustment needs to be made as we go along. I'm going slow the systems now." He watched to see if the doctor would start work. "5%, 7%, 10%, 20%, holding at 30%. Tell me if I need to adjust or we can go further, please. Are those things coming out with any resistance? Oh, I don't need to know that. Standing by, Doctor."

"Doc, I'm not trying to pressure you, yet I think the Gorn have us on a timeline, here," West commented as he pointed to a terminal with symbols that were clearly getting smaller as time passed, almost like numbers.

"West, I can sense that already but if you inturpt me again you might just kill the woman we are trying to save here!", Janice replied in a aggravated tone of voice.

The marine Major glared at the doctor for a moment before deciding it was best not to bother her further, considering the circumstances.

"Bernard watch the blood volume as we do this", Janice said as she began to remove the IV lines from the woman watching her vitals closely.

Bernard was aghast. He should have checked to see what blood type she was as soon as he started work. "Aye, Doctor," He said, "I'm type O+ if she needs an infusion." He ran to make actual contact with the life support machine, and adjusted it to increase the pure blood it sent into the prone woman just a little.

Removing each tube line one by one she was beginning to sense that maybe this poor woman was not only a guinea pig but something of a horrible experiment. In anycase she carefully removed the tubes while she was watching her tricorder. Bernard was carefully watching the machine readouts and Janice sensed his emotions that he really had an intetest in this woman so she could not let her die. "Bernard we only have three left. Now it gets hairy. Watch that machine carefully. I am about to pull the last three important ones," Janice said.

"The Systems have been slowed to 75% to this time, gradually. The machines look good," Bernard was very scared, though pushing the feeling aside. He pulled up his sleeve and inserted a field IV port into his left arm. It hurt, but he was unwilling to lose this woman for want of healthy blood.

"Bernard, wait what do you think your doing? Stop that immediately." Soran moved with frightening speed and was removing the iv line." Bernard I don't need you to become groggy or pass out."

West observed the situation and thought the Ensign was losing his mind.

The black and white man looked up from his read outs and stopped the Betazoid from yanking out his port. He was now fully aware that he might not fit in, but that to save this woman's life, he'd do weird shit.

"This is a field port," Bernard said, "It locks at the end so I don't lose any blood and nothing can get in. If she needs my blood, we can run a line from me to her and unlock it. Bernard becomes a bipedal juice box and her life is saved. If she doesn't need it, I take it out and spray my skin shut. The port is ancient technology, but it works. Doctor, is she out of the woods?"

Looking at Bernard in sheer shock then back to the readouts then up to West, who was also in limbo land, "some how.....and I don't know how or why but it's the damnedest thing I ever saw. The woman is holding her own", Soran said as she removed the final lines from the woman.

The terminals started to make a buzzing noise.

"Let's get her and us the hell outta here fast!" Soran yelled as they collected the woman and headed for the shuttle.

Bernard dug in his pack for a second an tossed field blanket over the woman as the others carried her out. He followed them into the shuttle.

West didn't have to be told twice. "MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!"

Almost automatically, the Major started counting... one... two... three...

On the Type 11 shuttle Rora was watching the scanners and the the sky in turn, she did not want to know what the medical folks were dealing with, injuries for others were not her forté at all but she was a pilot and sometimes musician. If she had too she could try to help with a small repair or something but she would really rather not.

As the Doctor and others scrambled up the ramp and got settled in the shuttle Rora glanced over her shoulder briefly, "Do we have everyone or is anyone else still coming aboard?" She tried to not pay attention to the sight of someone's bloodied wounds.

"That's everyone, lift off!" West shouted... twenty-five... twenty-six...


Terrance "Terry" West, Maj, SFMC
USS Hawaii

Janice Soran, M.D., D.V.M., LT, SF
USS Algonquin

Dr. Bernard, Steven, ENS, SF
USS Hawaii

Rora Tai, ENS, SF
USS Hawaii


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