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Tell a Tai

Posted on 28 Jan 2019 @ 11:51am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Matsius Amur, M.D. (Jan 2389 - TRSNFR After Gorn War) & Ensign Rora Tai

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 3 days after the Second Battle of Xavier

Rora walked in to the Sickbay a bit uneasily. She had been avoiding the place after the end of the Gorn battle, mostly because there was so many wounded folks it was nearly chaos. Now though it was quiet and she felt it was safe enough to get her physical done.

She had nothing against Doctors or what they did but seeing folks in pain or bleeding bothered her. She did not have to deal with that usually while flying a shuttle or other things. When the Marine Captain had been returned to the Hilo hurt she had been so very glad that Spencer had dealt with the poor man so she did not have to see the bleeding man. Shaking her head softly she looked around the room. "Hello?" Rora said after a moment, of not seeing anyone in residence.

Tapping off a report as Matsius looked up from his PADD and back into the main sickbay as he gets up and placed the PADD down "I'm coming...give me a minute" He puts his jacket correctly and walks into the sickbay and sees Tai standing there "My, my oh my...what can I do for you?"

Rora blinked at his a moment as her cheeks flushed, she wasn't used to flirting, specially with Doctors. "Good afternoon, I was supposed to get my physical done but with the Gorn attack and all..." She gave a wry grin and shrugged sheepishly, "My name is Rora Tai," she offered her hand to him.

Grabbing gently her hand and gave a french kiss on it "Pleasure to meet you, ma'am. My name is Matsius Amur, the Assistant Chief Medical Officer" He smiled at her and lets go of her hand as he waves to a biobed "Please sit down while I get your medical files" He walks to the side of the biobed and taps onto the console to get the required files on Rora Tai.

Rora walked to the biobed he had indicated bemused, his old style galentry had her blushing, more. She wondered briefly how the nurses delt with his flirtatious ways. Not that she minded, most guys tended to go after the tall leggy blondes. "Are you and the rest alright after the Gorn battle?" She asked lightly as he got acquainted with her medical history.

Grabbing a tricorder and sets the settings correctly "Well, we had some operations and many burned wounded" Matsius nodded to himself a bit as he saw some greenlights and moved to her and began scanning "This will take a moment" He stated calmly "I have had restless or short nights, it calms down like two days ago" He shrugs at that and looked at the first scans "Your heart beating a bit high, you fine?" Looking into her eyes.

Rora nodded, "I feel just fine, looking forward to getting to work, at the helm." She felt okay, she sat still, "How is the Marine Captain doing if I may ask?" The poor guy had been beamed to the Hilo then retrieved by rescue shuttle Pale Hound before she guessed his last stop was Sickbay.

He hums a bit checking the data seeing the heart beating go back to normal "He is fine, back in his barrack to get his rest I believe" Matsius replied as he checked her arms and neck "A cough please" He requested checking her body reactions.

Rora blinked at him a moment surprised at the comment, but she wrinkled her nose slightly and did her best to cough. She wasn't good at faking things. She couldn't sneeze much else unless it was a natural accorence.

The lungs and breathing was good "Alright, that sounds good...any complains you have been having the last few weeks since your last check-up?" Matsius looked at her and smiled softly at her, she was quite beautiful and yet he was holding back.

Rora shook her head softly, "Not a thing, if that changes I know to come down and find out what's what." She ended with a smile, she hadn't gotten into anything that could get her hurt recently. So far she hadn't had time to go looking for trouble either.

His hands placed on her neck as he press on certain locations as Matsius goes down to just above her breast to check the bones and nods to himself "Everything seems in check...healthy condition, perfect shape...ehhh I mean perfect health" He pulls his hand away a bit slow and checks the readings on the panel.

Rora blinked a moment as he turned away, his hands had been sure in his movements but that slight slip of shape versus health, made her wonder if he was teasing, or flirting or was it just a cultural difference reference. Nothing wrong with being in good shape. Though usually applied to ships or things, either way she wasn't upset. "Am I clear for duty then?" She asked with a smile as she watched him moving around.

It was a shame about the beard that covered his face, she was willing to bet he had a handsome face hidden benieth it.

Nodding towards her as Matsius signed the panel as being cleared for duty "You are, just continue with this patron of living healthy Ensign and everything will be fine."

Rora smiled and nodded, "Thank you Doctor, hopefully things won't get crazy down here for you and the rest." She hopped down from the biobed and smiled again before she turned around to head out.


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