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Lieutenant Junior Grade Matsius Amur, M.D. (Jan 2389 - TRSNFR After Gorn War)

Name Matsius Amur, M.D. (Jan 2389 - TRSNFR After Gorn War)

Position Medical Officer (MED)

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 121

Physical Appearance

Height 1,78 meters
Weight 75 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light blue
Physical Description Matsius is a casual man that dresses like a gentleman and seems well-cared for himself. He keeps his hair short and his beard trimmed. His body is quite muscled and well trained and doesn't mind showing it off sometimes to women.


Spouse Widower
Laure Amur - 12 years (Child of Nianhe Relirs) - Female Trill

Hinhell Amur - 12 years (Child of Nianhe Relirs) - Female Trill
Captain Adrun Irin - 45 (Child of Karalah Irin) - Male Betazoid
Father Dertein Amur
Mother Dione Amur
Sister(s) Mendral Amur (72 years)
Other Family Karalah Irin (First wife, Divorced)
Nianhe Relirs (Second wife, Deceased - Second Battle of Union)

Personality & Traits

General Overview "Matsius? Oh good grief, that man is trouble when it comes towards ladies. He will do anything if not everything to get under the skirt of the ladies. He already lost a rank due to that reckless behavior of his. Never serious about things and slacks off quite a bit. But....there is one thing he is serious about, well two: His children and his medical skills. They are his life; other than that he is a professional pervert" ~ Lieutenant Commander (Dr) H'Mia, M.D.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Medical knowledge (Neuroscience Master)
- Precise
- Charming
- Confident
- Determined
- Focused

- Perverted behavior
- Irresponsible
- Lazy
- Undisciplined
Ambitions "Sit back, enjoy the ride... no, really I have seen everything that can be seen out there."
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies & Interests
- Womanizing, it's a hobby of sorts.
- Sleeping in his hammock.
- Doing absolute nothing, which annoys other officers.

Personal History Matsius Amur, born on 2268 under the care of Dertein and Dione Amur at one of the refugee's vessels that had fled the El-Aurian homeworld from the Borg attack in 2265. Dertein was the Captain of the vessel and had done his best to get out of range of the Borg that was hunting down the survivors. Their warp engine was broken in the last attack, though they were successful in their escape. Then they reached neutral space and landed on a planet called Union Colony. They joined the population that had welcomed them into their community.

At the age of 17, Matsius left Union to do what most El-Aurians did, explore and find new things out there. The Raeya Transit Corridor was still unknown, fresh and the Federation was still not there. Matsius barely made it through as he arrived at the Federation, their idealism caught his attention and he felt drawn to them. He passed himself off as a human when the USS Callisto, a Constellation Class, had found his ship. Matsius managed to make his traveling story believable and he was brought towards Earth. There he got in touch with the riches of what the Federation had to offer.

He joined Starfleet as soon as he could and specialized in the medical field, neuroscience to be precise. When he graduated he was assigned in 2286 to the USS Klugman. The journey was calmly and Matsius made himself known as a skilled medical officer and was quickly promoted and reassigned as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. The Klugman was involved in patrolling the Klingon borders and was actually one of the ships that were on an intercept course towards the Khitomer Conference that was attacked. Matsius performed medical aid on the wounded at the Conference and witnessed the Accords being formed.

With excellent service on the Klugman, Matsius was reassigned to the USS Crazy Horse, where he met his first wife, Karalah Irin, and the two fell in love with each other. A skilled doctor and a fighter Chief Security Officer, a true love story indeed. The Crazy Horse was dispatched on an intercept course towards a Federation base that was hit by an unknown vessel. However when they reached a graveyard, the Tomed Incident had happened and they wanted to offer help. They were recalled by Starfleet Command to stand down at once. Because Matsius was the Second Officer when this occurred in 2311, he heard that this was classified by Starfleet Intelligence and no word should be spoken about it.

In 2322, the now Commander Amur was reassigned to the USS Indianapolis as its new Executive Officer. The Indianapolis was assigned to the Cardassian Union borders that reached out towards the Romulans. It was there that the ship had helped out refugees from Bajor, but the planetary government had declined any need for help. Commander Amur disliked this whole idea of being unable to help them. Like the Tomed Incident, like his own people that had suffered a dreadful fate. But the bitter taste was something he had to endure and he was obligated to obey the commands of the Federation.

Finally, in 2330, Commander Amur received his own command, the USS Saladin, a Nebula Class vessel. It was also on this ship that his family started to grow as Adrun, his son, was born. However, in 2364, the USS Saladin was on emergency maximum warp to travel to the Romulan borders as some outposts were destroyed. Suspicious that something had gone wrong and that the Romulans were once again up to no good, Captain Amur was ordered to secure the area, yet when arriving, nothing was found. In 2367, it was a day that Matsius will never forget, the Battle for Wolf 359, entering the battle and coming out of it barely alive. Matsius had lost 120 personnel, lucky for him his family was alright.

Matsius was getting doubtful of performing his job well as the Captain because his concern was more with his family after enduring long battles against the Dominion, Cardassian Union, and the Breen. The Dominion War took a beating in his marriage and his wife decided to leave him with his son. This made Matsius bitter and cold. He started a consensual relationship with a young Ensign aboard his ship that filled the void of his wife. Starfleet called the relationship unprofessional due to the large rank disparity once his superiors found out and as a result, put in for retirement from Starfleet in 2377 and moved to his old home, Union Colony. In that same year, he got to know Nianhe Relirs, an unjoined Trill that fell for his charms. She became pregnant with twin daughters Laure and Hinhell Amur.

In 2382, Matsius entered back into Starfleet service, yet due to his history, Starfleet was apprehensive about giving him too much rank, yet they needed doctors. Accepting him as a LTJG, he was assigned to the USS Theseus in Task Force 58. Matsius did not care anymore for rank or the idealism of the Federation. But damn, he would do everything in his power to protect his home after the failed attack of the rogue Klingons in 2381. The USS Theseus was part of the Second Battle of Union and it gave comfort for Matsius that his home was being defended. But at a price. His wife died in one of the bombings.

To protect his daughters, he soldiered on, providing aid at XFY following the Gorn Attack. When the USS Hawaii docked in 2389, due to a shortage of personnel, he was reassigned to the combat vessel where he is serving to this day.
Service Record 2286-2288: Ensign, Medical Officer - USS Klugman (Apollo Class)
2288-2295: Lieutenant(JG), Assistant Medical Officer - USS Klugman (Apollo Class)
2295-2303: Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer - USS Crazy Horse (Excelsior Class)
2303-2322: Lieutenant Commander, Chief Medical Officer/Second Officer - USS Crazy Horse (Excelsior Class)
2322-2330: Commander, Executive Officer - USS Indianapolis (Ambassador Class)
2330-2358: Commander, Commanding Officer - USS Saladin (Nebula Class)
2358-2377: Captain, Commanding Officer - USS Saladin (Nebula Class)
2377-2382: Retired, Civilian - Union Colony
2382-2389: Lieutenant(JG), Medical Officer - USS Theseus (Intrepid Class)
2389: Lieutenant(JG), Assistant Chief Medical Officer - USS Hawaii (Sovereign Class)