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Canterra - Operation: Cold Comfort: Fort Apache but not Sto-Vo-Kor

Posted on 10 Aug 2019 @ 3:10pm by Captain Edward Bolingbroke (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Ensign Rora Tai

Mission: Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters
Location: The Xore Strike Mine Power Substation
Timeline: T+3 18.23hrs Zulu


[The Zore Strike Mine – Power Substation]

Kadesh and the Command Team made their way cautiously into the dark entrance tunnel within the bunker. The lights were out and the burnt and blackened interior was illuminated only by the lights on their weapons. There were several dead Gorn Phalanx trooper bodies. They checked them cautiously before moving on, the Marine Infantry filed in behind them.

They entered into a large room, there were more Gorn bodies scattered around and beyond that was a corridor and stairwell. The sounds of weapons fire and explosions could be heard, the wall of the corridor flashed with reflections of disrupter fire from the stairwell.

Kadesh tried his commbadge =/\= Kadesh to Bolingbroke, do you copy? =/\= There was no reply. He tried again with no response.

Beckoning the Infantry Lieutenant forward Kadesh said “The Gorn are fighting somebody, it must be our Blue Element, we need to get up stairs and help them”

The Lieutenant agreed “Understood, we will clear this level and the corridor so none of them come up behind you and I’ll give you a squad as back up” he signaled to his Marines and four of them came forward.

Kadesh nodded “Thank you eL-Tee” He turned to the Infantry Squad, “We’re moving upstairs to relieve our team in the control room. We have point, you cover our tails and back us up as required. Remember we have our guys wearing Gorn Phalanx suits, don’t shoot one unless you’re sure it’s a real Gorn! Clear?” The gruff Klingon gave the four Marines a beady eyed stare to make sure they got the message.

“Alright, follow us!” He turned and pointed to Riley and Tar-re. “You got point, remember the layout, control room is left up the stairs, just follow the noise!”

The two Critical Systems Operator’s nodded and move ahead, the rest of Command and Orange elements fell in behind, with the Infantry squad in the rear.

Moving quickly but tactically they entered the corridor and stairwell, the signs of combat were everywhere, along with several more Gorn bodies. Once in the stairwell the noise of the fight increased. There were several deep rumbling explosions and the roar of a flame thrower, as well as more disrupter shots and the noise of angry Gorn.

As they rounded the stairs Riley and Tar-re came face to face with an armored Gorn Trooper. It was sat on the stairs and appeared to be reloading the rocket propelled grenade launcher mounted on its shoulder from a crate of the munitions on the floor. Its helmet visor was open and it looked up in shock seeing two Federation Marines coming up the stairs. It opened it mouth to scream in rage but Riley shot it in the face and it slumped backwards, a rocket dropping from its twitching hand. The rocket bounced and tumbled down the stairs Tar-re reached out and snatched it out of the air before it had a chance to land warhead-down. He gave a sigh of relief, waved the rocket at Riley and winked.

The smile was wiped from his face a split second later when a disrupter blast tore through the air, close enough for them to feel the heat. Another Gorn had come into the stairs and fired at them, in its surprise the shot had gone wide.

Riley and Tar-re dropped and returned fire but the Trooper’s suit was fully powered and their shots bounced off its shield. Tar-re tried throwing the grenade at it but the Gorn shot it out of the air, vaporizing it. It brought its weapon back down taking careful aim at Riley.

Riley saw the barrel moving towards him, there was no cover on the stairs and he knew the shot would hit him. He was about to try a final shot at the Gorn’s suit but then dropped his aim and fired at the crate of grenades one step below where the Gorn was standing above its fallen comrade. He fired and immediately threw himself sideways into Tar-re, dragging them both down, just as the Gorn’s disrupter blast passed through the space where his head had been a split second before.

Then the grate exploded, the blast tore up into the legs of the Gorn, overwhelming its suit shield and sending it staggering backwards.

Kadesh and the rest had now joined Riley and Tar-re and a volley of phaser shots slammed into the trooper, it fell backwards, smoking holes in its suit.

Kadesh looked down at Riley and Tar-re sprawling on the stairs “When you two are done playing grab-ass we can move up” He growled, with just the slightest smirk on his face.

The pair struggled quickly to their feet retrieving the weapons under Kadesh’s scowl. They bounded up to the top of the stair and peered on to an open landing area, with three corridors leading off it and two doorways. Acrid smoke filled the space, something was on fire.

There were dead two Gorn technicians slumped by one door but the rest of the area was full of armored Phalanx Gorn. Most of them were clustered around the entrance to a hallway and packed in to it, pouring disrupter fire and flames into doorway of the control room. The corridor was aflame and the fire light cast nightmarish shadows on the ceiling and walls.

Two of the Phalanx at the back had seen their comrade fall and were looking directly at the stair doorway as the Marines appeared. They started to call the alarm but Riley and Tar-re were committed they charged through the door firing into the Phalanx. Kadesh and the rest were on their heels and they caught the group mostly by surprise.

The Phalanx had tuned their shields to provide maximum protection to their front and the Marine’s fire tore into their rear. They began dropping before even knowing they were under attack from behind. When they did notice they struggled to turn due to the confined space in the corridor.

Only the two who had seen the Marines and another two who had turned quickly managed to put up any resistance. Their shields flared and crackled under the onslaught of the Marines concentrated fire. They manage to get several shots off of their own.

Gunnery Sergeant Du Pont and one of the Infantry Marines went down. Corpsman WaZaren rushed to their aide. Both were wounded badly but neither injury was immediately life threatening.

The surviving Gorn shields began to fail and the phaser shots took them out one by one.

[The Aubrey]

Rora had been trying over and again to get the communications working and got a bit of static with a few clear words, she wasn't completely certain if what she was transmitting was recieved but she had to keep trying.

=/\=This is Ensign Tai from the Aubrey ....the Frogs are away...=/\=

She had sent updated or at least tried during the wait, after the forty-five minutes marker she turned her attention to the scanners and listening for word back....

[Power Substation – Control Room: Forty Minutes earlier]

After turning off the power Bolingbroke and Blue Element had barricaded themselves into the control room, jamming the corridor with whatever they could find including the bodies of the Gorn technicians, chair’s furniture, the broken door, whatever they could tear up had been thrown into the corridor.

They had four Claymores, three were set up in the corridor; the fourth was placed on the power control panel.

Then they had sat back to wait, continuously trying to make contact with the Battle Group but to no avail.

“What’s the plan Sir” Lee asked “If they don’t respond?” They were in darkness, lite only by the glow of a couple of the control panels and a red light in the ceiling running off emergency power.

“We stay with our orders, keep the power off and hold this room, for as long as we can” Bolingbroke replied “Last thing we do is pop the Claymore and destroy the power control panel” He did not mention that if it came to that then they would have been overrun and blast would probably kill whoever was still alive to set it off.

“But we’re not there yet Lee:” He said with a grin, “And I don’t expect to be. Right now this is Fort Apache and we’re waiting for the cavalry to come riding in”

Lee nodded, giving a small smile. Then she. Bolingbroke and the rest of the Team sat quietly, minding their own thoughts and checking their equipment

The Marines did not have long to wait, after about seven or eight minutes they heard Gorn voices out in the corridor. They sounded puzzled and then came what could only be shouted questions. Jackson moved up to the doorway and peered out. He held up two fingers, indicating the number of Gorn he could see.

“Let them get as close as possible” Bolingbroke whispered “Then drop them”

Jackson nodded, leaned back against the wall and silently lifted his disrupter rifle to his shoulder. The voices got closer, there was another barked question and then the sound of metal grating on the floor, as something in the corridor tried to move part of the barricade.

Jackson swung around the door frame, sighted along his rifle and fired two quick shots, before ducking back. There was a single cry and the sounds of something heavy falling.

But then came more shouts and this time the tone was angry. Jackson risked another quick look and the doorframe exploded as several disrupter beams slammed into it!

“I think they’re pissed!” Jackson said wryly, wiping blast debris from his visor, then he lifted his weapon and pumped a couple of return shots down the corridor. There were more shouts and howls of rage from the Gorn.

A jet of flame came back, Jackson ducked back around the door again as the blazing jet scorched the air where he had been a second earlier. The pile of debris in their makeshift barricade caught fire and flames now illuminated the corridor.

Bolingbroke crossed to the door and risk a quick look. The burning barricade lit up the corridor which was now crowded with Gorn, some in Phalanx suits, they were moving purposefully towards the door. A couple fired at him and he swung back out of their sight. “There’s a lot of them! And they’re nearly at the first Claymoor. Prime it!”

Norman activated the mine, looking to Bolingbroke for the signal. He took a quick look and waved his hand to Norman “Now!”

“Fire in the hole!” Norman called. The rest moved away from the doorway and ducked down. A half second later the Claymoor went off. There was a loud KRUMP, the burning embers from the bonfire were blown all over, followed by screams from the Gorn.

Bolingbroke looked around the door frame, maybe a third of the Gorn were down, the others, mostly those in the armored suits, were retreating. The rest of the Frog Squad stamped on the burning debris to prevent the control room from going up in flames.

“That will hold them for a bit, but they’ll be back!” Bolingbroke said, coughing little from the smoke from the fire.

Sure enough less than eight minutes later the Gorn were back. This time all in Phalanx suits. They launched a salvo of rocket propelled grenades down the corridor, forcing the Marines to take cover.

They blew the second Claymoor. It stopped them again, but was less effective this time and within five minutes the Gorn were back. This time they made it all the way to the doorway.

Curiously they stopped firing as the reached, then the Marines realized the Gorn did not want to risk firing into the control room and damaging the controls.

Close Quarters Battle became brutal hand to hand in the ruined doorway. The Gorn were bigger and stronger, but only one of the armored brutes could fit in the door frame at a time against three of the Marines and they were able to hold them off, firing at point black range until they punched through the Gorn’s suit shields.

But the Marines were tiring quicker than the Gorn, who moved in fresh Troopers. When one almost managed to get in the room Bolingbroke played their last card. “Blow the third claymoor!”

The Marines threw themselves down as the last mine detonated. It had been placed on the side of the doorframe. It tore into the clustered Gorn, driving them back down the corridor, giving the Marines a short respite before they came again.

Bolingbroke looked around the Squad. Everyone, including himself had some form of injury. Van Piet was fixing a bandage to Norman’s head where he’d taken a nasty shrapnel wound. The rest looked tired and worn, but resolute.

“They will be back and we’re down to the end game now” Bolingbroke said, voice hoarse and his eyes watering from the acrid smoke that now drifted everywhere. “Don’t need to say it but I’m proud of all of you, whichever way it goes now.” He looked around, made eye contact with each of them and gave them a nod.

The Infantry Assault was at least forty minutes over due, what had happened he did not know, there was no response to his comm calls, but all that mattered now was to deny the Gorn the chance to restore power to the mine’s barrier shield.

“We hold as long as we can, make them pay for every inch of ground, then the last one standing blows the Claymoor” He pointed at the final device which was strapped to the power control panel. “It’s been my honor to serve with you all”

The Gorn were back a few seconds later, this time with renewed fervor and they were almost through the door before the Marines could stop them. Bolingbroke’s Disrupter was dead, he used it as a club to batter at the visor of the Trooper who was clawing its way into the room. The Gorn punched him in the chest with a massive armored fist and he went sprawling. Jackson was down too, Van Piet was firing his disrupter into the Trooper shields but it too died when the battery finally gave out. He and Norman were reduced to trying to shove it back out of the room with their bare hands.

“Lee! Get to the Claymoor!” Bolingbroke shouted, sure now they would lose. She moved to comply, standing with her hand on the trigger, looking to him.

Suddenly there was weapons fire in the corridor and the Gorn began to pull back! Norman and Van Piet still struggled with the one in the door, but then it stiffened and collapsed forward lifeless, a smoking hole in the back of its suit.

The Marines stood there stunned for a moment, then a Klingon face appeared out of the smoke filled corridor.

It looked around the room and then spoke.

“So, it is as I thought” Kadesh said with a wide toothy Klingon grin, “Sto-Vo-Kor does not want you!”

[Power Substation Entrance]

After the Marine Infantry had cleared the rest of the building they had relieved Second Team at the control room and after contacting the Infantry’s main force at the mine were preparing to restore the power. Another platoon was moving through the service tunnel underground, resistance had crumbled when the Talon at the mine had ordered all Gorn to surrender.

Bolingbroke and the rest of the Frog Squad had moved to the entrance and were enjoying some fresh air after the harsh smoke filled interior, even if the air was bitterly cold and full of snow.

“What now Sir?” Kadesh asked

“Now we get over to the mine, find Walken and the rest of the Hawaii crew” Bolingbroke replied. He activated his comms =/\= Bolingbroke to Aubrey we’re at the power station entrance, we need a taxi ride over to the mine, start your meter! =/\=

[The Aubrey]

Rora sagged in relief at the sound of the static filled communication from the Marine Captain. =/\= Yes Sir! Meter will be running!=/\= she replied hoping he heard her, even as she ran her hands over the console and got the reperposed Gorn shuttle moving.

She watched the view screen as she came into sight of the power station's entrance, about five minutes later, after she settled the Aubrey on the snow covered ground, she lowered the ramp, and called down it, "You boys called for taxi service?" She was glad to see most had gotten through the mission, there was injured but they still looked like they were going to kick more lizards tails. Or stomping them, she wasn't sure what the proper terms were. Either way she was hoping to get the rest of their crew back to the ship.

Bokingbroke waved the Team aboard and as they got seated he came forward to the cockpit. He looked battered and bruised but gave the pilot a smile.

"Well I don't recommend the tour" He said with a grin "The place has terrible service and the staff are horroble! Alright, get us back to the mine do we can find our shipmates."

Rora nodded her head as she raised the ramp, "Get buckled Sir, don't want you taking a fall now." She waited until the Marine Captain was settled then got the Aubrey into motion nice more. "I tried to get word out but I think the comms are scrap, there's static and a few clear words but I wasn't sure if anyone received what I sent out."

Bokingbroke nodded " Something else was jamming comms, l don't know what. Let's get to the mine and see what's happening there"

To Be Continued...


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