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Yes No Maybe?

Posted on 27 Mar 2020 @ 6:22am by Ensign Spencer Griffith-Bailey & Ensign Rora Tai

Mission: Ohuna - The Secret
Location: Various
Timeline: After Cold comfort mission completion

Laying on his bed and staring up at the ceiling, Spencer couldn't help but to think of his fellow pilot Rora and what she might be up to. She was funny and smart, not to mention real pretty as well.

Maybe, just maybe, this might work.

Fifteen minutes later Spencer had been through the shower, gotten himself looking presentable as possible out of uniform with his flight jacket on and was standing outside Rora's quarters, waiting patiently as he'd just pressed the chime and waited for a response.

Rora called out lightly, "Come on in!" She wasn't expecting anyone but she wasn't about to complain about company. She was wearing a cerulean colored long sleeve shirt and black slacks, her hair was tied back in a messy bun at the back of her head.

Spencer walked through the door and gave her a smile, "Hey Rora, how's your day going so far? I got bored by myself and thought I'd come visit."

Rora smiled up at him, "Had a good day, I was debating about what to do for dinner any suggestions?" She had almost blurted out she was so bored she was considering painting her toe-nails prismatic colors then doing the same thing to her finger nails. Which really wasn't Fleet issue with the uniform but she was betting she could get away with it for a few hours before someone called her on it.

"Um," he laughed nervously and roughed up the back of his hair out of habit, "I was thinking a spicy Asian beef salad with crunchy noodles? That's the best thing I can come up with on the fly" Spencer laughed again, more at himself this time because of the pun he made. "Would you care to join me?"

Spencer looked at Rora for a response, but before she could speak he interjected, "Ah, what am I saying? You dont want that! That was a stupid question for me to ask, ha ha. Sorry!" He laughed nervously, more worried about her reaction to him asking her out on a dinner date.

Rora blushed softly, "I don't have a problem having dinner with you, we can talk or just compare boredom activity notes." She shook her head lightly as she got to her feet she stood looking up at him, "Do you want to have a seat while I pick a pair of shoes or do you want to just have a floor picnic here?" She added a light playful wink as she wanted for his answer.

Getting over the nervousness just as quickly as it came to him, he grinned. "Floor picnic sounds good if you're keen to stay in. Staying in is good." He awkwardly managed to lower himself to the ground without too much trouble, "What shoes were you going to wear if we did go out?"

Rora smiled shaking her head softly, "Ah you chose floor picnic. Not wasting time backtracking to having to pick a pair of shoes." She walked over to her replicator, "So Spicy Asian beef salad crunchy noodles and what else?"

Spencer shrugged, "I hadn't got that far. Whatever you want, I'm fine with that. It's a pity we cant have real alcohol though; a nice bottle of red would go a long way." He laid on the floor and stretch out, one hand behind his head and stared up at the ceiling again. "So what were you doing before I came here?"

Rora ordered the spicy Asian beef salad and crunchy noodles, some tempura chicken noodles, two glasses of red wine, the dessert she chose was slices of lemon meringue pie. She walked over to Spencer and sat on the floor with the tray of food between them. "I was thinking if I could get away with prismatic nail polish and then you showed up to save me from picking out colours."

Spencer thought about his daughter and how she loved all the different colours and painting her nails, it made him smile. He sat up to plate up the crunchy noodles and poured them both a glass of wine, "How prismatic are you talking?" his tone was more curious than anything. "My favourite colour is a deep red."

Rora grinned at him, "Oh redder than my hair?"

He grinned, "Yep, darker red than your hair. Which is looking good, even if it is as messy as possible. Speaking of which: I need a haircut of my own." He laughed and pulled the front of his hair down and tried to look at it before looking back at her and uncrossing his eyes.

Rora gave him a mock pout as he said her hair looked messy as possible, "Yeah you could do with some time with a stylist though if you're not careful they'll cut your hair shorter than you asked for!" She hesitated then shrugged as she got to her feet to pick up the PaDD with the possible nail color choices she'd narrowed down to. She offered Spencer the PaDD.

"I liked these three myself but if you have some suggestions I don't mind checking them out!" possible nail choice
possible nail choice
possible nail choice

He took the padd and flicked through the images, "You know which one I like, right? The red ones are the nicest." He smiled and took a sip of the wine. "But that's just my opinion. Red is always a good choice: when I used to fly with my old squadron, I had a red streak up the side of my fighter. It was against the rules, but the Captain didn't care." He really missed his old crew sometimes.

Rora smiled and laughed softly, "So the only reason you're talking with me is because I happen to have red hair?" She made a face like she was disappointed but taking it in stride because she liked the color of red he chose for her nails. Though to keep it interesting she was going to to do a mix of the three colors on her nails.

"Yep, definitely the only reason I'm here right now is because of your hair," Spencer answered playfully with his trademark smile and a wink. "Nah, seriously there are many other reasons I chose to be here."

Rora shook her head softly, "Sure teasing me about my hair and nail polish great highlights to starve off boredom." She retorted lightly, she didn't know what else he might mean but she wasn't going to complain he was funny and had a way of making her feel it was okay to be herself. She took a bite and nodded after she chewed carefully, "Okay I think I will have to add Spicy Asian beef and crunchy noodles to my random favorite foods. Thanks for suggesting it!"

Spencer nodded and continued chewing, "You're welcome. I get random cravings for the most random of foods. Some days it'll be a rich as anything steak and chips with gravy, next it'll be something like this, then it'll be a full on seafood dish or just a burrito.. Completely diverse range of tastes right here!" Having finished, he laid back on the ground and breathed deeply. "Food is always good."

"As long as there's no peanuts I am in agreement." Rora said with a wry grin she had been unlucky in her food choices and found out the hard way peanut allergies stunk.

"So satay chicken with freshly chopped peanuts would be the perfect dish for you then?" He poked his tongue out as he looked at her. "Nah, jokes. Hey I do have a question for you though if you wanna answer it. And dont stress, it's nothing too major either."

Rora have a light laugh shaking her head softly, "Afraid that would only be a trip to sickbay if I had that again." She raised her ginger hued brows slightly as she regarded him, "What's your question?" Rora wondered what he was up to now but in an amused way.

He propped himself up on one elbow, "You know how we get along real good, both in and out of work? Well I think you're amazing and want to know if you would want to do something like this on a more regular basis kinda thing?" Spencer could feel his heart trying to beat out of his chest and put it down to the nerves of asking her out in a roundabout way.

Rora blinked at him her expression of amusement turned startled before she pursed her lips as she considered his question. She nodded after a moment, "The spur of the moment avoidance of boredom or sharing a meal together or something of a mixture of both?" She paused and added, with a playful wink at him, "I don't mind spending time with you, just let me know what you want to do."

"I'm gonna say a mixture of both?" he said hopefully with a grin.

Rora nodded her head, "Sounds like a good plan to me, what do you want to do after we finish our floor picnic?" She smiled as she spoke, she figured whatever Spencer had in mind she was pretty certain she would enjoy it mostly because she was enjoying his company.

"Whatever you want, my dear, whatever you want... You'll come to learn that I'm amazingly easy going." Spencer responded.

"How about we play some music together again like when you brought your guitar to the holo-deck and I played the piano?" She asked lightly looking at him with a smile and a blush on her face.

"Give me five minutes and I'll go grab it and be right back." His voice was playful as he got up off the ground and stood.

Rora stood up smiling, "So you're up for playing here in my quarters instead of a holo-deck?"


Rora Tai, Ens, FCO USS Hawaii


Spencer Griffith-Bailey, Ens, FCO USS Hawaii


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