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In Sickbay-Engineering Saga pt1 (backpost)

Posted on 16 Jun 2019 @ 12:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Commander T'Lara & Ensign Rora Tai
Edited on on 16 Jun 2019 @ 12:48pm

Mission: Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters
Location: Sickbay

Rora and Iria limped into the room a while later, they both had some minor burns and cuts on their hands, arms and a slashing cut across Iria's left cheek, her expression was a picture perfect of fury and pain. "Heya Doctor sorry to bust in, but some joker's messed with the safeties for a training simulation for our shuttle training. Believe me when I say I look forward to finding them." She wasn't normally vendictive but today was not a day to be messing with Iria Taltos.

Rora looked at the Doctor surprise on her pained features, "Hello I don't think we've met yet, Rora Tai one of the helm officers normally. Shuttles seem to be the new must have mad skills." She joked lightly but with less humor than usual.

"Lieutenant, Ensign," T'Lara nodded calmly tp the two of them. "Please take a bio bed." She took out a medical tricorder. "I will examine you to see what we can do." She then turned to Rora as she climbed on a biobed. I am Doctor T'Lara."

Rora nodded, "Pleasure to meet you," she glanced at Iria as she literally had to jump to get up on the other bio-bed. Small size obviously useful in crawl spaces and all but bio-beds weren't usually set at short stature limits.

T'Lara turned over to the shorter Lieutenant.

Iria eyed the Doctor and waved her less injured hand, "Iria Taltos Engineering, had my physical a week ago, so you shouldn't have too much trouble comparing with previous to now." If she wasn't hurt and mad she would have been much more polite and even cheeky but as it was, she was and well she would make up the impression next meeting or so she hoped.

As she was holding a tricorder in one hand and a pad in the other, she looked at it. "Yes, I got it here now." She started to scan the Lieutenant's hand and cheek. She did a quick scan of Ensign as well. She looked on the tricorder as she tapped on it. "It is nothing serious, I can easily repair it." She said she put the pad and tricorder away, while getting a dermal regenerator. She started with Iria as she had a bit more injuries.

"Thanks." Iria said trying to not aggravate the cut on her cheek, Iria sat still though she was fuming inside whomever had messed with the safeties and the program for training to fly the Aubrey was going to get an earful when she found them.

Rora nodded her head watching the Doctor work while keeping her eyes away from the bloodied area, she wasn't that fond of the sight of blood even her own. It didn't make her pass out or anything but it made her uncomfortable.

When T'Lara finished on Iria, she walked over to Rora. "You are holding out pretty well, miss Tai." She used the dermal regenerator on her. When the wound was repaired, she wiped the blood away. She then made a note in their medical records.

"Is there anything else I can help you with," T'Lara asked politely.

Iria gave a relieved cheeky grin, "No and thank you, If you have a field that needs adjustments or something just call me direct I will get it fixed A.S.A.P. and save you a wait from down the food chain."

Rora shook her head relieved herself. With her own blood and Iria's cleaned up and gone and the injuries tended so quickly she was ready to get back to work, "No thank you Doctor T'Lara, I think I will be able to get out of your hair."

T'Lara nodded to Rora, "You may go, Ensign. Lieutenant, thank you for offering, there are some repairs that needs to be done. I believe we sustained some damage in sickbay during the last attack." She walked in to her office and took out a PaDD from her desk. "I prepared a list on my arrival. Some things on the list don't have a high priority, but I think the environmental controls in operating room one got a bump. I don't know how else tor describe it. I would like it to be working before our next encounter."

Rora left with a cherry wave and headed for her duty shift on the bridge.

Iria nodded as she quite literally hopped down from the bio-bed, "I will come work on it once I give that bugged program a once over so you don't end up with more work between now and the next encounter. Shouldn't be more than forty minutes or so. If I can't make it by then myself I will send another to see to it, sound good?"

"That is reasonable, Lieutenant," T'Lara said. "I will leave you to it. If you need anything, just ask one of the nurses."

Iria nodded and headed out there was no time to lose to get things done.


T'Lara, LT, SF

Iria Taltos, LT, SF

Rora Tai, EN, SF


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