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Operation Cold Comfort: Planning Brief - Part 2

Posted on 01 Jun 2019 @ 2:01am by Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Captain Edward Bolingbroke (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Captain Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Lieutenant Commander T'Lara & Lieutenant Harry Stevens & Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Walken & Lieutenant Junior Grade Geneviève "Jenny" Lassonde (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Ensign Rora Tai & Lieutenant Junior Grade Emma Walken & Lieutenant Junior Grade Anyi Nila
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Mission: Hahai i na pilikua nui - Hunting Monsters
Location: USS Hawaii
Timeline: T+2 20:30Hrs


[Marine Command Canter; Deck 22: 2030Hours]


"Please continue, Captain," Akio encouraged.

"Thank you Sir" Based on a suggestion by Sergeant Walken, Bolingbroke had come up with an idea for smuggling in weapons and commbadges, but he was not sure how feasible it was.

He broached the subject with Tolkath. “Commander, would it be possible to make a non-functioning copy of some of the implant devices and then hide a couple of phasers and commbadges in them? We would probably need two of the implants.”

Tolkath nodded. “I believe we can replicate a facsimile of the Implants Captain. Some are quite large, so may be suitable for your needs.”

He turned to his new Biologist “Using the information from the research data you examined Ensign Walken, can you work with Lieutenant Taltos to replicate a pair of Implants and incorporate circuitry that mimics the Gorn originals?

"They would not be able to control the wearer, but if it appears to be functional on an initial check, they may not notice.”

“We would also need to be able to access the phasers and commbadges easily.” Bolingbroke added “Maybe a hidden opening or panel?”

"From what I've seen we could replicate it, be a bit more difficult with phaser components or a combadge inside but I'm confident in Lieutenant Taltos and myself in being able to set up a fake implant that can fool them," Emma answered her voice ringing with confidence.

"I like your thinking, Ensign," Akio said. "We should be able to replicate Type 1 phasers. They won't be as strong as our current arsenal, yet should do the trick," Akio looked at Taltos for her thoughts and felt a pang of wonder whether Kosu was avoiding him, since she was conspicuously absent.

Iria nodded as she listened to the proposal for the 'implants' she had seen a few of the Wyoming's survivors with them it hadn't looked pleasant to endure but they had survived that was the main thing, "If we have to reassemble we will have to sneak in some tools too, unless you think the tools available in the mine might work to allow for reassembly?" Iria finished evenly.

**~~Seriously does Stevens really expect us to trust him if he can't go five minutes without worrying over his 'service dog' taking it to hunt the Gorn I get but to the party not so much. It isn't supposed to be a pet but he acts as if it is more precious than those around him that are counting on him. I think I'll keep my petite backside nearer to Ops lady and Emma on the mission.~~** Iria thought to herself with a frown.

“To minimize detection, it would be preferable that the phasers are partially disassembled, particularly the power cells, also the commbadges.” Tolkath remarked “The components could then be incorporated within the fake circuitry as further camouflage. I will work on the commbadges. Lieutenant Stevens, can you provide two stripped down phasers?”

"I can do that Sir, but I would suggest that I go into the mine," replied Harry, as he guessed that that some of them didn't trust him, "I am willing to volunteer myself Commander Tolkath," he continued as he wanted to show that he was not going to be left out of the Mission.

"I believe you already volunteered Lieutenant." Bolingbroke replied, since the man had said so a few minutes ago. Perhaps now his dog had been squared away he was finally focusing on the operation.

Tolkath turned to the Medical Officer “Doctor T’Lara can you devise a way to attach the devices to the host, so that it appears they have been implanted?” He asked.

T'Lara went in thought a moment and then said, "I think I can, sir. I could alter the skin around the implants, make it appear as if they were attached. to the skin."

"That sounds effective" Bolingbroke replied, then looked around the table “Alright, we need a couple of you to be Implanted…

"In for a penny in for a pound might as well least then I will be able to get a faster start on reassembly." Iria retorted, though she was suppressing the urge to shudder at the idea; but at least she knew the 'implants' weren't going to do harm and ultimately be used to help folks.

"Thank you Lieutenant." Bolingbroke nodded and gave the Engineer a smile. " Need one more...." He looked around the table.

Kyle was about to speak but stopped himself. He took another look around the room of Naval Officers and Marine Officers, he was the only enlisted person here. He knew better than to bring up to Bolingbroke again about him leading the Marine op. It was something still bugging the Sergeant with the Major off planet-side they couldn't afford to have their other most senior officer playing war-hero by leading this op.

He didn't have to answer because Emma spoke up, "I will do it as well, it makes sense since Lieutenant Taltos and I are the one making them if things go wrong and they know they are fake it should be us with them on us." The newly arrived Ensign stated.

Bolingbroke flicked a glance to Tolkath, the Science Ensign was new to the ship and he deferred to the Science Commander on her suitability.

Tolkath looked between the sister and brother Walkens then replied "l believe Ensign Walken has the same mettal as her brother" He nodded his approval to Bolingbroke.

Bolingbroke looked between them as well, risking the siblings together on one mission was unusual, but as Tolkath said, if she was made of the same stuff as her brother thrre should not be s problem.

"Very well Ensign, you and Taltos will wear the devices." He said.

After what he had seen of Gorn atrocities at the Xore Colony Bollingbroke very much wanted to be in the mine group, but Walken had made a valid point that he could not abdicate his command position during the assault.

Therefore, as agreed, Bolingbroke would trade places with Walken and lead the Frog Squad into the substation. This way he would be able to retain command and control when the main Infantry assault began.

"Alright Sergeant, we have enough, I'll take over Blue Element and the Frog Squad, you may join the mine group." He said.

"I'm glad you said that Boss," Kyle spoke softly as he placed an arm on the table. "I hope no one else has an issue with this?" He took a look around the table at the others who had volunteered.

Iria shook her head softly, "Fine with me," she said brightly, her confidence in the Marine planning was high, her confidence in some of the other members of the team not so much. **~~I really hope this goes well. Though no plan is foolproof.~~**, she knew she was mostly concerned about getting her part done without getting folks hurt. With the posturing Stevens had been doing she was worried he would pull something foolishly heroic trying to show how tough he was. Being tough was more than stunts, though.

Harry knew that he wasn't being tough around the Marines, he just wanted to make sure that if things did go pear-shaped as sometimes all plans sometimes did that he could work with them and come up with a new plan.

There was a soft cough from Staff Sergeant Mason "Put me down for the mine group too sir" She said to Bolingbroke "Can't let this ape have all the fun"

"Thank you Mason" Bolingbroke replied "Well that leads us on to Phase Two."

Bokingbroke looked to Tai and Lassonde. "Can you work out the flight plan so that the fighters can jump the Aubrey as it leaves the mine?

"We took an average of the times it took to deliver colonists, with a group of eight, it's about six minutes from landing to take off, plus say another minute and a half to get down range of the substation. So if you're about eight minutes at ground-attack velocity out when we first land at the mine, that should be right."

"Can do," Jenny offered with a thumbs up. "Eight minutes lead time it is."

Rora nodded, "We should be able to figure it out a practice run through the idea in holo-deck might be good to be sure we don't burn tail feathers or something."

"We've got terrain maps of those ice canyons for you to chose a suitable crash-landing spot. We can set off a couple of smoke and incendiary grenades for added crash effects once we're out of sight of the substation" Bolingbroke added

"Sounds good, we'll put on a great show for you," Jenny affirmed.

Rora nodded again, "Sounds like a busy day ahead." She was glad there was more maps to study for the mission, the ones she'd gone over with Cassidy from the battle earlier seemed to make a bit more sense.

"Then we'd like you to move to a loiter point and standby for a ground-attack run on the bunkers" Bolingbroke said.

"Simple enough, mark 'em and we'll light 'em up, I've been itching for a chance to cause some real havoc," Jenny offered.

"Once on the ground, we estimate, it will take about twenty to thirty minutes for the Frog Squad survivors to reach the substation and be let in." Bolingbroke continued

"Once we are in, we will have to hit them hard and fast! The Gorn suits are passable from a distance, but close up they'll see they are not quite right. We need surprise, shock and awe, the moment they let us in.

We clear the immediate area, head straight for the Control room and make a stand there. I intend to try and take the power off line without damaging anything, but if we cannot do that or it looks like they might retake the control room, we will destroy the controls." He wanted to avoid that if possible, so that once they had taken over the facility they could restore the power and shields.

But if need be, he would blow the control room up to prevent the Gorn from getting it back and stopping the assault.

"We are scheduling the prisoner delivery for tomorrow at Sixteen Thirty hours Zulu. So the Aubrey goes down around Sixteen Forty. That would put the Frog Squad at the substation door at approximately Seventeen Fifteen, it's starting to get dark then and that will help with covering the appearance of the suits.

Moving fast, we can hope to have the power off by Seventeen Twenty Five or Thirty. "

Bolingbroke turned to the Battle Group Marine Commander "Sir, we'll need the Infantry to begin their assault as soon as possible after that. An initial wave via transporter then the second wave via transport craft. They would need to be at the fighter's loiter point by seventeen fifteen to arrive right after the first wave."

McGruder nodded "They will be ready Captain"

“Thank you Sir. Well l think we have covered everything” Bolingbroke said.

“To summarize, Operation Cold Comfort three phases covering the Infiltration, Assault and Liberation of the Xore Mining complex. This will consist of:

One. Lieutenants Nila, Stevens, Taltos and TLara, Ensign Walken, Staff Sergeant Mason and Sergeant Walken will pose as captured colonists; Sergeant Walken will lead this group.

He is a Non-Commission Officer, but has more experience dealing with the Gorn than any of us. I expect everyone to follow his instructions while in the mine.

Two. Lieutenant Taltos and Ensign Walken will fabricate two Gorn implant devices, which they will also wear into the mine. Commander Tolkath will provide stripped down commbadges and Lieutenant Stevens will provide two stripped down Mark One Phasers for concealment in these devices. Lieutenant Tlara will attach them to Taltos and Walken.

Three. Second Team Blue Element, the Frog Squad led by myself, will deliver the colonist group to the Xore Mine, aboard The Aubrey, flown by Ensign Tai.

Four. Marine Infantry Companies will embark transport craft and move to loiter points ready for the assault phase. Other Marine forces will muster in transporter rooms across the battle group.

Five. Lieutenant Lassonde and her fighters will ambush The Aubrey as it leaves the mine. We will fake a crash landing near the Generator Substation. The Frog Squad will then make their way to the substation, gain entry, seize the control room and cut power to the barrier shield.
Six. Once the power is down, the Marine Infantry will transport and shuttle in. Once on the ground, in force, they will assault the mine and substation. Second Team Command and Orange Elements will target the entrance bunkers for Lieutenant Lassonde’s fighters for a ground attack strike.

Seven. Meanwhile, in the mine, the colonist group will alert the colonists to the upcoming assault. Once the power goes down, using the smuggled weapons, they will attempt to distract the Gorn, protect the colonists and if possible find a way to open the space port doors to assist in the assault. They will have the smuggled commbadges to communicate with the assault force on progress.

Eight. Once we have succeeded in liberating the mine we will convert the complex into a safe zone for these colonists and all others we rescue from sites control by the Gorn. That will pivot into Operation Winter Haven the humanitarian aide, support and protection of the Canterra civilian population.”

Bolingbroke finished up “We will commence the operation at sixteen hundred hours tomorrow, with the departure of The Aubrey and fighters from the Hawaii . If all goes to plan, estimated time for the barrier shield power going down, followed by the Infantry landings and assault is approximately seventeen thirty hours.

He looked around the table “Any final questions, anyone unsure of their role or task?”

"None from me," replied Harry as he had listened to the planning and knew that this group he was going with had the hard task protecting the civies when the power went out and the Gorn relised that something was up.

“Very well, all that remains is selection of a code phase for the Frog Squad to transmit to initiate the assault, once they have succeeded in cutting power to the barrier shield.” Bolingbroke looked to McGruder “Sir, your call…”

McGruder though for a moment, then replied "Frostbite! You get the power off Captain, call Frostbite! and l'll unleash our Devil Dogs!.

"Frostbite! it is Sir" Bolingbroke nodded "That's the briefing then Sir"

"Sounds like a solid plan, great work, Captain," McGruder said as he studied the map. "I do have one question for your Sergeant though. Could you come here for a second?"

“Colonel, may I present Sarn't Kyle Walken.” Bolingbroke introduced his non-comm. ”He is a survivor of the Wyoming and was held captive aboard the Gorn cruiser, where he daily resisted his Gorn captors. After rescue he transferred into Second Team, now leads Blue Element and has been responsible for training the Frog Squad Gorn Phalanx shadow team. We are entrusting him with leading the mine infiltration group. "

Kyle got up without a word, he respected the Marine coc more than anything and was not about to refuse the Colonel. Walken stood at full attention, "What can I do for you, sir?" He spoke in a respectful manner to the Colonel despite having never met the man before.

The Colonel was impressed by the kid's military bearing. He rose, and went to the side of the Sergeant, looking down at the map while reaching into his left pants pocket.

"I have a question, Sergeant," McGruder started as he turned back to Walken. "How does it feel to be a Staff Sergeant?" The Colonel broke into a smile as he extended the new pin with three stripes and a rocker.

There was an audible gasp in the room and applause.

"My fourth stripe? Thank you, Colonel." Kyle was shocked for lack of a better word he wasn't not expecting to gain his next stripe this soon.

"You've earned it," the Colonel said, shaking the Sergeant's hand.

Around the room, a slow chant of "Speech, Speech, Speech" was starting.

"Really putting me on the spot, I guess the main person I would need to thank is Captain Bolingbroke. If he wouldn't have pulled my ass out of the Gorn ship and giving me a chance here. But I will save the speech for after we take the planet back from the Gorn." Kyle than sat back down.

"Hear, hear," The Colonel shouted. "Everyone's dismissed. Please, carry on!" he allowed before anyone could get to their feet.


Akio Tachibana, CAPT, SF
CO, USS Hawaii

Tolkath, CMDR, SF

Iria Taltos, Lt, SF

T'Lara, Lt, SF

Harry Stevens LtJg SF

Anyi Nila, En, SF

Emma Walken, En, SF

Hayes McGruder, Col, SFMC
Marine CO, TF-ODF

Edward Bolingbroke, CAPT, SFMC

Kyle Walken, SSgt, SFMC

Shelia "Mom" Mason, SSGT, SFMC
NPC Tolkath


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