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Survivors - The Living and the Fallen

Posted on 12 Jan 2019 @ 1:36am by Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Lieutenant Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez & Ensign Edtoto Nar'Sivaro (Jan 2389-POW-TRNSFR After Second Battle of XFY) & Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Walken & Lieutenant Junior Grade Artemis Ward, M.D. (Jan 2389 - TRSNFR After Gorn War) & Captain Edward Bolingbroke (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & First Lieutenant Eleanor Hargreaves (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Ensign Rora Tai & Senior Chief Master-at-Arms Isabella Kelly & Hospital Apprentice Quinn McCoy (Jan 2389 - KIA Gorn War)
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Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Hawaii Shuttle bay
Timeline: Concurrent with "The End" and Following "What Now!?"



[HILO, Enroute to USS Hawaii]

A marine had come up to Bolingbroke who was near the front of the craft with Commander Tolkath.

"Sirs, you need to see this. I dunno if we bagged a Gorn experiment or what. She is supposedly part of the Wyoming crew, but she's in a bad shape."

Bolingbroke looked to the Vulcan and they both got up, moving back to the rear of the compartment.

When they reached what the Marine was speaking about, they would likely understand their confusion. What was seen could be taken in any number of ways. A reptoid, wearing a shredded Starfleet uniform, sat, leaning against the wall, one hand wrapped around her stomach, the other clutching what remained of her right leg.

She was small, 4'7", barely a hundred pounds. Scars could be seen marring her scaled hide, black scales dull and brittle, chipped and cracked, while the softer white scales were dry and flaking. Some of the scars appeared to be from attempts at implanting her, similar to other Wyoming hostages, that failed. The rest was likely due to the Gorn's frustration. On her neck, it looked as if an implant was being pushed out of her body, forcing her head to sit awkwardly on her neck.

She looked at the new group of people, whining softly, the arm around her stomach moving to push herself into a more upright position. "Edtoto Ensign," She hissed, coughing as she did. "Wyoming... Engineer," She added, grabbing at what was left of her damaged uniform, the hope that it got the message through obvious on her pained face.

Tolkath took in the injured Officer "I believe the Ensign is Vekimen, although I am unsure of the sub-species." He commented. "Broadly within a Gorn related phylum as are most reptilians. I can understand the confusion on an initial encounter" This last to Bolingbroke and the Marine.

Bolingbroke nodded "Ok, well hang tight Ensign, we'll get you medical attention as soon as we're back on the Hawaii"

She only nodded weakly as the Marines and the Commander returned to their seats.

[Shuttle bay]

As soon as the Hilo was within Hawaii's shield envelope Tolkath prepared to have himself transported to the bridge. Leaving instructions for the rest.

"Lieutenant Cortez. Begin work on an analysis of the information you gathered from the Gorn systems. You will present it to the senior staff" He began with the Intelligence officer. "Also record the identities of the Wyoming personnel and arrange for debriefs once they are cleared by medical"

Cortez pulled out the PADD she always carried with her and got up the information she'd gathered, making a note here and there on it. "Aye sir." Walking away, Eira began to compile her data into two lists: who she would be talking with, starting with those most willing and able to, and then the briefing itself. That wouldn't take too long, would it, right?

"Ensign, get the Gorn ship docked and have Engineering commence an inspection, take part as well. I want you to learn to fly it. " He informed the Pilot.

Rora blinked fast in surprise but nodded, "Aye Sir, though wouldn't it be stepping on the Chief Flight Control's toes I mean shouldn't he decide who learns to fly the newly reclaimed ship?" she said lightly with a side glance to Spencer who likely wanted a chance as well.

"You were already selected for this current mission by Lieutenant Cassidy as being an accomplished pilot, Ensign" Tolkath replied "l have seen his selection was correct. This is neither the time nor place to debate the matter. But if you feel you are not capable of the task, you may submit your request to withdraw once we are back on the ship " He raised an eyebrow in question.

Rora shook her head slightly, "I thought it was flying the Hilo only not any captured enemy vessel I look forward to the learning experience." She said lightly but honestly she had no idea that they had planned to take a Gorn shuttle as well as the other intelligence their boarding teams had turned up.

Tolkath nodded to the Marine Lieutenants. "You and your teams performed to a high standard. I understand the cost." His eyes flicked to the bodybags. "Please see the survivors with the implants are assigned a Security detail, before standing down. They should not be left alone until the implants have been examined"

Bolingbroke nodded. "I've got that Sir." He turned to Hargreaves. "Can you get our wounded and dead to sickbay?

Hargreaves opened her mouth with an instinct to object - not that this was plain on her face. She hesitated a moment, trying to process her reluctance. Was it the sense she was being pulled from a job when it wasn't actually finished? Or did she just prefer the idea of standing guard with her Marines and a rifle instead of confronting the multiple body-bags and injured troops?

"I'll handle it," she said, then glanced over her shoulder to the rest of her team. "Master Sergeant Knorr, you'll be following Lieutenant Bolingbroke's directives to secure the survivors." The Marines would likely not be needed long, but security needed to get there.

Her Team Chief hadn't opened his eyes, head back on the secure seating with that marvel of a talent of a veteran NCO in recovering energy if allowed to sit still for more than five seconds. Hargreaves still got a firm thumbs-up from Knorr at her command.

Once they were landed and the hatch opened Bolingbroke stepped out first and tapped his commbadge.

=/\=Bolingbroke to Medical. We have returned to the ship with survivors and wounded from the Wyoming We need a first response team to the Shuttle Bay=/\=


Hearing the alert from the Shuttlebay Doctor Aldana responded. =/\=Understood Bolingbroke, I'll send a team to meet you. Can you describe for me the nature and severity of the injuries?=/\=

=/\= Multiple and serious=/\=

Aldana looked across the room, Ward and McCoy seemed free. "Doctor Ward, McCoy, gear up this one's yours. I'll get Sickbay ready."

Dr. Ward wiped a hand over his face, and took a breath to steady himself. "Sounds like we still have one more fire to put out." He said, grabbing an emergency kit and making for the entrance to the rest of the ship. "One final effort" he said, more to himself than anybody else, then hurried on his way.

Quinn looked up at the sound of the summons to the shuttle bay, she only paused long enough to grab a medical kit and followed on the heels of the Doctors.

[Shuttle bay]

=/\=Bolingbroke to Security=/\= The Marine continued =/\=We need a security escort for some of the survivors. Report to the shuttle bay=/\=

=/\=Chief Kelly here, I'm on my way, =/\= as she looked at the group of Security officers, she finished,=/\=Kelly out=/\= as she closed the channel, she said, " You five with me," as the five officers gave her a nod. she opened a channel =/\= Sickbay, this is Chief Kelly I will be bringing injured and survivors shortly.=/\=

=/\=Thanks for the additional heads up, Kelly, I've already sent a team to assist and I'm getting sickbay ready as we speak,=/\= Aldana replied.

"Alright people let's get everyone unloaded." The Marines started helping the survivors off the Arrow. They milled around on the deck, still wide eyed and nervous after their rescue from the Gorn ship.

Edtoto sat on the deck of the shuttle, her body shaking violently as she started to become aware of the fact she was finally off the Gorn ship. She got up, supporting herself on her remaining leg. She took a breath, trying to compose herself, hopping a couple times until someone helped her out. A few people passed her before that, the reptoid reminding some of their captives. She could deal with that.

She reached up, running her hand over the metal being pushed out of her by her immune system. It made her sick, digging her claws around it, trying to help it out as her dark green blood trickled down her back and shoulders, but stopped. Not for her to do. She didn't react once she was on the Hawaii. She didn't have the energy, nor the desire. She just wanted to go back to work...

Larson limped down the ramp, found a clear bit of deck and slumped down. She patted the deck fondly, it was nice to be on a Starfleet deck again. She shivered, partly in relief and partly as it felt cold after the hot humid temperatures of the Gorn ship.

Stanford was one of the middle to escape the crowded runabout. It stank. Iron filled the air as the stench of soiled bandages, soaked through, pervaded the clean air. The clean air reminded Stanford of the horror they experienced and his olfactory senses overwhelmed him. As soon as Stanford got a few feet away from the shuttle, he threw up on the deck. Tears streamed from his eyes, relieved that he had been saved, yet the pangs of guilt continued to hit him -- not everyone survived.

Bolingbroke pulled some of his team to keep an eye on those with the implants until Security arrived. He noticed Walken getting off the Arrow and called him over. The loss of Miller was still raw but he had an inkling of an idea.

"Sarnt Walken" He said "Guess you're the only one left from the Wyoming's MARDET. What's your parent Unit?"

Kyle looks over to Bolingbroke, after walking down the ramp he made his way to the Lieutenant who called him over. "I was part of the 32nd sir."

"Thirty Second Infantry" Bolingbroke replied "Alright, well right now they are a long way from here and I'm going to need replacements. I could use you if your interested?"

"Can I think about it sir? I would like to contact my family first, I'm sure they think I'm dead and I would like to clear that up." Kyle answered honestly.

Bolingbroke nodded "I can see that would be a priority Sarn't but don't think about it too long. Once you've been cleared by medical they will transfer you to Xavier, so best you decide before you leave the ship, otherwise you'll be sat at the station until they cut you new orders. "

"Trust me L.T. I know, I just feel like my first duty before anything else is to let them know I didn't die on the Wyoming. Once I have that squared away I will do what I have to either transfer here or wait on the station for new orders...but I feel like I will go with the former. Lots of Gorn I need to break the arms of."

"Oorah Marine" Bolingbroke replied quietly "Carry on".

He thought briefly of his own family and that they would, not this time, receive the letter he had left for them on his desk, should he have not returned.

His thoughts turned to another letter that he would have to write, to Miller's family. Those were always hard.

He turned back to his men guarding the survivors until Security and Medical arrived.

The doors to the shuttle bay opened and Isabella and her team entered along with the medical staff in tow, she asked " Sir, How many Survivors do we have?" in case she had to call more teams off their routine Patrols.

"There is twenty five in total Chief. This group of sixteen-" Bolingbroke pointed to the one his Marines were guarding "- have some implants placed in them by the Gorn. Keep them under escort until cleared by medical"

"May I borrow those marines to help with the escort?" asked Isabella looking over at the Marines that were guarding the Survivors as she thought They might come in handy along the way, as she tapped her combadge =/\= Security teams this is Chief Kelly, I want the corridors clear from the shuttle bay to Sickbay.=/\=

=/\= Understood Ma'am,=/\= came the voices of the teams that were on those levels.

She finished,=/\= Thanks, Kelly out=/\= replied Isabella as she looked back at the Lieutenant in front of her as she waited for an answer.

Bolingbroke nodded and called over "Corporal Hudson, take five of the team and assist Security."

Dr. Ward strode up past the the throng of Marines and Security, emergency kit in hand, and swept his eyes over his latest set of charges. "Alright let's set to it, I'm going to need assessments of all the patients." He announced, taking a knee and beginning to examine the patients in greater detail. "Who is in the most critical condition? What work have your medics done already?" He asked no one in particular, then he looked up to the man in apparent command of the boarders. "Are there any hazards I should know about?" he asked directly.

"Most of them have injuries of one degree or another. There is a Vekimen with an amputated leg. They were pretty badly treated, including tortured" Bolingbroke replied.

He pointed to a smaller group, separated from the rest. "But those there, appear to have been the subject of some sort of experimentation. Some have had things implanted inside them"

He pointed to Stanford. "The Lieutenant is the best one to ask. He told us about it"

As the man mentioned the Lieutenant regarding the implants the Vekimen let out a loud snarl. "I have an implant too" She shouted, pointing to the object in her neck, forcing her head to the side. Her voice was hoarse, annoyed, and strangely artificial.

Stanford had wiped his mouth with a rag and color was returning to his face. He felt more comfortable being aboard a Starfleet vessel. The Marines made him feel safe.

Upon hearing his name, he looked up and saw what he assumed was a Doctor.

"Lieutenant Stanford, Assistant Operations Chief, USS Wyoming," Stanford said to the Doctor.

Dr. Ward turned to McCoy and gave some quick instructions "Start cleaning their wounds and get them ready for treatment. Give them something to help with the pain as well." With that he turned back to the yellow-clad officer "Alright lieutenant what can you tell me about these implants, are they safe to remove? Have you been able to find any apparent function?"

"The Gorn surgically implanted them... they are used to register pain from what I can tell," Stanford explained. "Most of us have at least one or two. Stanford lifted up his shirt and exposed what appeared to be a black box sewn into his body to the right of his navel.

"Hmmm" Dr Ward intoned with distant interest, the same way he might if stuck on a crossword puzzle. "Alright, but they don't seem to be causing any immediate harm?"

"Well, I doubt they can communicate anything across this range, yet they feel so comfortable, Doc," Stanford was sarcastic towards the end.

"In that case, we can remove them last, and focus on the more pressing injuries, the implants can be dealt with later, under more optimal conditions." Dr Ward concluded, turning away from Stanford and calling out rapid orders to the medical team.

Quinn nodded and made her way closer to the Vekimen, she had not met one before this very moment and from the looks of their condition they had not been well treated by the Gorn. "Ahm to clean ye'r wounds the Doctor will be tendin' to ye once we know how to best help ye."

"If you can stop the bleeding, I can remove the device myself," Edtoto muttered, taking a deep breath. "The Gorn hated me, because they kept having to reinplant. After the second time, they turned it into a game. Did it while I was awake," She continued. "It's not connected to anything but flesh. I could pull it out, I just want the bleeding stopped. I don't like having their filthy computer inside me..."

Quinn shook her head softly, "Ahm only tendin' the wound, the Doctor be the best one for judgement about removal." she cleaned the wound carefully. and then focused on the injured leg. "Do ye have any reactions to medicine so I donna make you ill when giving ye pain relief?"

The squeamish Stanford started to back away as he felt the need to hurl again.

"Please, leave it alone for a few more minutes, and then we will be able to remove it under controlled circumstances." Dr. Ward implored.

"So you desire," Edtoto growled, looking back at the ground. "Just get me work ready immediately."

The medical team's nurses got efficiently to work, cleaning and dressing injuries, administering drugs, and checking over the survivors for signs of more worrying conditions.

Once the wounded were assessed and everyone was able to move Security and medical personnel escoretd them from the shuttle bay.


Tolkath, CDR, SF

Amiri Aldana 365, LT, SF

Eira Cortez, LTJG, SF

Artemis Ward, LTJG, SF

Rora Tai, ENS, SF
Flight Control Officer (FCO)

Edtoto Nar'Sivaro, ENS, SF
Engineering Officer
USS Wyoming

Isabella Kelly, MACS, SF

Quinn McCoy, HA, SF
Hos. App. (HA)

Edward Bolingbroke, 1stLt, SFMC
Team Leader, 2nd MSOT, BMSOC, 3d MRBN

Eleanor Hargreaves, 1stLt, SFMC
Team Leader, 4th MSOT, BMSOC, 3d MRBN

Kyle Walken, Sgt, SFMC
1st BN/32d Marines (1/32)

Marine NPC & LT Stanford played by
CAPT Tachibana


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