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Hawaii Medical - What Now!?

Posted on 10 Jan 2019 @ 10:51pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Deeli Kosu (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Lieutenant Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Wyndsor Emerson, Ph.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Matsius Amur, M.D. (Jan 2389 - TRSNFR After Gorn War) & Lieutenant Junior Grade Artemis Ward, M.D. (Jan 2389 - TRSNFR After Gorn War) & Lieutenant Junior Grade Radun Dran (Dec - Jan 2389 TRNSFR After Second Battle of XFY) & Hospital Apprentice Quinn McCoy (Jan 2389 - KIA Gorn War) & Sombra C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Shortly after "Emergency Management"



Suddenly, Dran materialized in sickbay, laying on his back. His nose was at an odd angle, bloody, and blood was coming from his upper lip. He pressed a sleeve to his face, getting up. “That was enough excitement for me, thank you. I’d like to never do that again.”

A female security petty officer also appeared, unconscious along with two other security personnel from the main brig.

“Do you need any assistance Lieutenant?” Dr. Ward asked bemusedly.

“No, I just got through being a hostage to the Gorn, almost got my face smashed in, bleeding from my face, and may or may not have been mentally scarred, I don’t need any assistance.” Dran said, sarcastically, pulling his sleeve away from his face for a moment before returning it.

Meanwhile, Nurse Giuliana Dietrich came forward to attend to the unconscious security officer. She scanned carefully but kept one ear out for orders from Doctor Ward. In the middle of this chaos, every member of staff had to be prepared to jump from patient to patient, especially as conditions changed.

Fresh off a patient, and seeing a nurse attending to the unconscious woman Aldana went to the Bajoran male, bringing out hir favorite medical tricorder. S/he hadn’t any time for sarcasm now, so s/he wasn’t sure if Lieutenant Radun was using it just now or not. “Let’s take a look anyway.” S/he began scanning his, handsome, face. S/he smiled. “How was it you came to meet this Gorn? Do you think you will need to talk to Lieutenant Emerson?”

“Oh, you know, they just destroyed my office. I did not ‘come to meet him’ as you say, rather I was captured. I bought the crew some time by activating the emergency lockdown of the brig. And I don’t need a counselor, I need to get this over with, so I can go and help people.”

“(I meant later on…) Well it looks like you’ve taken a blow that would have shattered a non-Bajorian’s nose.” Doctor Aldana informed Radun. “Though it looks like a couple of your nasal-scutes have been dislocated, I’ll need to put them back into place before I can repair the rest of the damage. It won’t be pleasant, I can give you a local to numb the pain, but I can’t give you anything strong enough to completely kill the pain; particularly if you want to get right back out there. I can sedate you if you like, but it will have to wear off on its own and depending on your metabolism it will take a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour.” Aldana paused to take a breath and let all of that sink in. “It’s up to you.”

“I don’t care what you have to do. I’ve been through worse pain!” Dran said, gesturing to his face.

Doctor Aldana 365 took that as consent to administer the numbing agent. S/he began to apply the topical cream, and a short time later, s/he brought out a small flexible probe similar to a blunt toothpick. S/he tested a small area on the side of Dran’s nose. “Can you feel this?”

"No I can't." Dran said flatly.

Dr. Ward turned back to the unconscious security officer, “What is the prognosis nurse? It looks like she might have a broken clavicle.”

Giuliana nodded even as she continued to scan down the security officer’s body. “A broken clavicle and at a minimum, a nasty concussion. I’d like to do a full neural workup just to make sure I’m not missing any neurological damage. How are you doing? Do you need any help over there?”

“No, you see to that workup.” Dr. Ward responded. He leaned over the security crewman and set to work with his protoplaser, mending her injuries.

"On it," the nurse replied, already beginning to place the neural scanners on each of her patient's temples. It would take a couple of minutes to get a complete scam, and in that time, She said a silent prayer to whatever deities might be listening the news would be good. Neurology and neurosurgery might have come along way over the centuries, but even so, not all injuries were easily mended. Fortunately, her prayers were answered. The officer in question would have to deal with one hell of a headache, but surgery would not be required and she could administer treatment herself.

Just then a few Security Officers and Marines burst into Sickbay escorting someone, or rather a something, on a gravbed.

“We need priority care here!” one of the Security Officers shouted to a nurse as he looked down at the Gorn.

“What in the galaxy could it…oh.” Dr. Ward reacted with some shock on seeing the wounded intruder on the stretcher. He shook his head to try and snap out of his disbelief. “Alright” he told himself aloud, beginning his examination of the Gorn. He wasn’t trained in cold-blooded physiology and so his diagnosis was a bit halting, but combat injuries tended to be similar no matter your species. There were burns and wounds all over the reptilian body, and perhaps some organ damage deeper down. “Get him into surgery right away” he said, pointing the way for the Gorn’s escort. “Dr. Smith!” he called out the name of a practitioner more specialized in uncommon bodies. “I need you to assist me in surgery immediately!”

Coming from the Bajoran nose job, Aldana decided to take hir prerogative as CMO, and check in on those in hir department. S/he went to the replicator and retrieved a plate of protein snacks and small vitamin B12 infused citrus-flavored chasers to wash them down. S/he had heard some interesting interactions coming from Doctor Ward, so s/he offered hir two quatloos. “I’m a D.V.M. prior to my M.D. might I provide my consultation?” S/he held the trays out for Ward.

Getting some gloves on as Matsius looked at his Chief and nodded "Do what you can, anything experience would be welcome" He spoke and walked into the operation room and shrugs a bit at seeing the Gorn laying there "Tending the enemy, all in a days work..."

After attending to Ward and Amur, Aldana offered the snacks and small beverages to Quinn.

Quinn had been checking on patients that had been treated and making sure they had blankets. The bit of chaotic entrance of the Gorn on the gravbed was a cause for pause as she blinked in surprise. She turned to grab a medical supply cart and hurried over to offer help to Dr Ward.

The gaggle of medical and security personnel burst through the door to surgery with the force of a tornado, bringing noise and movement and energy into the focused space. One of the operating berths was already occupied, a pair of doctors buzzing nervously around their patient and they operated the robotic arms above. Dr. Ward and the others reached the next berth over, and after a moment to coordinate, heaved their charge over onto the table. Bringing up a medical tricorder, Dr. Ward began assessing the alien's injuries. "Dr. Aldana, your thoughts please." he asked.

Quinn stood by quiet and ready to assist, she did not have any actual training for dealing with a possible Gorn patient. So she waited to see how she could help the attending Doctors.

"Damn it Ward! Whatever you called me for better be incredibly important, I have vital work to attend to you know!" Dr. Smith Declared as he stormed into surgery. Stamping over with his usual air of self-importance, he stopped short when he got his first good look at the Gorn laid out on the operating table. "JUST WHAT is that doing in here!?" he asked indignantly.

"That, is your patient Dr. Smith." Dr. Ward replied flatly.

Doctor Aldana left the sustenance tray on a counter outside of the OR as s/he ducked in. S/he peered between the various members of hir staff to get a look at the patient. "Can I see some readings on the patient?"

"Of course sir," Dr. Ward intoned, "I would appreciate your consultation on this case."

"WHAT!!" Dr smith's indignant shout split the tense atmosphere of the O.R. " That thing isn't my patient, it's the enemy, and I'll have nothing to do with it! You should all do the galaxy a favor, and blow it out the nearest airlock!" He stood in the middle of the floor, fists clenched and staring furiously at the group assembled around the operating table.

Getting now annoyed by the situation, Matsius stepped forward to the wounded Gorn and checked him as he looked at Smith "Then you are in direct violation of your oath and the ethical bylaws of the Federation. We Starfleet medical personnel provide medical assistance to whoever needs it, wherever it is needed. Even in times of war, we must aid the wounded in both sides of a conflict" He smirks as looked at the Gorn "Get out of here, or I will call security and let them drag you out."

"You're all a bunch of traitors, I hope you know that, every damn one of you!" Dr. Smith shot back. "While you're wasting medicine and resources on that MURDERING ANIMAL, our own people are dead and dying on the other side of that door! How many Starfleet widows are you willing to make today to save the life of that killer!? I don't know about you, but I swore I would do no harm, and I don't know how much more harmful you can get than using up our limited supplies to revive a hostile thing, while actual good people go without your treatment!" He stood his ground, looking a challenge at the other doctors. "If you must treat it, put it at the bottom of the list, and help somebody who actually deserves to be saved."

"Deserves to be saved..." Matsius put his hands on the side of the biobed and took a deep breath "No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.." He quoted and looked at the man "While you are babbling worthless words, people are actually dying behind that door because you are not doing the very basic thing that cost 5 years of academy and more of your service time" He points at him with his finger "Be a freaking doctor, get out of this room and I ask you now gently and in all kindness..." He lowers his hand and looked at the Gorn that was suffering "Nurse get me a body scan.....the rest of you get back to work people are...dying"

“Out of the way!!” a marine medic bellowed entering sickbay at nearly a run, close on their heels was a scrum of personnel protecting a second prone figure on a grabbed. “I have a priority patient in need of immediate attention!” the medic shouted, voice filling the entire space of sickbay.

The woman gets placed into a quarantine zone as nurses in special clothing start to slowly open the bag that was reported to be toxic or poisoned by some kind of gas. Kosu's pale face emerged with some popping veins in her face as she was barely breathing. The nurse slammed the emergency scans as the area gets shielded.

Matsius pulled on his gloves and enters the room and slowly down looking at the body “Shit…cause?!” He demanded to know as a Marine Medic stood at the edge of the shielding “Transporting a toxic torpedo, Lieutenant Kosu disarmed one, but was hit by it most likely” Matsius smirked and checked her body and responses and hit the side console “She’s dying, her nervous system is shutting down…the computer is going to…” The room became red.

[Alarm Alarm, the patient is going into shock, body functions are failing. Startup artificial life support now]

With that said Matsius pressed the final tab as a bow from both sides went over Kosu's body “Already ahead of you, WARD!” He yelled to the other room as he kept checking on Kosu “Poison is indeed gas and already into the body shutting her nervous system down, piece by piece, layer by layer.”

A nurse acknowledged “Whatever the Gorn are doing, they found a lethal weapon against us!”

Dr. Ward jogged up to the containment area, and hurriedly donned his gloves and breathing mask. moving deeper in the restricted area he paused as he took in the sight of the patient, and the readouts on the arch over her body. “Not good.” He declared flatly.

Matsius let a nurse put a mask on his face as he got the medical tools ready. "Ward the vitals are most important now," he pointed as he walked to Kosu's head and started to get an injector ready. "Focus on the heart and lungs... MCCOY!" He yelled wanting more support as the nurses rushed from one side of the room to another to give their support.

Dr. Ward considered his options as he was likewise suited up. This was going to be close. Once properly attired he set to work with the tools he had requested, placing a cardiac stimulator on the stricken engineer's chest, and, beginning to hook up a blood-gas infuser.

Quinn brought over a rolling equipment cart, looking from Ward to Amur, it sounded like the patient was in very dire straits and needed immediate numerous treatments.

Sliding his hand around Kosu head to place some devices here and there and looked almost every second at the main screen to keep vitals in check "McCoy focus on limiting the damage of the toxin, try to get a sample out of her blood ....quick." He activated the medical equipment as the brain was protected by electronic amplifiers. "Brain is detoxing... I am overloading the brain to work faster than the toxic can spread. If we save her and her brain is out, we can't repair it..." Matsius kept the blood pressure in check.

Quinn followed Ward's instructions getting a set of blood samples with the toxic agent embedded within it, once she had it secure she handed them over to another nurse, to allow them to rush it to the labs for study, and to let them take the other sample to science labs for their consideration in other possible cures. She worked carefully and kept listening for further instructions.

"Ward..." Matsius spoke with a growl "The heartbeat is getting you see it?" He looked at his colleague that was in this battle to save the woman's life.

"She's experiencing neural degeneration, even if I apply stimulation, the nerves are becoming too damaged to carry it everywhere." Dr. Ward explained grimly. "I'm going to shut down the heart and switch to external cardiopulmonary functions." He feverishly attached the leads for a second infuser, and switched the device on, now the pair of them were mimicking the functions of both heart and lungs.

Quinn paused a second to look at the Chief Engineer of their ship and she hadn't spoken to her in person as of yet and the sight of her in such a state was not encouraging but she had quiet faith in the Doctors she was learning from. She sent a quiet prayer for luck for Lieutenant Kosu to get better under their care. Then she focused herself to help the Doctors as best she could.

The devices took over as Matsius looked at the screen seeing the organ functions being taken over "She lives, for now...Nurse continue to filter her blood until the poison is out of it. Then we can review the damage that is done and take it further on from there" Matsius looked at the woman laying there "If she wakes up right now, she will die out of agony and pain. Keep her sedated and check her vitals every 20 minutes." Looking at Ward and Quinn, Amur remarked "Good work, thank you."

Quinn only nodded her head, as she kept working, she had never seen a case as bad as this in her training thus far and she could only imagine how the others felt right then.

"Well, I only pray it's good enough, whatever touched her is positively evil." Dr. Ward Commented.

"Evil is but the beginning, this is medical data that I have not seen before and especially not in the care of the Gorn," Matsius pointed out as he sighed hearing people scream out of pain. "But our work never stops, let's get going" Matsius pointed out the next patient.


Deeli Kosu, LT, SF

Radun Dran, LTJG, SF

Amiri Aldana 365, D.V.M., M.D., LTJG, SF

Matsius Amur, M.D., LTJG, SF

Artemis Ward, LTJG, SF

Quinn McCoy, HA, SF

Sombra, SF

Security Officers played by
CAPT Tachibana

Nurse Dietrich played by
LTJG Emerson


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