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Hilo & Boarders - Out of the den of Dragons

Posted on 19 Dec 2018 @ 2:25pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Lieutenant Commander Iria Taltos & Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Walken & Captain Edward Bolingbroke (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & First Lieutenant Eleanor Hargreaves (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Ensign Rora Tai
Edited on on 27 Dec 2018 @ 5:18pm

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Gorn Combat Cruiser Saucer & Hilo


[4th MSOT - Transit Tube]

As the Marines prepared to move out with the Wyoming survivors one of them approached Walken.

"Hey, Sarge" The Marine said "Want one of these?" He held out a phaser rifle. "You up to helping out?"

Kyle was quick to take the phaser rifle, "I don't mind one bit."

Tolkath placed himself close behind Hargreaves and the leading Marines, checking his tricorder to monitor their progress as they moved towards the extraction point.

"If someone can't move fast, tell me," Hargreaves called back towards the gathering of Marines and Wyoming survivors. "I want to keep up the pace and need to know if we can't."

The next tube was the worst. Hargreaves felt her heart take up near-permanent residence in her throat along the way; this many Marines, this many officers needing rescue, in a narrow tube that could so quickly turn into a death trap. And they didn't have the time to take it half so slow and steady as she would like. They were far beyond a recipe for disaster; the batter was thoroughly mixed on the disaster cake.

But this part went without incident, and Hargreaves lurked by the exit to the tube to make sure each and every Marine and 'Fleeter got out and into the corridor, before rejoining the head of the column and advancing.

"Maybe they're all gone," Knorr said with cautious optimism as they marched. "Maybe even lizard soldiers don't want to wait and die -"

Which was when they hit the next junction to face a quartet of armed Gorn soldiers.

There wasn't even time for a sarcastic comment as Hargreaves' rifle came up, Knorr's, T'Kalla's, and countless behind them - and the weapons of the Gorn, who looked about as startled as they did, one of them bearing only a pistol, another whose body armour was only partially donned.

"Don't ssshoot!" came the snarl from one, which in itself was enough to make Hargreaves' finger twitch near the trigger.

"Like hell," retorted T'Kalla.

"You don't want to get shot? Put down your weapons," Hargreaves rushed to speak over the tense Gunny.

"No time," came the words of the lead Gorn, that contorted snarling hiss of language a Universal Translator could comprehend the content of, but not all the communication nuances. "You know the ship is doomed. We know. We're evacuating."

"So, what, we just part ways here, no harm, no foul, and pelt like hell off this hulk?" Hargreaves felt the sweat on the back of her neck. She'd fought her way across the Alpha Quadrant. This wasn't her first war against the Gorn, and of all the races she'd fought, they had been the easiest to fight. Not in physical combat, with their speed and hardiness, but they were by far the most alien, the most... inhuman. It made the idea of pulling the trigger far easier.

"He's right that we don't have time," said Master Sergeant Knorr. "What else do we do, gun them down here?"

Hargreaves glanced over her shoulder towards Tolkath and Cortez, then made the executive decision that they didn't have time. She glared at the Gorn. "We're going right. You go that way." She jerked to her left, the way they'd been coming. "You so much as twitch at my Marines and we will gun you all down."

It was a tense transition, but the quartet of Gorn seemed, at least, not as keen to stand and die as anyone else, and with shuffled guns and glares and uncomfortable eye contact, the two parties had soon enough slipped by one another and the Starfleet contingent were on their way.

"Sorry if that was a chance for prisoners and intel, Commander, L-T," Hargreaves said to the Starfleet officers at her shoulder. "But my reckoning was that we did not have time for that. We're almost there."

Tolkath shook his head "I concur Lieutenant. Under the circumstances it would not have been worth the risk of further loss of life"

[Ventral Saucer - Shuttle hanger]

Bolingbroke led his Marines back into the transit tube, they had a tense few seconds delay at the four-way junction pushing the blackened, and still smoking, corpses of the Gorn out of the way. Then they rounded the bend in the tube and exited out on the next deck.

Bolingbroke peered around the doorway, there was a short corridor leading to a set of large double doors with triangular portholes. There was no sign of Gorn and they jogged up to the doors. Crouching down beside them Bolingbroke bobbed his head up for a quick look.

"Bugger!" He whispered "It's the shuttle bay alright, but there are two Gorn, both in those damn armored suits" The Gorn were stood by the open rear doors of a shuttle craft and were heavily armed.

"We can take them eLTee, we have to!" Hudson said quietly. The other two nodded agreement and they formulated a plan. They started to put their packs down and to began removing the explosive charges, then Hudson glanced upwards as a shadow fell across one of the portholes "Lookout!" He hissed

The door slid open, an armored Gorn towered in doorway. The look of baffled astonishment on it's face could be clearly seen through it's helmet visor. It began to raise a weapon. Sargent Miller was still in the process of removing his pack and he reacted quicker. He charged at the Gorn, swinging the pack around and slamming it into the Gorn's helmet like a mace.

Caught by surprise the Gorn stumbled backwards, flailing it's arm about to shove Miller away. One of the straps from the backpack caught in the joint of the suit, tangling the two together. The Gorn jabbed Miller with the point of it's disrupter catching him in the side of the head and he staggered, bleeding from a wound in his neck, but as caught in the straps as the Gorn was.

The other Gorn was equally surprised to see it's fellow Phalanx member suddenly reeling backwards from the door, struggling with a Humanoid. It moved forward to help.

Bolingbroke had his rifle up and leveled but could not fire at the closest Gorn for fear of hitting Miller. He swung the barrel right and opened fire on the second one, aiming directly at the helmet visor. Kadesh followed suit.

Hudson had a better angle and began firing at the Gorn engaged with Miller. He hit it in the side, but to no effect. The Gorn focused it's anger on Miller, brought the disrupter around again and shot him in the stomach. The beam tore right through Miller, punching a hole through his back. The Marine screamed in agony, droped his hands to his ruined abdomen and crumpled forward, still tangled in the backpack strap,

The Gorn shook it's arm to free itself. Miller was thrown around like a puppet. Hudson roared in fury and pumped shot after shot into the Gorn. The second one had battled it's way to join the first, despite the onslaught from Bolingbroke and Kadesh, it's suit's shield flashing and sparking as they hit it.

Now both Gorn tore at the backpack trying to remove it, Miller's body still flopped in one of the straps.

MIller who had been slumped almost lifeless, opened his eyes, his left hand went to his phaser pistol, with his last effort he drew it and shoved the barrel into the backpack.

His head lolled backwards making eye contact with Bolingbroke and the others. He had no air in his burnt, torn lungs to speak but he mouthed the words Get down!

Bolingbroke realized what Miller intended and started to shout No...!

But he saw Miller's eyes begin to fade and knew the Marine was almost gone. Bolingbroke dropped to the floor, "Down! Get Down! Now!" He closed his eyes tightly, covered his head and blew out air.

Hudson was going to charge to Miller's aide but Kadesh tackled him and they crashed to the deck beside Bolingbroke

MIller was cold now, so very cold, the pain was terrible and his vision was growing dim, closing in on him. He could barely feel his hand on the phaser and he had to concentrate with everything he had to remember what he was going to do. Pull the trigger... just pull it...

His arm and hand felt like frozen stone, his trigger finger would barely respond and he struggled, concentrating on nothing but willing it to close.

The Gorn raised it's arm, jerking Miller's body upwards, still trying to shake him lose, as it did so Miller's head rolled forward and suddenly he was looking directly at the Gorn's face through its visor. It's cold white eyes were locked on his, although Miller could barely see now, but as his vision went dark forever Miller saw fear there, on the Gorn's face, real fear.

Miller smiled one final time and pulled the trigger!

The phaser's beam punched straight into a brick of explosives, detonating it instantly, which set off another a micro-second later. The explosion blew through the Gorn's suit like paper killing it instantly, the blastwave took out the second Gorn driving shrapnel through it's helmet and throwing it sprawling on the deck.

Miller's body took equal punishment, it was flung across the hanger, slammed into a bulkhead and flopped to the floor, a crimson pool spreading around the lifeless form.

The three Marines were left battered and dazed but alive. Bolingbroke climbed shakily to his feet, his ears ringing and his head pounding. He clumsily raised his rifle and looked around, praying there were no more Gorn. There were not.

Kadesh and Hudson were up too. The Corporal walked over to the body of the second Gorn. He had seen it's foot twitching, there was a jagged hole in the front of it's visor but it was still alive. Hudson placed his rifle barrel into the hole in the visor and fired a long pulse, then a second one for good measure.

"Miller eLTee?" Kadesh called, looking sadly at the body of their comrade.

"We'll bring him home" Bolingbroke replied, knowing he was speaking too loudly but he had to overcome the ringing in their ears "But we have to get the doors open first!" He pointed down the bay.

They retrieved their packs and ran to the large clamshell doors. A quick inspection showed they split horizontally in the middle, one door dropping downwards, the other rising up.

A panel on one side seemed to show that the doors were powered but Bolingbroke had no idea how to open them. Another display appeared to indicate that the force field was also in place, keeping out the vacuum of space, once the doors were open.

Hudson was kneeling on the deck assembling their charges, they had nine left. He was stabbing each one with a timer-detonator. "How long?" He asked.

Bolingbroke glanced back at the doorway they would have to run back to for shelter. "Call it twelve seconds"

With the timers set they placed two on each side of the lower door, three along the joint and one on each side of the upper door, taking care to make sure none were near the forcefield generators.

Hudson and Kadesh stood ready and looked to Bolingbroke.

"Now!" They each tapped the trigger on the timers of three charges and sprinted for the doorway. Piling through it they ducked down against he corridor wall.

"Nine.. Ten.." Bolingbroke counted aloud "Eleven... Twel- !"

There was a loud KRUMPPPP, the noise of tearing metal and the blast wave blew down the corridor.

There was a momentary backwash of air and for a moment it seemed the forcefield had failed. But in a few seconds it reestablished and sealed off the hanger.

Bolingbroke shook his head to clear it again. "Damn this is getting old" He led the others back to the doorway and they looked into the hanger.

The explosion had torn the bottom door completely away, it was tumbling gently in space as it fell behind. The upper door was badly damaged and a large chunk in the middle was torn open but much of it was still in place.

There was the odd flash and spark where the force field crackled around some of the jagged metal

"Will the Hilo fit through there?" Kadesh asked.

"It damn well better!" Bolingbroke replied "Cos we've got less than two minutes left"

He walked down the bay to get a better look and tapped his commbadge =/\=Bolingbroke to Hilo We got the door open as much as we could. Come check it out=/\=

[Near Space - Hilo]

Rora was getting the Hilo into position to close in and watched as a lower section of Gorn ship doorway floated past. At the chirp of the communication she smiled, =/\=I just saw a door part floating by can't wait to see what else you've been up to. Nearly there, give me two ticks to settle.=/\= After a moment more she saw the doorway, with the lower section gone and a generous portion of the upper section of the doorway was gone in the center, the fit would be tight but it would work.

[Ventral Saucer - Shuttle hanger]

There was a low whistle from behind Bolingbroke and he turned to see Hudson signal the arrival of Hargreaves, the rest of the Marines and the survivors.

Hargreaves gave an unabashed sigh of relief as they entered the hanger, and she stood by the door to renew her headcount of all her Marines, Bolingbroke's, Tolkath and Cortez, and the Wyoming survivors.

Walken was quiet as he waited for orders.

Hargreaves turned to him, with the automatic instincts of a Marine looking at a gaggle of 'Fleeters whose condition she was unaware of, so she of course focused on the first greenshirt she could see. Especially one with a rifle. It just made sense if she wanted a level head, or at least one that could speak her language. "Make sure your people are ready for boarding, Sergeant; we're not sticking around here," she said needlessly.

Kyle locked eyes with the Lieutenant, "I will do a quick check with them LT and I'm sure they will be ready to get the hell off this ship." The Marine was in front of the two people he had been trapped with recently, Stanford and Larson. "Stanford, you still with us?" He asks placing a shoulder the memory of him breaking down in the room still fresh in Walken's mind. He then looked to Larson of the three of them she was the worse injured physically, "What about you Larson? You okay to keep going?"

Larson nodded, she was craddling her arm and hugging her chest. "Damn right, let's just get off this damn ship" She looked over at the two Gorn corpses "They should all end up like that after what they did to us! I can't believe they let those four just walk away in the transit tube. Cruel sick bastards! The whole damn species! Cruel sick bastards!"

The Lieutenant was silent as he stared at the lifeless Gorn. He agreed with Larson. He saw their cruelty first hand, even felt it. Two was not enough.

"I hope more of them die for what they did," Stanford replied cryptically.

Kadesh and Hudson jogged over to one of the Corpsman and retrieved a bodybag. Together then tenderly lifted Miller's remains into the bag, other Second Team Marines stepped up to carry it.

Hargreaves moved up to Bolingbroke. "All present and accounted for, no serious trouble along the way," she confirmed. Her gaze went past him to the bodybag, and her expression pinched a half-inch, which might as well have been a full scowl on anyone else. "With the Hilo at least we can bring everyone home." It was said in a brisk, matter-of-fact but not unsympathetic manner; after all, she had a bodybag from her own team in tow. "But we're ready to go and to hi-tail out of here."

With the mission success and the prisoners, the mathematics were overall favorable. They were just rarely favorable for Marines.

Bolingbroke nodded "That's if our carriage arrives on time!" He looked to the door and the cold dark space beyond. There was a trail of destruction and rubble in the saucer's wake as it had ploughed through the orbital debris field.

There was no sign yet of the Hilo and for a moment his heart dropped, then then the Arrow swung into view and closed rapidly to the hanger doors.

=/\=All aboard!=/\= Rora called as she got the Hilo backed into the mostly open shuttle bay doorway, the fit was tight but she hadn't scared the paint job or made any metal scrapping together.

The side ramp swung down and the hatch opened.

"Alright let's get these people aboard!" Bolingbroke ordered "Anyone injured goes to the back, everyone else up front! See to it Sarn't Kadesh"

The Marines began to hustle the Wyoming crew aboard the transport.

Bolingbroke stepped over to Hargreaves and Tolkath and said quietly "Anyone else unsure about taking those with the Gorn implants into a confined space?" He asked, nodding his head towards several of the survivors.

Tolkath raised an eyebrow, catching on to where the Marine Lieutenant was going "There is not time to do a full scan of all of them with a tricorder, so isolating them is a wise precaution. I would further suggest sealing off that part of the transport with a forcefield."

"We can keep them up in the rear, easier contained if something goes wrong," Hargreaves agreed. A brief thought occurred on how that would make it easier to vent the atmo from the aft of the ship - then the thought of how she was considering that about Starfleet officers -

- then good, old-fashioned compartmentalisation kicked in and she looked to the ship and went back to considering the practicalities. "Let's just get it done."

She headed to her team and the moving survivors, lifting a hand to gesture for brief attention. "2nd and 4th teams, up front; Wyoming staff, ride up aft so medical personnel can get to you quicker on disembarking back on Hawaii." Wasn't strictly a lie. Just got the job done. Her Marines, at least, asked no further questions in making sure everyone was secured aboard as instructed.

Kyle made sure the rest of the Wyoming survivors were on board before he made his way up the ramp. "All of the Wyoming personnel are on board, sir."

"Thank you S'arnt" Bolingbroke nodded "Carry on"

Johanson was carried past by a couple of Second Team Marines "Our Miss FireDancer rides up front" Bolingbroke called to Kadesh and got a nod in return.

With the last of the Marines and survivors clearing the Runabout's hatch Bolingbroke took a last quick look around the hanger, Tolkath was stood next to him. He saw the Vulcan was staring at the Gorn shuttle craft.

"Commander, time to go" He said, moving to the hatchway and raising his hand to the control

Tolkath turned to him and nodded "Yes it is, but let us not leave empty handed" He said cryptically, then ducked past Bolingbroke and walked up to the Hilo's cockpit.

Bolingbroke watched him, slightly puzzled, then closed and secured the hatch. "Hatch secure! Let's go home!" He called forward. "Strap in people!" He said to his Team and found his seat. As instructed the Marines had located those of the Wyoming crew who had Gorn-Implants at the very rear of the compartment. There were seven of them, mostly unconscious or nearly so.

Bolingbroke strapped in but kept his phaser rifle laid across his knees, ready if needed.

Hargreaves walked the line of her team, ostensibly doing her job to double-check everyone was secure in their webbing in case the ride got jumpy. But even with her cool demeanour there was a moment of eye contact with each Marine. When she saw doubt or apprehension, checking they were strapped in included a pat on the shoulder or the like.

"Yeah," grumbled Gunnery Sergeant T'Kalla when Hargreaves got to her. "Thanks, Mother."

The Gunny got a punch on the arm instead of a pat, but it was next to her that Hargreaves had to strap herself in. Once she was in place T'Kalla reached out to check her own webbing, rougher than necessary, but ended it with a quick thumbs up that included almost a smile from both women.

"Team 4 ready to go," Hargreaves confirmed from her position.

Kyle let out a breath of relief as he sat down, it finally coming over him that they were free of the Gorn ship. He kept the rifle he was given close, he wouldn't feel truly safe until they reached their main ship. But that also left him wondering, 'What happens next?'

Tolkath came up behind the pilots. "We need to depart, but I require two things before we do so Ensign." he said to Tai. "Section off the rear of the compartment with a forcefield. Do that now."

Rora side eyed, Spencer to see if he was okay, as she followed the instruction from the First officer though the confusion was clear from her expression. she didn't question his order at the moment. 'Done Sir, what else, do you need before we get out of Dodge?"

"Secondly lock a tractor beam on to that Gorn shuttle" He nodded backwards through the starboard window to the Gorn Raider Ship that was parked just a few feet from the Hilo. "I want to get it out of the hanger and back to the Hawaii."

Rora couldn't help the lift of her eye brows as they shot up but she glanced at Spencer again and then nodded, "Aye Sir," she quietly, hoped there were not any Gorn hiding in the ship she was going to haul back via tractor-beam.

"Then I suggest we depart Ensign, briskly" Tolkath replied nodding towards the small viewscreen in the forward panel which was relaying images from the Hawaii.

The ventral saucer they were travelling on was rapidly approaching the mass of Xavier Station!

Tolkath went back to take his seat, he could see the shimmer of the forcefield across the rear of the compartment. Bolingbroke, Hargreaves and the Marines were alert to it, it did not appeared the exhausted Wyoming survivors noticed or cared.

He would arrange for similar confinement protocols back on the Hawaii
and he made a note to make a study of the implants once Medical had devised a way to remove them.

Tolkath also saw the bodybags containing the dead Marines, gently placed in a line on the deck. He was not unaware of the emotional impact of losing comrades and the death of any sentient being was to be regretted. He strapped in, trusting the pilot could get them out of the hanger before the impact.

The Hilo lifted off and back slowly out of the ruined Gorn hanger, clearing the remnants of the doors with just a few centemeters to spare. Once out of the hanger the craft rotated on it's axis, a tractor beam lanced out and locked onto the Gorn raider shuttle. It skidded across the hnager deck for a few meters then lifted up. It was aslightly taller that the Arrow and a peice of the upper fusalage grated under the edge of the upper door, then with a last shudder it was free and the Hilo towed it away from the saucer.

Once clear of the Gorn ship there wasa ragged cheer from the Wyoming survivors. The Marines sat quietly alongside the bodies of their fallen.

With the fight still on the Arrow swung out wide, moving away from the likely impact of the Saucer into Xavier station.

Just before it swung aroudn a lareg peice of derbies there were several flashes, indictaing the arrival of more ships dropping out of warp.

Whose side they were was not yet known...


Tolkath, CDR, SF

Anthony Stanford, Lt, SF
USS Wyoming
NPC by Tachibana

Edward Bollingbroke, 1stLt, SFMC

Eleanor Hargreaves, 1stLt, SFMC

Rora Tai, ENS, SF

Kyle Walken, Sgt, SFMC

Christine Larson, CPO, SF
USS Wyoming
NPC by Tolkath


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