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Boarders & Hilo - In the den of dragons Part 5

Posted on 28 Nov 2018 @ 6:00pm by Captain Akio Tachibana & Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez & Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Walken & Captain Edward Bolingbroke (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & First Lieutenant Eleanor Hargreaves (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Ensign Rora Tai
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Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Arrow Runabout Hilo & Gorn Crusier
Timeline: Current


[Runabout Hilo]

The Cruiser had seperated it's ventral saucer. Now it was veering off to starboard, while the saucer continued on towards Xavier

"Well that's going to be fun, where are our party Crashers?" She asked looking to Spencer, "Which section has our people, any word back since the last transition of wounded?"

Spencer had put himself on monitoring duty whilst trying to keep in control of everything else with Rora, "The wounded got over there no problems, as far as I'm aware, I haven't heard anything else back that they didn't?" He swung around in his seat to another monitor, "Our guys are on deck 16 at the moment, at the detention center I think?"

"So we follow them then, cross your fingers and hold on." she said as she set the Hilo on course to follow the part of the ship that had their folks.

[Gorn Cruiser: Deck 16 - Doorway to Detiontion Center ]

[4th MSOT]

Tolkath noted the dead Marine and the reverence the others had towards the body. It did not concern him directly and he focused on his tricorder, attempting to scan the compartment on the other side of a heavy doorway that was at the end of the corridor with alcoves.

A few moments later Bolingbroke and Team Two arrived. Johanson was being assisted by two of her team mates, who set her down to rest.

Bolingbroke crossed over to Hargreaves and the Starfleet officers. He spied the bodybag immediately. "Just the one, who is it?" He asked quietly

"Corporal Biggs. Element Bravo." Her voice was bland, brisk. There'd be time for reflection later. For the moment, the best thing to do was finish the job the Marine had died for. Hargreaves looked directly at Bolingbroke. "Your end?"

He nodded. "We fared a little better." He quckly explained about Kosu and Johanson. "Where are the prisoners?"

Hargreaves jerked her head down the corridor towards the heavy doors their data told them led to the detention centre. "This is our best guess."

"I am reading several Humanoid lifeforms. None are Gorn." Tolkath announced from beside the large heavy door "Life signs are weak. It would appear they are dying."

He adjusted the Tricorder. "The atmosphere in the compartment is being removed. We need to open the hatch"

"Unless the Lieutenant can do anything to their systems, I'm going to recommend a more violent breach," said Hargreaves, looking at Cortez before she glanced back at Staff Sergeant Shikar, the Marine in 4 MSOT who'd oversee placing any such breaching charges.

Annoyed that she couldn't break the system, Cortez banged her fist on the PaDD she was working off, "God dammit!" her voice had an edge to it where she was ready to just give up with it, "I can't make any changes, any modifications, nothing. Sorry guys, I'm out." She motioned towards the door with her hands at Hargreaves and her team. "Your turn."

"We have eight minutes fifty four seconds to leave this vessel" Tolkath informed them.

"This is going to get ugly if they're venting atmo," Hargreaves said in a matter-of-fact way. "Shikar, get it done. Everyone else, hold onto your butts." A breach through a bulkhead to a section with different pressure was never ideal, but under the circumstances Hargreaves had no interest in a smooth ride. Just a fast one.

As she gestured her men forward, she glanced to Bolingbroke. "You take the interior and secure the prisoners, we watch this point to make sure we're not cut off, then we all haul ass?"

Bolingbroke nodded "Roger that" His team deployed, ready to enter the compartment once it was opened

"There will not be much to secure" Tolkath stated "The compartment is only some fourteen meters square. I would suggest applying explosive to the door mechanism. Using a charge agaisnt the wall, with lower pressure inside, would magnify the blast and potential injure the prisoners."

"That small? Of course it is," Hargreaves sighed, but gave Shikar a nod and the Staff Sergeant advanced, swapping around which charges he was pulling out.

"It's a little less sure to work," said Shikar as he set to work priming charges at the mechanism.

"Sure," said Hargreaves, "but what works with more certainty than high-yield explosives?" She turned back to her Marines, issuing orders and getting the injured hunkered down in the middle while the rest deployed to watch either end of the corridor, some moving meters down to defensible positions in doorways to keep an eye out and maximise their cover.

"Ready when you are, L-T," Shikar confirmed by the time 4MSOT was in position.

Hargreaves' lowered her rifle point and took a few steps back, in position to watch the doorway in case of more trouble, but for the most part that was a problem for Bolingbroke's Marines. She had to look to outside. "Do it."

Protective headgear muffled the blast as Shikar blew the charges, slagging the door mechanisms. It was enough of a breach that, with the blast and smoke and stink of acrid metal, there came the whistling air with the pressure shift that would have been unpleasant were the bar for 'unpleasant' on a boarding mission far above average.

"We got your backs," Hargreaves said to Bolingbroke as the way was cleared.

"Sarn't Kadesh, the door!" Bolingbroke ordered. "Hudson, back him up" The burly Sergeant stepped up, got both hands on the frame of the door and pushed. There was a metallic grinding sound and the door slowly slid open.

Hudson stepped in, cleared the room with the barrel of his rifle and nodded to Bolinbroke "Clear elTee"

Inside the cramped room there were many slumped forms in tattered uniforms.

Bolingbroke could see at least one in Marine green, a male human, with a beard and the remnants of Sergeant's stripes on his jacket.

"Oohrah Marine" He said quietly. "Report"

It took a moment for Kyle to get to his feet, hearing the orders of another Marine was almost music to his ears. "Survivors of the Wyoming sir, Lieutenant Stanford, Chief Petty Officer Larson, and I'm Sergeant Kyle Walken." he pointed at each one as he spoke their names.

Stanford, the disheveled Lieutenant, again had teary eyes, yet this time they were tears of joy.

Bolingbroke nodded "At ease Sarn't Walken. lets get these people out of here." Other members of the team stepped forward to help the survivors up.

Larson looked up dazed and confused for a moment. Everything had been going dark and now there was bright light from the open doorway and a bunch of green figures there. She moaned and scuttled backwards against the wall "Get away from me!" She waved her uninjured hand in front of her. "Get away from me!"

One of the Marines who had been going to help her turned and looked to Walken. "You know her?"

Kyle carefully approached Larson and got down on a knee, he took a breath and began to speak in a slow calming manner. "Larson, it's me Walken. Everything is okay these are other Marines, we are going to be okay." He slowly extends his hand, "Take my hand, I promise it will be okay."

Larson saw one of the green forms getting closer to her, she shuddered, her breath coming in gasps as she sucked in air. "Walken? Is that you?"

A moment or two later her oxygen levels were back up, her vision level began to clear and she saw the green form disolving into the Marine kneeling in front of her. She looked around there were more Marines helping other survivors.

"Dammitt...." She shook her head "I was loosing it there. All i could see was green, I thought it was the tadpoles!" She laughed nervously "Im so sorry!"

"It's okay Larson." He kept his hand out to help her out, remembering that she had some sort of internal damage from the Gorn.

Larson accepted the help gratefully, wincing as she got to her feet and left the room they ahd almost died in.

Bolingbroke was making a head count, it was surprising, they had found nineteen prisoners. It was a lot, more than he had expected, maybe more than they could get out in time. "This everybody?" He asked the Lieutenant

"I-I dunno..." Stanford stammered out, amazed that they had been saved when all hope was lost-- when this seemed like the end. "The Gorn, they--they killed a lot of us with experiments. There weren't a lot of survivors from the battle to begin with..." Stanford trailed off.

Tolkath had also been counting. There were a lot of injured personnel, it would take time to move them back to the insertion point. He checked his tricorder. The answer was not promising. He turned to Bolingbroke and Hargreaves.

"We have seven minutes, fourteen seconds to evacuate this ship before it collides with Xavier" He glanced towards the survivors, many were injured, some were unconscious. "I do not believe there will be sufficient time to remove all of them to safety" He was emotionless as he delivered the news.

There was chatter about what the Commander was saying. What was he talking about? They could all make it. They came along this far.

=/\= Hilo Team, Hilo Team, this is Hawaii, what is your situation. Be advised that target has separated and your saucer is on collision course with Xavier. I say again, you are on collision course. How copy?=/\=

=/\= We are aware of our situation Hawaii=/\= Tolkath responded =/\= Stand by=/\=

Bolingbroke looked sharply at the Vulcan. "Seven minutes? That's not enough time. We won't get them all out"

Tolkath shook his head "No it is not. But there is an alternative egress point"

He turned his tricorder around to show Bolingbroke and Hargreaves, "One deck above us and aft, is a shuttle bay. The Hilo could collect us from there. However, we have no way to know if we can open the doors. So far we have been locked out of all of their systems."

Bolingbroke quickly agreed "It's better than going further up. And I'll get the doors open!" He looked to Hargreaves. I need three of my team and all your explosives. I'll leave the rest with you, can you move the survivors?"

"It'll be done," Hargreaves confirmed, then jerked a thumb over at Shikar. "Staff, give the Lieutenant and his team your gear."

Staff Sergeant Shikar bore the expression of a munitions expert who didn't much want to be parted from his beloved explosives, but he cooperated without complaint, unslinging his own packs and gathering what he knew the rest of 4MSOT possessed to hand over to Bolingbroke and his Marines.

"I will contact the Hilo and inform them of the change" Tolkath added.

"Sarnt Kadesh, Sarnt Miller, Corporal Hudson! Get our explosives and all you can carry from Team Four" Bolingbroke ordered "We going to blow the bloody doors off!"

In seconds Bolingbroke and his three Marines had stuffed their packs with explosive charges and double-timed it back down the corridor.

=/\=Tolkath to Hilo=/\= The Vulcan spoke into his commbadge =/\=We have a new extraction point=/\=

Rora was very relieved to hear a response from their boarding party leader, =/\=Aye Sir were is your new pick up point?=/\=

=/\=We have approximately twenty survivors from the Wyoming.We need you to land in the shuttle bay at the rear of the saucer for extraction. We will attempt to open the doors for you =/\= Tolkath explained

=/\=Aye Sir we will be ready for you all!=/\= Rora replied she had every confidence in the statement because she wasn't alone, Spencer had proved beyond a doubt he was one of those folks that just excelled under situations that most would start feeling the pressure. He had been steady and alert the whole time. She started manuvering the Hilo to the new position.

With the Transport informed, Tolkath turned to the Marine Lieutenant "What is your plan?"

"Normally I'd take it slow and steady on an evac mission through enemy terrain until we're under direct fire, but that'll just get us blown up halfway there," Hargreaves commented, voice flat. "So it's going to have to be fast and steady."

She turned to Bolingbroke's Marines. "You're watching the packages," she told them, gesturing to the Wyoming survivors in their varying conditions of well-being. "Assist them in keeping movement fast and cover them if we run into trouble." It seemed to her the more logical deployment of the team further lacking in manpower.

Then it was back to 4MSOT. "Element Alpha, with me up front. Bravo, take up the rear. We need to keep up the pace but we can't afford to get sloppy or we're just running into trouble. Let's hope the Gorn are more interested in getting out of here than staying on a doomed hunk of metal."

"Makes sense, they've seemed reasonable so far," T'Kalla deadpanned. Hargreaves cast her a look, then again gestured to the gathered Marines and Starfleet.

"Let's move."

As one they headed out, following for the immediate period in the wake of Bolingbroke and his Marines as best they could. They needed to keep a modicum of distance, but four Marines would always move faster than upward of thirty people.


Tolkath, CDR, SF

Anthony Stanford, Lt, SF
USS Wyoming
NPC by Tachibana

Eira Cortez, LtJg, SF
NPC by Tachibana

Edward Bollingbroke, 1stLt, SFMC

Eleanor Hargreaves, 1stLt, SFMC

Rora Tai, ENS, SF

Kyle Walken, Sgt, SFMC

Christine Larson, CPO, SF
USS Wyoming
NPC by Tolkath


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