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Boarders & Hilo - In the den of dragons Part 4

Posted on 06 Nov 2018 @ 2:43pm by Commander S’chqenr T’Jedf Tolkath (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Captain Edward Bolingbroke (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Captain Akio Tachibana & Lieutenant Deeli Kosu (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Lieutenant Junior Grade Eira Cortez & First Lieutenant Eleanor Hargreaves (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War) & Ensign Rora Tai & Ensign Spencer Griffith-Bailey

Mission: Ka Hakaka Maikaʻi - The Good Fight
Location: Arrow Runabout Hilo & Gorn Crusier


[Runabout Hilo]

"Getting a lock on them now!" Spencer's hands flicked across the controls and he set the beam to locate and lock on the teams, "I'm locked on, and transporting out in 3, 2, 1..."

The Transporter delivered four people, a body bag and a torpedo to the Runabout.

Transporting over Van Pier looked around "Arrived safetly, we need extraction for biological hazzard patient and wounded!"

Rora glanced over her shoulder wincing seeing the body bag she turned around and called back to Spencer, "I will call the Pale Hound to get the wounded to the ship so we can stay put to grab the estimate of our people."

Spencer also looked at the body bag and winced: he’d seen a few of them and never got used to the sight of them. Quickly turning back he nodded to Rora, “sounds like a plan!” He opened up the comms channel to the Pale Hound for her.

=/\=Hilo to Pale Hound need a return for more wounded to take to the ship ASAP!=/\=

=/\= PALE HOUND 4-6, inbound... ETA, 2 clicks =/\= the radio call came back.

Thankfully, the Devonshire fighters had largely been able to keep the flight lanes clear and the capital ships at this point were too focused on degrading each other's shields.

=/\= Roger that, Pale Hound! =/\= Rora replied relief evident from her tone. She kept her eyes on the ongoing mayhem around them this was one busy mess that she hoped would see positive results in the end.

[Gorn Cruiser: Cargo Bay Corridor - Deck 14]

[2d MSOT]

"The rest of us will hold here until we here from Team Four" Bolingbroke said "Now lets make sure we have control of the corridor and cargo bay" He set the team to guarding their perimeter.

Once that was set, he activated his comms to check on team Four.

[Gorn Cruiser: Secondary Command Deck - Deck 12]

[4th MSOT]

There was a Gorn slumped on the floor. It was clearly seriously wounded and bleeding heavily. It spat blood from it's mouth, bared his teeth at Tolkath and leveled it's Disrupter rifle at his chest. It gave another rasping laugh and pulled the trigger!

Tolkath realized he had no time to dodge, the Gorn had him. His mind focused sharply on his imminent death. He was almost surprised that he felt no reaction to the situation. Although he realized that he would have preferred a chance to say goodbye to Lesai. He locked eyes with the Gorn and waited.

Nothing happened.

The Gorn gave an angry grunt and pulled the trigger again, and again, and again.

It was then Tolkath noticed the creature's weapon had taken a Phaser blast to the power pack. It was useless.

The Gorn noticed it at about the same time and in fury it threw the rifle at him.

Tolkath's hand shot out and caught the weapon before it struck him.

The Gorn spat more blood. "It won't matter Vulcan. The First Talon will catch you soon enough and you'll rot in the cells with the rest of them, until she takes your head!"

Tolkath placed the broken rifle down and moved over to the Gorn. "The rest of them?" He asked it "What rest?"

"The ones we took when your starship rammed us!" It tried to rake his leg with it's claws but Tolkath deftly stepped back out of range. "Oh you'll dance more than that when the Talon takes your flesh Vulcan!" It spat at him a final time and died.

Tolkath's head tipped to the side as he looked at the Gorn, piecing together what it had said.

"The Wyoming," Hargreaves concluded uselessly, voice taking on a hollow tone despite the usual flatness of her expression. "It was unlikely there would have been no survivors."

"I believe you are correct" Tolkath agreed.

Hargreaves head snapped around to Cortez, at work trying to breach the ship's computer security. "Is there anything on their prisoner location that you can dig out, Lieutenant?" Behind her, a couple of her team went to diligently make sure the Gorn weren't getting back up again.

Tolkath consulted his TriCorder and the sensor data they had on the Crusier, looking for any indication of non-Gorn lifesigns. After a couple of moments he found a possible loaction. "See if you can access their own internal systems. According to the sensor scan there maybe multiple species lifeforms on Deck Sixteen" He pointed at the deck under his feet "That could be a detention area, Four Decks below us. Deck Sixteen."

Cortez was already working her magic and nodded at his statement. So far she had managed to access their main system and was working on the internals, trying to get anything she could on anyone besides themselves and the gorn. “You’re right, it looks like there are more humanoid life forms a few decks below us.” She looked up and at him, “if we’re correct, it will definitely be the crew from the Wyoming

Just then a transmission came over their commbadges. =/\=Team Two to Team Four=/\= It was Bolingbroke =/\=We have achived our primary objectives. We are at the RV. What's your status/=/\=

Hargreaves fought the instinct to take a step away from the Starfleet officers before she replied. "Team Four here. We've secured our destination, extracting priority intel." She hesitated. Nothing made for a hot mess more than injecting new problems like the one before them. "But we have reports of survivors of the Wyoming are being held prisoner on board. Got a possible detention area and location for them."

Just then there was a shudder that ran through the deck, several loud vibrations followed, then there was sensation of a turn and a change in speed.

=/\=What was that?!=/\=Bolingbroke asked.

Tolkath pointed to a display screen that showed what was happening "it appears they have just seperated the ventral saucer from the rest of the ship.” He moved to the panel and looked closer "We are now on a direct course at Xavier shipyard"

Hargreaves' quirk of an eyebrow would have been a jaw-drop on anyone else human. "Can we do anything about that, or do we now have to get out objectives and haul ass to the RV?" The question of the prisoners hung in the air, unspoken.

“There’s nothing I can do from my end to try and divert the course.” Cortez’s fingers flew back and forth over the keys. “I swear getting locked out of every command I try to put in to override it..” She stood up and flexed her fingers before putting her PaDD back in its holster. “Everything my end is good to go, so I’m all in favour of hauling ass, as you put it, and getting out of here.” Again, she fixed her blue eyed stare on Tolkath and waited for his response. “Commander Tolkath?"

"No doubt they are aware of our presence her and are isolating their controls."
Tolkath looked at the displays, though they were of Gorn design they appeared to show navigational data, course and speed. The saucer was moving at what appeared to be one-third impulse, he did the calculations. "It would appear we have approximately twelve minutes forty three seconds before this saucer collides with Xavier"

He looked at Hargreaves and Cortez. "I would suggest haste then if we wish to investigate the detention deck and leave here before that time"

"If we don't, there's no coming back for them," Hargreaves pointed out unnecessarily, then lifted her voice to be picked up by the comms. "We're done here. Detention centre is Deck 16. Sounds like we could take a longer walk home."

[Gorn Cruiser: Cargo Bay Corridor - Deck 14]

[2d MSOT]

Bolingbroke had been listening in =/\= We'll meet you on Deck Sixteen=/\=

He turned to his Team. "There may be survivors from the Wyoming, in a possible Detention area, two decks down and for'ard.

Team Four is heading down from the Bridge, we're abandoning this RV and we'll meet them there."

There were nods and words of approval from the Marines, they were all up for a possible rescue mission. But Bolingbroke had other information for them.

"The shudder earlier was them separating this saucer from the rest of the ship. Now we're on a collision course with Xavier!"

There were few looks and pursed lips. Then "Best we get a move on then eLTee!"

"Thank you Corporal Hudson." Bolingbroke replied with a grin. "Back in the tube then lads!"

A few moments later the Team was on the way.

[Gorn Cruiser: Transit Tube]

[4th MSOT]

Palacio had been put in the swell of Marines towards the centre of the group, as Voothe, the Corpsman, had only been able to do so much for his arm. The corporal had thus slung his rifle and swapped for his hand-phaser, and it was Baranel and Seeley on point as corporals of Element Bravo worried about Tolkath and Cortez.

"Double time it," came Hargreaves' curt instruction as they all swung into the by-now painfully familiar transit tube. "We've got people to save and our own asses to pull out of the fire. If this has got to be the first Twelve-Minute Gorn Cruiser Marathon, then nobody on this team is only getting a participation medal, you get me?"

Sergeant Otero, still their hottest hand in Zero-G, seemed everywhere at once as they moved - making sure everyone was secure, making sure everyone had the right technique for the swiftest, most efficient possible procedure, and somehow still falling in behind the point-men even if it looked like he'd been at the rear five seconds sooner.

"All clear as we go," he confirmed back to Hargreaves after checking in with the front.

"I guess the Gorn don't want to stick around to be blown up, either."

But the sense of relief as their heavy metal boots finally clunked onto the plating of deck sixteen was near-palpable, and Hargreaves hefted her rifle. "Aft," was the curt instruction.

Ships at war all felt the same, in their way. No matter the culture, whether they shied from war, faced it with reluctant determination, or charged it joyously, the same tension hummed through air and bulkhead. The cruiser was the same, as if the air itself tasted of coming sweat and blood, even when there weren't any Gorn in sight.

And then there were Gorn in sight.

"Contact!" came Seeley's yell as she swung back behind a corner, splashes of disruptor fire against the bulkhead and shooting past her.

Hargreaves was next to her in an instant. They were at the long section of a T-junction, fire coming at them from the right, and their destination couldn't be more than fifty metres that way. It probably wasn't a coincidence this was the first enemy fire they'd seen in a while. "Status?"

"About a dozen enemy contacts. You get my brains still in my helmet, or an exact count," came Seeley's wry reply.

"Great," Hargreaves said flatly, then looked back at her team. "Commander, L-T, stick with Alpha on this side. Knorr, Shikar, you stick with them. T, Bravo, you're with me. Alpha, give us some covering fire so we can cross this damned corridor so Seeley doesn't have to go one-woman-army on the bastards by herself."

Such dashing always, in Hargreaves' professional opinion, sucked. But it went like clockwork; a flurry of phaser fire, energy blasts shooting all overhead as in their twos and groups the Marines crossed the corridor to get a good look and a new vantage point. Then they were in place.

"Light 'em up, T," Hargreaves said, and Gunnery Sergeant T'Kalla looked more than happy to let off bursts of fire down at the Gorn along the corridor. For her part, she fell back a few paces and keyed the comms.

"Team Four to Team Two. We're less than fifty metres from Detention Block, coming from the fore. Run into maybe a dozen tangos. Good news is we've really got their attention. If we keep it up and keep your way to detention clear, I say you take your run at it then chew these bastards up from behind?"

[Gorn Cruiser: Transit Tube]

[2d MSOT]

Bolingbroke and his men had made there way along the transit tube, heading forward. The tube still had wisps of dark smoke tendrils and an unpleasant burn smell. They could hear the distance echo of a firefight from the tube ahead of them but had only gone one deck when a loud clattering sound rolled down the tube from behind them.

Moments later a number of Gorn swung into sight. There were two in the armored suits at the front with the rest behind all carrying weapons. There was some loud hisses and growls as the Gorn spotted the Marines and they sped up their movement down the tube. Several rasied their weapons to fire.

Luckily the tube bent just ahead and rounded a forty-five degree angle as it leveled out on Deck Fifteen and the last of the Team dropped out of sight before the Gorn could fire.

There was no time to fix claymoors this time Bolingbroke realized, not holding out much hope of them surviving a firefight in the confined tube.

"eLTee! There a four-way ahead!" The point Marine called back.

Within seconds Bolingbroke had the team spilt, three went up and the rest with him dropped down the vertical tube. They had a reasonably defensive position with the tube junction providing them much more cover than the Gorn would have in the tube.

Moments later the pursuing Gorn reappeared. Disrupter fire spewed down the tube from them.

"Fire!" Bolingbroke ordered and vicious firefight erupted. The Marines peered over the rims of the tube pumping phaser fire down the tube while the Gorn hunkered down behind the two armored vanguards and returned fire.

One of the vanguards raised an arm towards them. There was an ugly nozzle mounted on it's forearm. Suddenly a jet of blue flame burst from the nozzle lancing out towards the Marines

"Down!" Bolingbroke ducked with the rest as the flame-thrower crackled and roared over head.

He just managed to hear a message from Hargreaves over his earpiece, it was nearly drowned out by the roaring flames.

=/\= Copy Team Four. Right now we're a little busy. But we'll be there as soon as possible =/\=

[Gorn Cruiser: Transit Tube]

[4d MSOT]

"Acknowledged," growled an unhappy Hargreaves. "If you miss the fun, that's on you. Team Four out." She pressed her back to the bulkhead and looked up at T'Kalla. "Sitrep?"

T'Kalla ducked back down, another of Bravo taking her spot. "I count eleven Gorn. Corridor ahead opens up for a wider hallway, alcove spaces. They've taken to cover there and have more firing positions on us than we can get on them. Still maybe only six disruptors on us at a time. Not that better a position."

"But if they're still here, do they know we're all on a timer? Or are they just ready to die with us if it means we're stopped?"

"What am I, L-T, the Gorn Whisperer?"

Hargreaves ignored the sass and flicked her comms back to team-wide. "Alpha, you're going to toss a couple photon grenades at them, then provide what cover fire you can for Bravo when we they move in with me." It wasn't ideal. Even with the grenades, it was a direct assault in a confined space against an entrenched enemy. But they had no time to go rooting for a different way around, no time to wait for Team Two, no time to snipe down their enemy with the Marines' superior - in Hargreaves' opinion - marksmanship.

They all knew it, and still moved like it was their umpteenth drill where they knew they'd all get their drink in the bar together afterwards - smooth, without complaint. Without fear.

The rattle of the grenades when Seeley and Baranel tossed them. The shouts of the Gorn, the second of waiting that felt like a lifetime, the explosion muffled by their helmets. Thudding boots on decks, rifles pressed tight against the body, through the smoke and sweat. Silhouettes, hulking, alien - her snapshot took the first in the face, Corporal Biggs beside her delivering a confirmation blast to drop that Gorn.

Flashes of phaser and disruptor fire as instinct and training took over, and some of their own lizard hind brains made unhelpful suggestions to be ignored - run or kill, or hide or slaughter. Adrenaline made its own unwelcome contribution, an obstacle to focus through as much as fuel to keep going with the shouts and shots and heat and thuds of bodies on the deck.

She swept around the left side of the alcove, stepped over a Gorn body; another rounded on her with disruptor raised only for Bravo's sergeant to drop them. Hargreaves turned to the next, let off one shot. Biggs didn't follow up, so she squeezed the trigger again, double-tapping the target even when they were falling, then her rifle came back up, sweeping around -

"Clear!" Was it her own voice, or T's, or someone else's entirely as they took stock of the corridor? But it was clear, the Gorn down, and Hargreaves granted herself a split second to look down, to breathe, to make sure she hadn't been harmed and just not noticed in the haze.

"Report in," she said, satisfied she hadn't died without noticing, and the names started to roll in, before -

"Biggs is down." Hargreaves rounded on Bravo's Corpsman, knelt over the body of the corporal who'd watched her back on the first charge, and the Marine looked up with a flat expression before giving the slightest shake of the head.

Hargreaves swallowed the bitter taste, and forced her mind to sheer away from every thought but the living and the mission. Alpha was coming up with Tolkath and Cortez, and she looked from the corridor ahead back to them. "Palacio, Voothe - you're getting him home," she told the injured Marine and the Corpsman who'd watched over him, and nodded at Biggs' body, her voice utterly flat and without emotion. "Let's look lively, Marines, or we'll all join the dead. The way to detention's clear. Baranel, Seeley, you're back on point."

Her gaze swept over their Starfleet guests; in that moment she didn't want to take them in, didn't want to see or think or care about them. She had never been a Marine to play up the divide between their branches, but one of her team was dead, and these two faces weren't of her team.

But it was a time for the living. She keyed her comms, and her voice came out toneless. =/\=Team Four to Team Two. We're advancing to the detention center.=/\=

Tolkath noted the dead Marine and the reverence the others had towards the body. It did not concern him directly and he focused on his tricorder, attempting to scan the compartment on the other side of a heavy doorway that was at the end of the corridor with alcoves.

"I am reading several lifeforms. None are Gorn." He said "Life signs are weak. It would appear they are dying"

[Gorn Cruiser: Transit Tube Junction]

[4d MSOT]

After each searing blast from the flame thrower Bolingbroke risked bobbing his head over the rim of the tube. Being carfeul to keep a firm hold on the tube handle, so as not to drift weightlessly and helplessly into the gorn's line of fire.

Each time the Gorn had moved a little closer to the Marines position. In a few minutes they would be overrun.

He glanced upwards at Sergeant Kadesh and the two Marines who were floating over their heads in the vertical part of the intersection.

Kadesh signaled him and pointed to the Marine beside him, Mason was one of the Team's Snipers, then he gestured towards the Gorn and one with the flamethrower, and specifically to that Gorn's back.

Bolingbroke risked a quick glance. The Gorn was wearing the heavily armored EVO suit but over it's right shoulder there was a the rim of small cylinder, A tube ran from it down the creatures arm to the flam thrower nozzle. It had to be the fuel reservoir!

Mason had his weapon to his shoulder but appeared unable to get a clear shot at the tank. Kadesh gave the signal for distraction and Bolingbroke nodded.

In between bursts of flame and exchanges of fire he briefed his Marines.

"Mason can take out the flame thrower, but he cant get a shot" He explained "We need to distract the Gorn so he changes position. I need a vol-"

"I got it eLTee!" Johanson interrupted him. She was the youngest and newest member of the Team

Bolingbroke looked skeptical, wondering if it was just bravado rather than seriously considered.

She caught his look. "I can do it! I was a Zero-Gee Gymnast in High School. Just don't expect me to wear a leotard and wave a colored ribbon around!"

Another blast of blue flame over their heads made the decision for him.
"Alright you're up!"

Twenty seconds later they had a plan. Right after the next burst of flame Johanson popped up out of the tube, a phaser rifle in both hands. Three of the Marines had thrown her straight upwards toward the tube above them.

She soared gracefully through the open tube and opened fire as soon as the barrels cleared the lip of the tube. The Gorn hesitated for a moment, stunned by the action before them, then returned fire.

As her momentum carried her Johanson twisted and rolled, keeping the Gorn from finding their target.

Mason had swung to the back of the tube, rifle aimed at the armored Gorn, tracking the Gorn's movement as it aimed at Johanson. It shifted and he had a shot at the full round top of the fuel tank on it's back.

He and the Gorn fired at the same time. The flame thrower roared, blue fire streamed out and caught Johanson's lower legs and feet, setting them alight instantly.

A split second later Mason's Phaser pulse tore into the fuel tank, igniting the contents, which exploded tearing the tank apart. Burning fuel and shrapnel engulfed the screaming Gorn.

With the Gorn's attention on Johanson, Bolingbroke and the rest took full advantage, pouring shot after shot into the mass of Gorn.

Above them Kadesh and the others had Johanson pinned against the side of the tube and were frantically beating out the flames.

"Cease fire!" Bolingbroke called. Once it was evident that not a Gorn lived in the tube. He looked up, horrified that Johanson would be a smoking corpse.

Kadesh and the others had the flames out but she was in a bad way. Her pant legs. from her thighs down, were a charred mess and she had burns over much of her lower legs.

Bolingbroke pushed himself up to her, Johanson was sobbing quietly, her eyes filled with tears and she was shaking but she met his gaze and lifted her chin.

"Only an Eight point Three from the Romulan Judge" Bolingbroke said with a wink.

Johanson blinked for a moment, then gave him a weak smile and wiped her nose "Piss off elTee! That was a Nine point Five any day!"

"Full Ten from me and the rest of these apes!" He replied. "Bloody fine work. Bloody fine!" The Marine was getting a commendation for sure.

Johanson nodded, gritting her teeth. "Damn it hurts!"

Bolingbroke nodded "I'm sure it does. Jenkins, get you medkit out! "

While Johanson was treated the rest of the team checked over the dead Gorn. Bolingbroke checked his deck plan, Team Four should be just below them and about twenty meters forward. He contacted Hargreaves.

=/\= Acknowledged, advancing on Detention center. We've cleared our action. One walking wounded. We should be at your location directly =/\=


To Be Continued...

Tolkath, CDR, SF

Eira Cortez, LtJg, SF'

Edward Bollingbroke, 1stLt, SFMC

Eleanor Hargreaves, 1stLt, SFMC

Rora Tai, ENS, SF

Spence Griffin-Bailey, ENS, SF

Jan Van Pier, PO, SFMC
Corpsman NPC'd by Kosu


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