Lieutenant T'Ryn Shannon

Name T'Ryn Riva Shannon

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (ACHENG)

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Betazoid
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 175 lb
Hair Color Long Brown
Eye Color Hazel Grey
Physical Description Muscular but well proportioned tall female. Two scars on back from plasma conduit explosion. Scars covered by dragon tattoos.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Admiral Ronin Trevon Shannon ** Starfleet Engineering Corps** Betazoid
Mother Ambassador T'Prina Riva Shannon **Ambassador to Federation Council** Vulcan
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Relatives on SF Engineering and Ambassadorial council.

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'Ryn is quiet but focused on her work. She believes that sometimes you have to use logic when necessary but common sense is mostly used almost all the time. She enjoys her quiet time tinkering in engineering or when possible strolling through the gardens on leave. A fiercely loyal officer, she doesn't believe that it can't be done and will argue the point. She will not rest 'til all her crew are safe from harm and simply refuses to let go of her ship.
Strengths & Weaknesses T'Ryn does have certain flaws or weaknesses but they do not overshadow her strengths. Her strength lies in her determination to improve all aspects of engineering. She goes out of her way to repair whatever it is that is damaged. T'Ryn is loyal to Starfleet and upholds its values however there are times where she will question the validity of certain orders. Her telepathic and empathic abilities are very strong because of her heritage but she is in no way a super telepath. Her abilities can cause her harm if overworked, not to mention her ability to mind meld.
Ambitions Loves music, Taekwondo routines, intellectual mind techniques, cooking pastries, reading, gardening.
Hobbies & Interests She has a genuine interest in becoming Chief Engineer in Starfleet Engineering and hopes to eventually follow her father's footsteps.

Personal History T'Ryn grew up on Earth and was a happy girl with loving parents. She loved taking apart things and rebuilding them quickly. She went to the best schools on Earth. She went through her schooling fast and entered the Academy at the age of 17 because of her father's rank and his position.

She was an excellent student and breezed through her courses and made it clear that she should be treated as a cadet and not somebody special. She made many friends and helped each one in their work. It wasn't long before graduation came and, her professors gave her the highest marks they could. Embarrassed, she accepted the commendations and grades and was summarily given her first assignment, USS Bandit as Ensign holding the position of CEO. A privilege to be sure, she accepted only after she found out her father had nothing to do with her posting.

The USS Bandit was a good ship and T'Ryn did her job and kept her running between the skirmishes with the Klingons. On one of these runs, the Bandit was taking supplies to a colony which had sustained damages from a hit and run attack by the Empire, Starfleet had sent in a Rapid Response Team and T'Ryn met a guy from this team. They decided to have a quiet dinner after their respective jobs and met in the town's eating establishment. Dinner was good and it was quiet until all hell broke loose. A fight ensued and T'Ryn panicked as the burst of emotions hit her hard making her reach out and grab his hand. That momentary touch, in her heightened state, created the 'bond' between them. All she knew about him was his last name, Kerr, and that he was with the Rapid Response Team from Starfleet, something she would use to find him when the time came for her first Ponn Far as they were now bonded.

T'Ryn served on the Bandit until she was decommissioned some 5 years later. She went back to Earth to begin her hunt for Kerr and it took her 7 months to eventually find him but she did and she completed the bonding ceremony. Just as quickly as she found him, he was gone again and now she was able to join another ship, USS Alvin where she held the position of CEO as Lieutenant. Here she became an invaluable member of the command team as the Alvin was being used to patrol the border. During this time, T'Ryn worked hard and she started to look for Kerr. She had found him for an instant and then he was gone. However this time she had found out that he had indeed changed and she would now be able to find him after the patrol period was up.

The patrol ended and she put in for the USS Hades. T'Ryn put in for her transfer to the Hades as her CEO. She got the transfer and served on the Hades without incident until she was badly damaged by a cosmic ribbon. Sick with grief over losing her ship and her captain, she put in for a transfer to the USS Hawaii as her ACEO.