Lieutenant K'lara Korat (Dec 2388 TRNSFR Before Reporting)

Name K'lara Korat (Dec 2388 TRNSFR Before Reporting)

Position Chief Tactical & Security Officer (TACSEC)

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3''
Weight 213 lbs.
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description 'Intimidating' would be too kind a word to describe K'lara. Standing over six feet tall, heavily muscled (though still unmistakably female, even with her armour), her features are fierce enough to reduce a child to tears -- and that suits her just fine. She does very little to make herself appear any less intimidating, positively encouraging it at times.

Dark hair, thick and curled (and meticulously groomed) is often left to flow freely past her shoulders, and sometimes will even be decorated with frippery, trinkets of war.


Father Vagh Korat
Mother Huraga

Personality & Traits

General Overview Strong, proud, and with the typical Klingon behaviour, K'lara is far from a simpleton.

Along with physical strength, she has a surprising intellectual curiosity -- mostly for tactics and warfare, but it is not uncommon for her to take part in simpler exercises such as recreational reading (romance being above all her favourite), and she has a steady hand for drawing when the creative mood strikes her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Physically capable, K'lara is an adept warrior on the battlefield and a terror to anyone who opposes her or those she respects. Fiercely loyal and protective, and with a great knowledge for warfare and tactics, she is a formidable opponent who strives for absolute perfection in everything that she does.

The downside is that she also possesses the infamous temper of a Klingon. Only through long hours of spiritual reflection and meditation is she capable of controlling her volatile nature. Physical exertion is also an outlet which she uses frequently where allowed, training with all manner of weapons and fighting styles.

K'lara is known to speak her mind frankly and with absolute honesty, often coming off as rude when in reality her words are most often intended as helpful. She is not particularly ‘friendly’, but will happily socialise with her crewmates.
Ambitions To restore honour to her House.
Hobbies & Interests Her hobbies vary accordingly to her mood; when she would like peace, she will read or study the art of warfare to further improve her knowledge of it. When in a dangerous mood, she will exercise on the holodeck or meditate in her room. Most often though, she will commit herself to her duty as a security officer.

Personal History Born on the homeworld of Qo'noS, K'lara was privileged to have grown up in as large and influential of a house as that of Korat, with an all too typical childhood that was otherwise unremarkable. Yet the honour of her house was not to last. Her father, a politician of questionable morals, was subsequently accused of being corrupt in her early years of adulthood. It was for this reason that the House of Korat descended into madness, becoming a remnant of what it once was.

During the time of this, K'lara had struggled to escape the confines of her household and to establish herself as a reputable warrior of the Klingon Empire. She had been well on her way to doing so until her father's corruption brought shame and dishonour to her house -- and to herself. As a result, K'lara was assigned the lowest station possible in the Klingon military, and there she served for several long years.

It wasn't until an opportunity came along, one that was simply too good to pass by, that things were about to improve. And it was her mother that brought this good news, in the form of an officer exchange between the Klingon Empire and Starfleet. Not entirely enthused by the idea, but trying her best to see this as an opportunity to escape the shame of her current situation, she accepted the transfer.
Service Record Her first assignment was an Excalibur-class starship called the USS Nihilus, where she served for one year as a security and tactical officer. It was an otherwise unremarkable assignment, and at its end, K’lara returned to the Klingon; her shame upon returning was two-fold now, as her comrades thought her a coward for transferring in the first place, and still the stigma of her father’s past actions haunted her.

Driven to anger and frustration with the unjust treatment by her own kin, K’lara requested another transfer to Starfleet -- whereupon she rejoined with her crew on the Nihilus to serve for yet another year. The Commander then, Jerard Carston, was sympathetic to her situation, and offered her a permanent home with his crew. She served seven years on the Nihilus, until its decommission -- forcing her to look elsewhere within Starfleet for a new placement.