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Ensign Graham Beckett, Ph.D. (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War)

Name Graham Beckett, Ph.D. (Jan 2389 - TRNSFR After Gorn War)

Position Security Officer (SEC)

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 178 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall but wiry, Beckett doesn’t match most people’s expectations of a security officer. Sharp features, with a low, educated drawl of a voice, he appears much more like the scholar he truly is. His appearance perpetually rockets from an extreme of being fastidiously tidy, dark hair swept back, or rumpled and a little frantic, depending on how deep into work and distraction he’s descended. The few constants include dark, piercingly inquisitive eyes, and a lopsided smirk that may denote intense interest in whatever is in front of him, or that he’s given up caring and retreated to some internal distraction.


Spouse Fiancée: Maggie Sinclair
Children None
Father Commander Isaac Beckett, Starfleet Intelligence
Mother Professor Amanda Veers
Brother(s) Ensign Gregory Beckett, USS Marseilles

Personality & Traits

General Overview How Beckett comes across at a first meeting depends on context. At work he is brisk and officious, well-mannered and professional. If caught in a matter of research or particular interest, he speeds up to work a mile a minute, quick to demonstrate his remarkable intellect and figure his way through a problem or curiosity. Socially he will either be all charm and courtesy, but if caught on the back foot can be prone to being awkward and babbling. Ultimately, in his comfort zone he is a confident and erudite, young, brilliant officer; outside of it his general youth and naivete shine through.
Strengths & Weaknesses Graham Beckett is a highly-qualified scholar, researcher, investigator, and profiler, who has excelled throughout his education and has been earmarked as one of the rising stars of Starfleet Security. He has a natural talent at reading people, is widely-read and well-trained on matters of criminal justice and investigation, and has a sharp and brilliant mind which allows him to excel at almost anything he puts his mind to. This is matched with a keen sense of ethics and duty, and a strong commitment to the peacekeeping mandates of Starfleet, even in time of war.

He is, however, inexperienced in the field; while he has worked hard to maintain his training he has seen little real combat. His distinctive career path has made it occasionally difficult for him to relate to fellow officers who have taken a more hands-on approach to Starfleet Security. If he believes he has the right of a matter he is stubborn, ever persuaded by his own intellect. While confident he is not usually arrogant, which can make his determination sometimes harder to deal with for being unexpected. He is far from the smoothest individual socially, crumbling the moment he has to discuss something outside his interests or work or if he cannot fall back on practiced courtesies.
Ambitions Beckett is at something of a crossroads, having completed his doctorate, which for much of his life has been his greatest ambition. Now he finds himself needing something to do with it, and he is aware that he has much less field experience than most officers his age. As such he is currently focused on bringing his practical talents up to match his academic expertise. He has little interest in the traditional Starfleet advancement towards a captain’s chair, expecting his career to keep him in Starfleet Security.
Hobbies & Interests Literature, politics, criminology, calligraphy, chess, archery, horseback riding, piano music, racquetball.

Personal History Born the eldest child of a Starfleet Intelligence Officer and a university professor, high expectations were placed upon Graham Beckett from a young age. Forever a bookish child, he excelled at anything he set his mind to, which always brought him closer to his academic mother than his father. This relationship was always more fraught, the two clashing as Isaac Beckett tried to push his son to be more socially minded, more out in the world. Whatever Graham did, it never felt like he was good enough for his father’s approval.

He tried to get better at socializing and did, though being a foot smarter than his peers always made that difficult. He attempted to be more like his boisterous younger brother and play sports, get outside more. And when none of this improved his relationship with his father, at seventeen he took the ultimate leap and attended Starfleet Academy, just to be more like him. His mother had impressed on him that with his smarts he could go anywhere or do anything, but this was the path young Graham chose.

To the surprise of most, Beckett did not go into the sciences at the Academy; not directly. He trained as a security officer, and while he was perfectly adequate at all the physical elements, looked to become qualified as an investigator. He graduated with a joint major in criminology and psychology, high in his class and only held back because as a security officer he was heavily tested on physical aptitudes.

His father didn't attend his graduation, and it was his mother that told him he should do what he wanted, rather than what he felt might please Isaac. While Graham’s sense of duty was strong, instilled in him by both his parents, he still wanted more out of his learning, and to be ready to use his intellect and talents are something other than an average security officer.

While Academy tutors warned him of the arrogance this displayed, they were still more than prepared to support him through postgraduate education. He pursued a doctorate in security and crime science, spending some of the next four years working with Starfleet Security in developing processes for behavioural profiling and with policy teams for counter-terrorism.

It was here he met Maggie Sinclair, a journalist working in San Francisco who would occasionally use him to help with fact checking and her own research. Theirs was a turbulent relationship, at first adversarial and then challenged by one or the other pulled away for their work. With Beckett’s graduation looming, and his stated ambition to take a post to a starship, the two struggled to commit until he, almost out of the blue, proposed and insisted they could work on their relationship even when apart.

While Maggie accepted, a fresh argument broke out not long after he received his doctorate and was offered a prestigious research post at Starfleet Security. But he refused; if he’d wanted to remain an academic, Beckett said, he wouldn’t have put on a uniform. Instead he requested, at last, a ship posting – somewhere his expertise in investigation, counter-terrorism and criminal psychology could make him useful, a better security officer, and one who would only be improved with practical experience.
Service Record 2381 – 2385: Starfleet Academy; Officer Candidate (Cadet)
2385 – 2389: Starfleet Academy; Doctoral Candidate (Ensign)
2389 – Present: USS Hawaii; Security Officer (Ensign)