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Lieutenant Junior Grade Artemis Ward, M.D. (Jan 2389 - TRSNFR After Gorn War)

Name Artemis Ward, M.D. (Jan 2389 - TRSNFR After Gorn War)

Position Ship's Surgeon (OR)

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 1.77m
Weight 64kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Dr. Ward is not a physical standout, he is of average height, and average weight. He is neither particularly fit, nor remarkably unfit. He speaks with a voice that is not unusually high or unusually low for a man his age and he often speaks softly. He can be drowned out in a crowd if he does not make an effort to stand out. On closer inspection, one might notice his bright red hair, or his penetrating blue eyed gaze, or the character of he movements. He moves quickly and decisively, every motion sharp, precise, and discreet, altogether this can see him take on an almost mechanical quality.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Daniel Ward
Mother Stella O'Rourke
Sister(s) Sarah Ward
Katie Ward
Other Family Mother's Parents:
Dorian O'Rourke
Sylvia Rutherford

Father's Parents
Edward Ward
Anne Harlow

Mother's Siblings
Jameson O’Rourke
Spencer O’Rourke

Father's Siblings
Harriet Ward (deceased)
Charles Ward
Bennett Ward
Anthony Ward

Daphne O’Rourke
Rebecca Ward
Jonathan Ward

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cool, competent, sardonic, formal, acts detached, Helpful (even if he tries to hide it), easily annoyed
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Good in a crisis

Capable of being spiteful at times
Ambitions Dr. Ward is often driven by a need to be in control, awards and adulation are no doubt attractive, but it is the impulse to keep a firm grip on his life that drives him to relentlessly refine his technique and search for his best. He will pursue organizational rewards to a degree, but often plans his next move based on what will be best for him, and his plans in the long run, thus the level of his drive can be difficult to predict.
Hobbies & Interests Beekeeping (virtual these days), Medieval History, Sewing

Personal History Dr. Ward grew up in coastal New England, and his family was one of the relatively few human families that dabbles seriously in making money. His father owned a modest shipping firm, and his mother's parents were commodity traders. He spent an unremarkable childhood learning the ins and outs of the family business.

His life began to change when his mother left the family behind during his teenage years, following a messy breakup with his father. Already dissatisfied with the routine of private enterprise, he decided he would make a life for himself elsewhere. It took only a bit of searching to find that he took easily to medicine, and he set off on the path to becoming a doctor.

During his studies he found that he had a flair for the high-pressure discipline of trauma surgery, he decided to make that his specialty and has never looked back. In his time as a practitioner of medicine, Ward has proven himself to be a skilled and resolute healer, and capable of remaining calm and controlled even in the middle of a crisis. Service aboard the Hawaii has offered him his first position as an independent surgeon, and it will seemingly offer him a great many chances to practice his craft.
Service Record 2378-2382 Starfleet Academy
2382-2386 Starfleet Medical Academy
2386-2388 Residency at Bridger Station
2388-2389 Trauma Surgeon, XFY
2389- Ship’s Surgeon USS Hawaii