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Name Luuna Microchip #: 7F03YTY836M C.G.CA/U

Position Reserve Starfleet Working Dog (SWDR)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Austailius Dog
Age 1.5

Physical Appearance

Height 75cm
Weight ‪45.58603‬kg
Hair Color (fur) Black & Tan Sable ‘silver’
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Luuna is a large canid from a not-so-well-known planet of Austailius, where instead of a wolf the indigenous humanoids developed their dog breeds from a canid-marsupial similar – if not related to – the extinct Terran Thylacine. She has medium-length silver colored fur, green eyes and long pointy ears that stand straight up from her head. She has a long bushy tail, which is often seen to neutral. Female Austailus Dogs have a backward opening pouch which their wild counterparts’ complete gestation of, and nurse their young in.


Spouse “Alpha”
Children “whatever”
Father Rex
Mother Hazel
Brother(s) Sombra, Krypto, Ace
Sister(s) Tempora, Selesti
Other Family Alpha: “Alpha”

Personality & Traits

Ambitions Protect: Territory (ship)
Protect: “Alpha”
Protect: Pack
Protect Designate: “Alpha’s” Alpha
Protect Designate: “Alpha’s” “Captain”
Protect Designate: “Alpha’s” “Executive Officer”
Protect: Self
Hobbies & Interests Search and Rescue, Find "Ms Inkky"