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Lieutenant Junior Grade Jula Danz (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR, Bre'el Dip. Msn.)

Name Jula Naerith Danz (Dec-Jan 2389 - TRNSFR, Bre'el Dip. Msn.)

Position Assistant Chief Tactical & Security Officer (ATACSEC)

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (joined)
Age Host: 30 / Symbiont: 960

Physical Appearance

Height 166 cm
Weight 73kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue-green
Physical Description For a woman who’s more on the short side, Jula has a memorable presence. Her body is toned and strong, rather than athletic and wiry. She has very defined, angular features with bright blue-green eyes and a head full of black very thick hair which she keeps manageable and short.

Her presence always seems relaxed and even a little amused, even when she is being purely professional, as if she had done it a million times before, even if she had not done it once.

She takes care of her appearance however, always accentuating her best features in an elegant way. Off duty she wears elegant clothes, though ones clearly inexpensive at the same time.


Father Tusan Naerith - Painter
Mother Kemedhra Naerith - Biologist

Personality & Traits

General Overview It is the long years of the symbiont Danz that make Jula appear ever relaxed. This in turn makes her a little sad also, knowing she is probably the last or among the last of the Danz hosts as the symbiont is quite old.

As such, both Jula and Danz are determined to make the most out of their experiences in life. Initially Jula was a young, very nervous woman. It was only her determination, adaptability and skill that helped her complete the symbiosis training and pass the final trials.

Originally slated for a different symbiont, one to more suit her personality, Danz needed a new host rather suddenly, which cemented the Symbiosis Commission’s choice and Jula Naerith was called in for implantation surgery.

The results ended up better than hoped for and a balanced personality was formed who stood firmly grounded but could live in the clouds when the situation called for it. Jula stopped worrying as much as she did when she joined with Danz and thus improved her leadership skills and confidence in situations.

Whilst she always had a sense of humor, after her joining she expressed it more freely. Originally having issues voicing her opinion and communicating the truth, she now does it with ease and nicely wrapped so that the truth hits the right spot rather than opening an even bigger issue.

All in all whilst much of the old Jula is now gone, much remains, in the subtleties of what she does.

List of hosts:

13: Jula Naerith

12: Astana Volan - Starfleet Officer, Science Track, Forensics and Pathology Specialisation. Traits acquired: Passion for investigation and research

11: Chasar Tanth - Author
Trait acquired: Love of reading

10: Garena Kessel - Artist

9: Solarin Bantan - Physician
Trait acquired: Patience

8: Vasn Prodank - Pilot

7: Inshara Cel - United Earth, Fleet Officer
Trait acquired: Confidence

6: Hanra Denb - Scientist

5: Fira Zathari - Politician
Trait acquired: Eloquence

4: Quen Hiks - Lecturer

3: Pars Juy - Merchant

2: Tarsa Rel - Musician

1: Arion Xan - Researcher
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

- A talented investigator. Danz has a flare for both investigative techniques and the forensic side of investigation.

- Stable personality. Cool head under pressure and difficult to anger. Very patient.

- Excellent physical shape. Jula keeps in shape with running and calisthenics as well as practicing the vulcan martial art of Suus Mahna

- Talented pilot, Level 3

- Strong moral code - also a very by the book officer


- Entomophobia - afraid of insects

- Allergy to insect bites

- Gets very dizzy when using the transporter

- Discovers new phobias and weaknesses daily - gifts from previous personalities

- Strong moral code - it can be as much of a detriment as it can be a boon as she sometimes sees the world in black and white rather than gray, despite the long years of Danz
Ambitions To give the Danz legacy as many impactful experiences as possible.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, cooking, playing flute-type instruments

Personal History Jula was actually born on Earth, as her parents held employment in Moscow, Russia at the time. Primarily her mother, who was a guest lecturer in biology at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Her father being a painter could conduct his work from anywhere.

Jula grew up among mostly humans, when she was young, thus taking on a lot of human cultural traits, such as an accent when speaking Federation Standard, general nervousness to succeed, typical childhood insecurities. However, she also learned to adapt and persevere. Early on she got into physical activities, such as gymnastics and running, instilling in her a sense of discipline, perseverance and adaptability. In school, she took to music, history, and research techniques.

Of course, as it was in the life of every young trill, the question of a symbiont came up, and how to go about preparing for being an eligible candidate for one. Her parents were neither here nor there with their opinion on the matter which left the young woman with much insecurity and lack of guidance.

It was at this moment when her gymnastics trainer, a now elderly woman named Valeriya Nikulina sat her down for a long conversation on what she, Jula wanted. After a long delve into her thoughts and wishes, Jula finally admitted that she indeed wanted to be joined but didn’t feel like she was worthy of such an honor, considering she had not accomplished much in her life thus far. Valeriya in turn described how she saw the young woman and how she believed that Jula could succeed, with enough drive and dedication. Taking Valeriya’s words to heart, Jula applied herself harder in school and in her training, participating in whatever event she could, writing papers and theses. With time, this also gained her a little more confidence.

When she was old enough, at the age of seventeen, Jula decided to move back to Trill, regardless of her parents wishes that she stay on Earth with them. She needed to reconnect with her people and be close at hand for when she felt ready enough to apply for Symbiosis Training assessment.

She lived with her aunt and uncle for a year, readjusting to a different society, none the less being involved in research and society, keeping her training regimes and readying herself for an application. The following year, she applied for Symbiosis Training Assessment and much to her own surprise, she was quite successful. Jula moved again, this time into the compound and continued to push herself and learn in the following three years.

After the final assessment by the field docent, Jula was slated to be joined to the Kyrn symbiont. Though that time would not come yet.

As her training was over, Jula needed a new direction in life. Part of her immediately took to calling her old mentor again, however the newly developed part of her realized she needed to make a decision on her own, without influence. She needed to put her drive in behind her own, sole choice. So after some research, choice fell to Starfleet and Jula began preparing for another long training period.

In 2379, she sat the Academy Entrance Exam, with intent on the Security/Tactical track, focused on Investigationa and Protective duties, as she realized her physical training all these years as well as her research ventures had subconsciously prepared her for such a vocation.

Passing on the first sitting, Jula entered the four year programme rather unprepared for the even bigger diversity of race, gender and culture. She found herself more at home with other races, rather than her own due to her non standard trill upbringing. Her best friend in the Academy was a tall, extremely talkative Bolian woman, who often helped ease Jula’s nervousness. The trill excelled in the learning aspect, but rather failed in the social aspect of Academy life, only towards the last year improving, thanks to the Bolian’s infecting enthusiasm and charm.

Following graduation, Jula was assigned to the USS Rosenthal, as a Security Investigations Officer. This suited her very well, as it allowed her to work mostly alone, socialize with fellow officers when needed and it lessened the constant nervous feeling she seemed to carry around her whole life.

Still an Ensign after a year, Jula finally received a call, on a matter she’d almost given up on. It had been almost five years since the finish of her symbiosis training. The surprise came, however when the Symbiosis Commission said she would be joined to the Danz symbiont, one of the oldest symbionts around, rather than Kyrn, a relatively young symbiont. A nearby ship in the same sector of space, had a Lieutenant Commander Astana Danz aboard, their Chief Science Officer who had been gravelly injured on an Away Mission and was quickly expiring.

The Rosenthal was given orders to rendezvous with the ship, the USS Kaga. Once aboard the Kaga, the symbiont transplant and joining went quite smoothly. When Jula Danz awoke, she felt like a new woman, quite literally so. Gone were the constant worries and insecurities, replaced by a sense of peace and ever present amusement.

Still though Danz had to take a Medical LOA to return to Trill for monitoring, as there was still a chance at rejection and side effects of the violent end of Astana Danz. Jula took the chance during that year to really come to know her new self and to relish the depths that Danz offered to her. Her reunion with her parents was rather difficult as they could not come to terms with the new person, quite literally, their daughter had become.

A year passed and Danz was cleared to return to duty, albeit to a reassignment to the USS Madras, assigned to the Alpha Quadrant. With newfound experience and confidence, Jula’s upward spiral finally began and she began earning commendations and promotions, moving to the VIP protection detail and ending up a leader of the same after a short while.

In 2388 a new opportunity came as she was reassigned to the newly commissioned USS Hawaii as the Assistant Chief of Security.
Service Record 2379 - 2383 - Starfleet Academy, Security/Tactical track
2383 - 2384 - USS Rosenthal, Security Investigations Officer
2384 - 2385 - joined to Danz, post joining monitoring (Medical LOA)
2385 - 2388 - USS Madras, Security Investigations Officer, VIP Protection detail
2388 - pres. - USS Hawaii, Assistant Chief of Operations